Top 10 Digital Marketing Agencies in UK (United Kingdom)

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Last Updated on: 13th February 2024, 06:01 pm


In today’s internet era, utilizing the power of online platforms to improve a business’s visibility and reach to their targeted customers is not just an option, but has become a necessity with fierce competition.

Digital marketing channels like SEO, paid ads, social media, organic search, Lead Generation, content, email and others become an integral part of modern day United Kingdom (UK) based businesses looking to thrive in this competitive marketplace.

For all these organizations, finalizing the ideal digital marketing agency in the United Kingdom can make a huge difference between success and failure.

So, to help you, in below article, Poonjan have share with you an in-depth list of top digital marketing services agencies in United Kingdom (UK) along with their main details, i.e., hourly rate, employee count, founded year, reviews, and how they are driving results for their respective clients.

These digital agencies provide data-driven creative marketing plans, new technologies, integration with 3rd party APIs, and industry leading skills & knowledge to provide high quality digital marketing solutions.

Our selection process for these United Kingdom based marketing companies is highly stringent and focuses on their past client reviews, ratings, type of service offerings, etc.

The ultimate goal of writing this article is to help you in making the right decision when hiring for a digital media promotion company in a country like the United Kingdom.

These UK based marketing firms offer all sorts of services and solutions to business that is required to succeed, along with free marketing consulting. After the end of this article, you will have a clear picture of which agency to pick for taking your business to the next level.

Top 10 Best Digital Marketing Agencies in United Kingdom (UK) [2024 Updated List]


Croud is the 1st digital marketing agency in United Kingdom (UK) with offices in several elite cities, including London, New York, Los Angeles, etc. Croud is a complete digital package that provides integrated marketing services & solutions to help businesses leave their impression on the social world.

One of its unique areas of expertise involves global growth. Croud agency ensures that the business not only conquers its local marketplace but also establishes a brand name at the global level.

The in-house network and the huge Croud network connect the businesses with international engagement and help them grow.

In addition, Croud being top United Kingdom based digital firm offers country specific services where the local experts of the country join hands with the agency and craft strategies to enable the business to enter the country’s market.

Croud has a unique set of services for marketing in China and Japan, holding one of the biggest consumer markets.

Company Name:- Croud

Min. Project Size:- $1722+

Avg. Hourly Rate:- $23 – $49 / hr

Employees Count:- 487+

Founded:- 2011


Jellyfish is a modern-day creatively attractive digital marketing agency in the United Kingdom (UK), offering data and technology-driven services.

Jellyfish understands that the need of the hour is to be all over the place on the internet. From Twitter to YouTube, businesses should be able to access all at once.

Jellyfish has five major areas of expertise, including strategy, media, data, creativity, and tech. The marketing strategies of Jellyfish strive to make the business a known brand and accomplish global goals.

It undertakes a collaborative approach of consulting and strategy depending upon two pillars:- branding and market intelligence.

Market Intelligence is a very insightful tactic to help the business grow as it uses data and research to delve deep into the consumer’s mind and customize the strategies accordingly.

Company Name:- Jellyfish

Min. Project Size:- $4927+

Avg. Hourly Rate:- $32 – $69 / hr

Employees Count:- 216+

Founded:- 2010


Merkle is a well-known digital marketing agency based in the United Kingdom known for curating the best customer-oriented integrated marketing solutions.

With more than 3 decades of experience, and data potential, it has been successfully analyzing consumer behavior and inculcating them into strong business approaches.

Merkle’s forte lies in designing and creativity, being deep-rooted to data and technical architectures. Product designing, UX digitals, and prototyping are uniquely creative approaches towards marketing.

Furthermore, it has put an extra effort in pricing its services. Even the costing here is technology-driven based on pricing intelligence.

Merkle uses optimum digital marketing software solutions that put the products and services above and bring to it different pricing based on consumer preference and competitor’s prices.

The market prices and the agency’s costs are evaluated together and then an optimum price is brought up to ensure consumer interest in all scenarios.

Company Name:- Merkle

Min. Project Size:- $15267+

Avg. Hourly Rate:- $140 – $188 / hr

Employees Count:- 282+

Founded:- 1971


WebFX is one of the finest known digital marketing agencies in the United Kingdom and across different countries.

The marketing tactics of WebFX are entirely data-oriented and expert-led providing foolproof results. WebFX uses its in-house software as a one-stop solution offering business solutions and tracking performances.

From Search Engine Optimization to entire website development, WebFX stays with you throughout. It develops and manages campaigns that drive sales and user engagement. As a part of digital services, WebFX focuses on organic social media management and user engagement.

It achieves so by posting and publishing ads and posts on different social platforms simultaneously, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Consistent posting and personal engagement with the customers clubbed with social ads leads to an upsurge in conversion and sales.

Company Name:- WebFX

Min. Project Size:- $1820+

Avg. Hourly Rate:- $40 – $79 / hr

Employees Count:- 637+

Founded:- 1995


Brainlabs is an established global digital marketing agency in the United Kingdom that is known for delivering fully customizable marketing services & solutions on demand.

It is majorly famous for its media services, including Influencer, retail, social(paid and organic), etc. Under influencer marketing, Brainlabs identifies the influencers who are in the agency’s knowledge well-established and growing, and seeking their following and fanbase.

After that, the influencers are approached with collaborative and partnership offers to reach a mass audience and market the businesses offerings.

Brain labs help the winners win by collaborating with the winners themselves. In addition, the in-house team of Brain Labs makes an effort to come up with catchy ideas that would persuade consumers to visit the website.

Company Name:- Brainlabs

Min. Project Size:- $5632+

Avg. Hourly Rate:- $39 – $148 / hr

Employees Count:- 1923+

Founded:- 2012


Adzooma is yet another known global internet marketing firm in the United Kingdom renowned for its marketing planning tactics.

It provides the business with a detailed and customized plan to ensure longer performance and enhanced user engagement.

Adzooma follows a three-step procedure for crafting a digital marketing plan for businesses to succeed in the digital world.

The first step is the site audit, where Adzooma begins by analyzing the business’ website and then projects it as per the industry’s benchmark that the business is operating in.

Then the competitor’s site is put against the business to understand where the company lacks and where is it ahead.

The next step is to pen down the plan as per the business’s current scenario adapting to its future goals and lastly pricing the services along with the timelines to help the business get a transparent insight.

Company Name:- Adzooma

Min. Project Size:- $1279+

Avg. Hourly Rate:- $27 – $79 / hr

Employees Count:- 55+

Founded:- 2015


Caliber is a 2000-established digital marketing agency in the UK working at a global level, especially in strategy and campaign execution catering to all sizes and industries. Its philosophy of strategizing is very unique and different. It follows a tech-driven storytelling approach, compiled with committed plans.

Caliber believes digital media is a replica of storytelling where you narrate to the consumers your business in a way that is beyond the conventional storytelling driven by tech. Caliber combines all the social platforms and follows a 5 step method.

Beginning with getting an insight into the business via strategic consulting followed by preparing a blueprint stating detailed steps of the marketing plan.

The next is to give the set solution a face via designing creative compositions. Lastly, the plan is accompanied by the technical tools set, and regular analysis is conducted.

Company Name:- Caliber

Min. Project Size:- $9270+

Avg. Hourly Rate:- $50 – $159 / hr

Employees Count:- 10-78

Founded:- 2008


Propellernet is a very unique United Kingdom based digital marketing agency that uses its creative insights in collaboration with digital advancements. Talking about strategizing the marketing plans based on insights and experiences, Propellerent follows a properly laid out process.

It believes that opportunity combined with the right target and insights gives out the best marketing tactics. Secondly, an important aspect of marketing is to consider multi-platform campaigns instead of targeting any one particular medium of marketing.

Company Name:- Propellernet

Min. Project Size:- $7916+

Avg. Hourly Rate:- $43 – $126 / hr

Employees Count:- 216+

Founded:- 2003


Ayima is a technology-driven marketing agency, driven by data analytics and insightful outlooks. Ayima being a leading UK-based agency has an upper hand in consulting and analytics, undertaking analytical challenges and rendering fruitful results.

While it offers web analytics, it does not just simply scan through your website, instead, it audits Google Analytics in-depth, evaluates the site-generated data, and then projects it on the site.

It analyzes if the site is actually customized as per the target audience. In addition, Ayima has been using the right technology in the correct manner by building in-house customized software and toolsets which are equipped with market intelligence and customization features.

Company Name:- Ayima

Min. Project Size:- $8262+

Avg. Hourly Rate:- $90 – $179 / hr

Employees Count:- 189+

Founded:- 2007


Koozai is a well-known digital marketing agency based in the United Kingdom, offering every service from front to back. One of its specializations lies with digital PR. Being in the industry of promoting digital PR, Koozai has been successfully molding people’s opinions.

Digital PR is a strong tool to reach new audiences and enhance user engagement. Koozai uses several PR tactics including, Public stunts, News jacking, Link building campaigns, etc.

Koozai comprises a data-led strong team of PR experts who know how to make use of news and media in the business’ favor promoting the products and services to their maximum point.

Company Name:- Koozai

Min. Project Size:- $5286+

Avg. Hourly Rate:- $47 – $129 / hr

Employees Count:- 17-182

Founded:- 2006


Every marketing agency in UK would offer something unique and different in its own way targeting similar business shapes and sizes. However, businesses have to be smart enough to figure out which agency is in which particular service. Analyze the comprehensive services, past completed projects,  hourly rate, employee count etc. provided by these agencies as the decisive factors to finalize the best digital marketing agency in the UK (United Kingdom) for your business.

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