Top 10 Best Digital Marketing Agencies in Canada

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There is no denying that the digital world in Canada has taken a huge toll and seeped into our lives very deeply. However, the impact of the digital era in every country depends upon the number of internet users and its consumption.

Talking about the figures here, among the biggest internet markets in the world, Canada is one such country that has its name in one of the top marketplaces. With more than 30 million users, Canada happens to cater to the largest digital consumers. 

Well, In a country where the internet and digital fields are advancing so much, businesses had to take a step to cater to this audience. This eventually led to businesses shifting online and a demand for digital marketing agencies touched great heights.

Since Canada has an unmatchable demand for digital marketing, so does the supply of services. Canada has some of the best digital marketing services providers in the world.

So, it can be a little difficult to finalize your best option. Here, Poonjan have listed the top digital marketing agencies in Canada that will help you take your business to new levels.

Top 10 Best Digital Marketing Agencies in Canada [2024 Updated List]

With millions of digital marketing agencies providing the services we seek in Canada, it gets complicated to choose the one that is best for one’s business.

From global to local, we have clubbed the best of all in a list of top digital agencies in Canada. It will help you get the most effective agency without putting unnecessary time into it.


WebFX is the 1st digital marketing agency in Canada working at the global level that is delivering high quality results since its establishment back in 1995.

Being in this industry for more than a decade now, WebFX has expanded its services to every aspect of online marketing from content to advertisement.

What makes WebFX a cut above the rest is its data-driven customized strategy of working. It collects business-related and customer data and, with the help of its 157+ experienced WebFX team members, ensures proper conduct of comprehensive services.

WebFX is amongst those rare digital agencies of Canada that can claim to boost your ranking to the 1st SERP on any search engine. In the past, WebFX have worked with clients from Artificial Intelligence, Education, Fintech, Multimedia, and Hospitality industries. It also provides Google Advertisement (Ads) services according to the client budget and deliver good ROI.

In addition, WebFX does not target any particular firm size, being small, medium, or large. Instead, it renders services to each, including the ground-level branding to the early beginning stage firms.

WebFX old clients’ names are:- Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC), Roche Holding AG, Vinci, Simon Property Group, Chevron Corporation, Dominion Energy, Diageo, etc.

Company Name:- WebFX

Min. Project Size:- $1479+

Avg. Hourly Rate:- $25- $59 /hr

Employees Count:- 12-368

Founded:- 1995 


Swerve comes in at the 2nd position in this list. Swerve provides different types of digital marketing services like ASO, content writing, SEM, proofreading, conversion rate optimization, website development, SEO Audits, Keyword Research, Content Creation and Reputation Management and other helpful services for clients’ business growth.

Swerve functions in multiple cities of Canada like Toronto and Calgary to boost local businesses’ presence online. The 2 major sources to bring more and more customers to the businesses are click advertisements and local campaigns. 

Swerve has successfully worked with Asset Management, Music Production, E-commerce, Finance, and Retail industries clients. For every project Swerve undertakes, it provides complete in-house services and customizes each plan for better results.

Company Name:- Swerve

Min. Project Size:- $12,271+

Avg. Hourly Rate:- $37 – $99 / hr

Employees Count:- 13-58

Founded:- 2010

3)THP Creative Group

THP Creative Group is the 3rd digital marketing company in Canada that has slowly and gradually developed and grown. It began as an agency that provides content development and branding services only to the food and beverage sector.

With gaining experience in this industry and establishing expertise in the field of content and marketing, it stretched its services to other consumer goods as well.

THP’s Creative Group forte lies in consumer branding and development. Some of the popular and past clients of THP Creative Group include:- Sony Corporation, China Mobile Limited, Lockheed Martin Corporation, Valero Energy Corporation, FirstEnergy, Capgemini SE, ASML Holding N.V. 

THP’s Creative Group follows a full-service concept, wherein they rely less on the client’s info and rather conduct their research for content and target segments.

THP Creative digital agency’s main solutions are not only data-driven & results-proof but also cost-effective at the same time.

Catering mainly to small and mid-size clients, it charges a cost-effective price from the local clients residing in Canada, helping them drive more sales and user engagement.

THP Creative has past practical work experience in handling clients from Asset Management, Music Production, E-commerce, Energy, and Power industries.

Company Name:- THP Group Digital Agency

Min. Project Size:- $1979+

Avg. Hourly Rate:- $38- $68 /hr

Employees Count:- 13-743

Founded:- 1977

4)Damex Digital

Damez Digital is a brand-studded agency in Canada that works with unparalleled brands to bring them online & enhance their presence, and it comes on the 4th place in this list. The past clients of Damez Digital belong to the Banking, National Security, eCommerce, and logistics industries.

Damex Digital has a whole new and formatted procedure for working with brands. The complete process can be broken into three major steps. The first and foremost step is brand conceptualization.

This involves conceptualizing every area of the brand and gathering all the necessary information that is relevant for formulating marketing strategies. This is followed by setting up brand guidelines.

Once the brand info has been conceptualized by Damez Digital agency, certain guidelines are set up whose abidance has to be ensured while drafting strategies and creating content.

Lastly, the strategy formulation phase begins. Under this, entire business and customer data by business guidelines are strategized and converted into digital campaigns. 

Exxon Mobil Corporation, NextEra Energy, Larsen & Toubro Limited, Abbott Laboratories, etc., are some of the past clients of Damez Digital agency.

Company Name:- Damex Digital

Min. Project Size:- $756+

Avg. Hourly Rate:- $27 – $48 / hr

Employees Count:- 16-126

Founded:- 2020

5)Sure Oak

Sure Oak is the 5th Canada-based digital promotion agency specializing in SEO and different types of creative affiliate marketing services. Sure Oak’s main service area is to help businesses rank on the search engine and boost their sales thereafter.

What makes Sure Oak a better service provider for SEO services is that even though the major focus is on pro keyword research, it conducts a proper background check.

Before diving into keyword research as per the industry category, Sure Oak makes an effort to understand the businesses better.

It understands the audience’s interests and choices first. Accordingly, it chooses an SEO strategy that fits best to the business goals and objectives of the client.

In addition, Sure Oak makes sure that its SEO strategy and tactics can be suited well to both short-term and long-term business goals and advancements. The strategy is such that it takes into account the trends and amendments taking place subsequently.

The past clients name of Sure Oak agency are:- Airbus SE, Northrop Grumman Corporation, American Electric Power Company, and Oracle Corporation. 

Company Name:- Sure Oak

Min. Project Size:- $1281

Avg. Hourly Rate:- $34 – $83 / hr

Employees Count:- 13-63

Founded:- 2017


SmartSites, being an all-rounder digital marketing agency based in Canada, comes on the 6th position in this list. Though it provides comprehensive services, its forte lies in SEO, Lead Generation, PPC.

So, SmartSites are suggested more to those businesses whose primary focus is only Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click. In the past, this agency has worked with clients from Auto Parts Manufacturing, Nail Salons, Hospitality, and insurance, industries.

While it conducts SEO services, apart from business research, SmartSites agency in Canada tracks down multiple factors like domain authority, SERP-affecting factors, Speed of the site, etc.

This makes sure that the ranking is not just boosted but is brought to the top. Xcel Energy, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), Prologis, Gecina, Daelim Industrial, etc., are some of the popular clients names associated with SmartSites agency. 

Company Name:- SmartSites

Min. Project Size:- $2348+

Avg. Hourly Rate:- $38 – $87 / hr

Employees Count:- 18-471

Founded:- 2011

7)Unified Infotech

Unified Infotech is the 7th top rated Canada based digital media agency that has gained recognition from Deloitte to be one of the fastest-growing tech companies. This tech company situated in Canada aims to provide consulting and development services.

Unified Infotech has joined a human-centric approach with tech. Its tech journey has simple and few easy to use steps to follow. Beginning with the establishment of a basic business idea and then assessing the situation with what it seeks to achieve.

Once the marketplace and competitors’ tactics are evaluated, the developers and designers at Unified Infotech work to incorporate every attribute into web development.

From interface to back-end operations, every code is prepared in-house, and a tailor-made web structure is furnished.

In the past couple of years, Unified Infotech successfully served the online marketing requirements of IKEA Group, Honeywell International, Dow Chemical Company, SoftBank Group, etc. organizations and helped them in achieving their end business goals on time. 

Company Name:- Unified Infotech

Min. Project Size:- $25,279+

Avg. Hourly Rate:- $35 – $118 / hr

Employees Count:- 13-228

Founded:- 2008

8)3 Media Web

3 Media web is a digital platform helping businesses to grow their existence online and expand their website reach. It is mainly to provide web support & development on the WordPress platform in Canada. WordPress is in itself a reputed CMS used worldwide, and 3 Media Web adds to it by being a pro-supporting hand.

It takes into consideration the goals of the business in terms of digital accomplishments when building secured websites. The past clients of the 3MediaWeb agency are related to the Biotechnology, Networking Equipment Manufacturing, Finance, and Education industries.

Company Name:- 3 Media Web

Min. Project Size:- $28,172+

Avg. Hourly Rate:- $33-$57 /hr

Employees Count:- 12-48

Founded:- 2001 


As the name suggests, Uplers signifies that it also provides additional services with SEO, App Store Optimization (ASO) in Canada and it comes on 9th place. Uplers provides customized solutions to clients, meaning it understands the dynamics of every business and how every environment is different.

Secondly, in addition to keyword and data analysis, competitor scanning plays an important role. Uplers make sure that none of the opportunities get missed and the gaps are taken care of.

In the past, Uplers has worked with some of the leading brands in Canada and globally. They are:- Gensler, Wieden+Kennedy, JPMorgan, Gilead Sciences, WestRock, and Oxford University Press. 

Company Name:- Uplers

Min. Project Size:- $5920+

Avg. Hourly Rate:- $42 – $165 / hr

Employees Count:- 37- 293

Founded:- 2012

10)Ignite Visibility

Ignite Visibility comes on the 10th position in this list of top digital marketing agencies in Canada, and it has successfully delivered creative internet marketing solutions since its establishment back in 2012.

A list of main services provided by the experienced team at Ignite Visibility includes:- Search Engine Optimization, content writing & marketing, email campaign management, PPC, ASO, etc. They provide services both at local and global levels.

At the local level, the Ignite Visibility agency focuses on targeting a comparatively narrow audience but with deeper insights. The services are customized as per every business need.

Ignite Visibility usually focuses on providing a call to action on the landing pages of the web. Air Transportation, Mobile Payment Services, Finance, Natural Gas Extraction, etc., are some of the industry names with whom Ignite Visibility has successfully worked.

This persuades the visitor from the very moment he reaches on any website and further scrolling only adds to the conversion. The past client’s names of Ignite Visibility are:- Fidelity Investments,, eBay, AmerisourceBergen Corporation, and FedEx Corporation. 

Company Name:- Ignite Visibility

Min. Project Size:- $1,273+

Avg. Hourly Rate:- $38 – $89 / hr

Employees Count:- 14-78

Founded:- 2013


This was all about the top digital marketing agencies in Canada that have been providing all sorts of marketing services & solutions since the early age of the Internet. It will surely save you time and help you get the desired results with the chosen agency.

You are now aware of what’s happening in the marketplace and how the agencies try to persuade businesses. So, you can evaluate the different plans offered by these agencies in Canada and hire the one that can best provide you with custom-made solutions.