Top 10 Best Mobile App Development Companies

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Last Updated on: 29th January 2024, 04:26 pm

Overview of Mobile App Development Companies

Lately, Mobile phone utilization in personal and professional growth is rising. When we talk about mobile phone utilization, the focus accumulates on the apps that we run on them. Mobile apps have transformed the functioning patterns of businesses.


Considering that operating mobile apps are comparatively more handy for consumers, businesses seek to establish themselves via mobile apps. Since customers do wish to spend their precious time surfing the sites individually, mobile apps are the optimum brand awareness solution.


Catering to the same, the business has found the loophole within to make the best of customers’ addiction to the same, and the business expanded with app developments.


In addition, the benefits that mobile apps offer in terms of reach and exposure are immensely remarkable. However, keeping up with the developmental dynamics can get a bit complex and technical on the part of the business.


Here comes a mobile app development company to the rescue. Not every business can have a strong hand on the developing side, and they require an outsourcing party. To find the right development partner, one must be aware of the working and leading mobile app development companies.


Here, Poonjan have made a list of the top Mobile App Development Companies after following a proper review and research process on the basis of key metrics.


This includes checking the past client reviews, rating,  hourly rate, employee size, industry experience, type of services provided, location, and other. You can hire any one of these dedicated mobile app developers according to your suitability.


Top 10 Mobile Application Development Companies | Best Mobile App Developer to Hire in 2024

Mobile app development services are so much in demand that the number of app development firms has exponentially enhanced.


So, the business finds it difficult to select the best mobile app development company out of the available so many options.


Catering to the business needs, a list has been sorted of the top mobile app developers that provide on demand and business oriented custom app services for every interface, including Android and iPhone.


#1) Daffodil Software

Established back in 1999, Daffodil Software is a global mobile app development service provider known for its advanced technology and data-driving capabilities.


The services that Daffodil Software offers to businesses in the technological advancements are supported by advanced engineering and customization.


Furthermore, it runs on four pillars as bases for technology and advancements. Beginning with innovation driven by oriented processes. The digital world is running at an extremely fast pace. Daffodil Software makes sure that every refinement and tech innovation is properly abided by.


Similarly, the process that the experience team at Daffodil Software follows to bring upon the software is all-oriented and systematic, adhering to SOPs.


Not to mention that the other two pillars, here, are the integrity and honest relationships that Daffodil Software abides by maintaining data confidentiality.


Key Clients:– Mount Sinai Hospital, Siemens Healthineers, MayaMd -Ai based telehealth platform, Acquity Eye Group, Apollo 24×7, Ziqitza Healthcare, AliveCor.


Major Industry Served:– Medical, Financial services, Education, Information technology, Retail.


Main Services Provided:- Custom Software Development, Mobile App Development, AI Development, Android, iOS & Custom App Development.


  • Company:- Daffodil Software
  • Hourly Rate:- < $23- $56 / hr
  • Minimum Project Size:- $9,271+
  • Number of Employees:- 243 – 957
  • Average Client Rating:- 9/10
  • Founded in:- 1999


#2) OpenXCell

OpenXCell is the 2nd mobile app development company known for its customized software services, which have enabled its conquest at the global level. Majorly, the target segment of OpenXCell application development company is the high-class people.


It renders only iOS-based app developments, inculcating every market trend and advancement. The Premium customers are getting the developer services from OpenXCell having expertise of more than 13 years.


For its Android app development, it routes its services via Javascript following the SaaS developmental processes. The experienced technicians at OpenXCell have the main aim of facilitating the user interface experiences by using optimum UI and UX designs.


Key Clients:– Motorola, Unilever, Google India, University of Florida, Dupont, Blizzard Entertainment, Ubisoft.


Major Industry Served:– Business services, Education, Government, Hospitality & leisure, Information technology, and Other industries.


Main Services Provided:- Custom Software Development, Mobile App Development, Web Development, Blockchain, UX/UI Design, Web Design.


  • Company:- OpenXcell
  • Hourly Rate:- < $28 / hr
  • Minimum Project Size:- $10,271+
  • Number of Employees:- 223 – 929
  • Average Client Rating:- 8/10
  • Founded in:- 2009


#3) Algoworks

Algoworks is another global and award winning company with its forte being mobile application development. The range of services provided by Algoworks are diverse and dynamic, including app development, CMS, Metaverse, etc.


Talking about personalized app development services, including both Android and iOS,  Algoworks has a different approach for each. For the curation of tailor-made Android and iPhone apps, Algoworks makes use of Javascript, HTMS, and CSS features.


Before beginning to work on the coding part of app development, the company makes sure that it understands the core concept and demands of the business. For Algoworks, more than the features and characteristics, the vision drives the innovation.


Key Clients:– Coca-Cola, ebay, Vodafone, JLL, Brightcove, Vice Media, Tata, SpiceJet, Southwestern, Bahwan Cybertek, Byton, Grey Orange, RateGain, Adani Group.


Major Industry Served:– Information technology, Business services, Media, Retail, Education, Other industries.


Main Services Provided:- Custom Mobile App Development, CRM Consulting and SI.


  • Company:- Algoworks
  • Hourly Rate:- < $43 / hr
  • Minimum Project Size:- $9000+
  • Number of Employees:- 235-883
  • Average Client Rating:- 7.5/10
  • Founded in:- 2006


#4) Appinventiv

Appinventiv is an innovative mobile app development firm that follows a unique four-step procedure from the designing to the development stage of applications. The first step is understanding the business’s vision and getting to know about every insightful information.


However, Appinventiv signs a nondisclosure agreement to make sure that the business is not hesitant in sharing business info. Followed by delivering a custom app solution taking into consideration the business data received in the first step.


Subsequently, the development of the application begins subject to deliverable timelines. Appinventiv is one of the best mobile app development companies, catering to both Android OS and iPhone iOS.


Key Clients:– Asian Bank, KFC, IKEA, Adidas, Domino’s, KPMG, JobGet, Pizza Hut, EY International, United Nations, Khaleej times, Kmart, Alfuttaim Group, NCR retails, SuperTech, Dainik Bhaskar, Tech M, DoubleU.


Major Industry Served:– Medical, Education, Financial services, Legal Cannabis, Manufacturing, Retail, Politics.


Main Services Provided:- Mobile App Development (75%), Custom Software Development (25%).


  • Company:-  Appinventiv
  • Hourly Rate:- < $45 / hr
  • Minimum Project Size:- $9281+
  • Number of Employees:- 283- 692
  • Average Client Rating:- 8/10
  • Founded in:- 2014


#5) Hyperlink InfoSystem

Hyperlink InfoSystem is another leading global technology leader. It has made its way to the top of the list of custom app developers.


Hyperlink InfoSystem provides several significant services, like mobile apps, CMS, ERP, blockchain, AI, IoT, etc. Amongst such varied services is mobile application development, which happens to be its strength.


What makes its services preferable and picky are its maintenance and support services. Hyperlink InfoSystem offering does not end with the delivery of the app. Instead, it keeps up with the required updates and relevant maintenance.


Furthermore, the coding structure Hyperlink InfoSystem abides by is comparatively easy and understandable for the users and the businesses. It helps the in-built teams to get an understanding of back-end nuances.


Key Clients:– Hitachi, IBM, DHL, CEAT, Zydus, Tata, Art of Living, Google, Astral, Viacom, Wall Disney, Emaar, Discovery, Kantar Media, Cartoon Network, Papa John’s.


Major Industry Served:– Information technology, Business services, Financial services, Medical, Consumer products & services, Gaming.


Main Services Provided:- Mobile App Development, AI Development, Blockchain, CRM Consulting, Custom Software Development, Web Development.


  • Company:-  Hyperlink InfoSystem
  • Hourly Rate:- < $51/hr
  • Minimum Project Size:- $23271+
  • Number of Employees:- 216-972
  • Average Client Rating:- 8.5/10
  • Founded in:- 2011


#6) Konstant Infosolutions 

The mobile custom apps that Konstant Infosolutions render are comprehensive and inclusive. It caters to every type of business and every target segment.


Being in the industry since 2009, Konstant Infosolutions has gained enough expertise to be able to analyze difficult business scenarios and come up with result-oriented applications. Over the years, with every step of advancement, Konstant Infosolutions has made sure to not leave behind any new technology.


From Android and iOS to IoT, AI and Blockchain, Konstant Infosolutions has adapted to all keeping the businesses a step ahead of its competitors.


So, evaluate your requirements, match them with Konstant Infosolutions service provider’s offerings, and make a final decision of picking the best mobile app development service provider.


Key Clients:– United Nations, Del Monte, Volkswagen, ThomasVille, RawBank, Scholastic, Stanley, Citrix, Nestle, NASSCOM.


Major Industry Served:– eCommerce, Consumer products, Arts, Entertainment, Education, GPS, Navigation & GIS, Medical.


Main Services Provided:- Mobile App Development, Web Development, AI Development, UX/UI Design.


  • Company:-  Konstant Infosolutions
  • Hourly Rate:- < $55/hr
  • Minimum Project Size:- $4419+
  • Number of Employees:- 185-781
  • Average Client Rating:-7.5/10
  • Founded in:- 2003


#7) RipenApps 

RipenApps is another leading mobile app development company that comes on the 7th place in this list and is helping startups and businesses conquer the digital world. RipenApps runs with the motive to make your business handy.


By handy, they mean to make the business offering accessible to the consumers. This is because as much as the customers can get easy access to the business, they are more interested in delving deep into its offerings.


RipenApps follows a unique approach by combining the genius coding minds with creativity and innovation. Thus, it comes up with mobile apps that are uniquely structured and presented.


From different OS( Android apps and iOS) to hybrid and flutter, RipenApps offers it all, in terms of custom apps.


Key Clients:– DELL Inc, Hungama Digital Media Entertainment, eGurukul (Dr. Bhatia Medical Coaching Institute), Jana Marine Services, Merck, Paushtik, PVA Trainer, Sendy, Event Book, Menos, Poultrify, Clazma, Merci, DayShare, XOC Mongolia, Egghead, Coffee Karma, Hanchens, Urbankaksha.


Major Industry Served:– Education, eCommerce, Healthcare, Media.


Main Services Provided:- Mobile App Development, Web Development, IoT Development.


  • Company:-  RipenApps
  • Hourly Rate:- < $45/hr
  • Minimum Project Size:- $9,281+
  • Number of Employees:- 34 – 157
  • Average Client Rating:- 6.5/10
  • Founded in:- 2017


#8) ValueCoders

The mobile app development services that ValueCoders has to offer are broken into multiple levels. Beginning with application consultancy, where businesses are made to learn about the nuances of having an optimum application and the loopholes that come along.


This is because before any business takes up RipenApps Android or iPhone app development services, they should know the implications and benefits that come along. Followed by researching the user needs and finalizing the UI designs, which are user-friendly and easy to operate.


Then the RipenApps application development is supported by backend development and website solutions. Lastly, an optimum integration is conducted within the application identifying the right APIs, frameworks, guidelines, and tools.


Key Clients:– Capgemini, SelectSpecs, Estel, Candor, Novea, Grundfos, ZenQ, Dubai Police, RiskLogic, Track Opinion, Affle, Rina, Tekion, BlueLane, EventDo, UNESCO, The Mueller Healthcare Foundation, Jackson Healthcare, Infosys, Eatigo, Spinny, Avizva, PTW, enel, Reuters, Crescent Group.


Major Industry Served:– eCommerce, Business services, Education, Healthcare, Edtech, Consumer products & services.


Main Services Provided:- Mobile App Development, E-Commerce Development, Blockchain, Custom Software Development, IT Staff Augmentation, Social Media Marketing.


  • Company:-  ValueCoders
  • Hourly Rate:- < $37/hr
  • Minimum Project Size:- $4905+
  • Number of Employees:- 192- 821
  • Average Client Rating:- 8.5/10
  • Founded in:- 2004


#9) Fueled

Fueled is a modern-day digital mobile app development company, known for its application development services. Fueled follows a sprint-oriented methodology where the business needs are combined with innovation and AI.


Fueled does not outsource any part of its service offering. It also signifies that once the app is developed and rendered, even the post-development services are provided by the company. The regular maintenance and updates are abided by and followed.


From the front end to the back office, every portion of tech is handled by Fueled itself. Fueled puts extra effort into inculcating new-generation technologies.


To make sure their clients always have a kickstart and have an edge over their competitors, the 87+ team at RipenApps adapt to the latest tech and bring it forward in the developed applications.


Key Clients:– MGM Resorts International, 9Gag, Harvard, Rite Aid, Verizon, Crunchbase, Afterlight, QuizUp, Summit Series, Barneys, Happify, Sunnycomb, Matador.


Major Industry Served:– Consumer products & services, Advertising & marketing, Arts, entertainment & music, Media, Retail, Automotive, Education, Hospitality & leisure.


Main Services Provided:- Mobile App Development, UX/UI Design, Blockchain, Web Design, Web Development.


  • Company:-  Fueled 
  • Hourly Rate:- < $123/hr
  • Minimum Project Size:- $70271+
  • Number of Employees:- 18- 243
  • Average Client Rating:- 8/10
  • Founded in:- 2007


#10) Hidden Brain Infotech

Hidden Brain Infotech is known for its customization power, rendering the best custom apps, and bringing the business to life via mobile applications. It comes on the 10th position in this list.


As a leading mobile application developer, Hidden Brain Infotech major focus is on the user-friendly interface and UX designs.


Every UI design guideline is followed by heart and constant design services are brought up. In addition, Hidden Brain Infotech also offers native development applications.


It signifies that other than inclusive services, Hidden Brain Infotech also caters to individual platform application queries of businesses.


Lastly, an important effort is put into bifurcating the approaches for Android and iPhone applications. The reason is that since they follow different OS, their structure varies.


Key Clients:– DHL, Caterpillar Inc, OMV Group, Saudi Telecom (STC), Honeywell International, Aetna, Guaranty Trust Bank Plc (GTBank), MRS Holdings, Interswitch Group, NNPC LIMITED, Scosche Industries, Simah Saudi Credit Bureau, Raymond Group, TAWAL, Bankstown Sports, Deutsche Telekom (German Telecom), EDEKA, Edenred, AlphaCOM GmbH, NORMA Group, Digicel, Plant Village Nuru,


Major Industry Served:– Energy & natural resources, Financial services, Hospitality & leisure, Real estate, Retail, Supply Chain, Logistics, Transport, Utilities.


Main Services Provided:- Custom Software Development, Web Development, Mobile App Development, IT Staff Augmentation.


  • Company:-  Hidden Brain Infotech
  • Hourly Rate:- < $62/hr
  • Minimum Project Size:- $23,018+
  • Number of Employees:- 54 – 984
  • Average Client Rating:- 9/10
  • Founded in:- 2003



This was all about the best mobile app development companies and the factors that go before their choice. However, it is advisable to note that the list provided regarding the factors is not restricted. Instead, the list goes way beyond in terms of different business requirements.


Every business has its very own way of functioning, so can demand different features for the ultimate custom mobile apps. Consequently, the checklist to choose the best app development company can be extremely long. So, in addition to the mentioned factors, businesses should be open to evaluating other relevant aspects as well.


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