Top 10 Best Digital Marketing Agencies Portugal with Honest Review

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Introduction of Digital Marketing Agencies Portugal

Portugal is one such country that is integrating four major business hubs, Europe, north and South America, and Africa. With such a prime location, every new startup is willing to locate their business in Portugal. As the industry grows, consumer attention gets distributed in the business market. Accordingly, to get the right information, customers go to social platforms.

In the 21st century, consumers have access to every detail available online and they rely on digital data. So, to cater to the diverse business requirements and to get ahead in the dynamic competitive environment, digital marketing agencies Portugal are the ultimate key.

However, with thousands of digital agencies settling in the country, making the one optimum is tricky. Yet, analysing thousands of internet marketing companies, we have made this list of the top digital marketing agencies Portugal along with honest reviews.

What is Digital Marketing Portugal?

Digital Marketing in Portugal refers to the use of popular available online channels and marketing practices to promote a company’s services or products or both to Portuguese audiences in a cost effective and targeted manner. Similar to other parts of the world, digital marketing in Portugal is booming with the continuous use of internet penetration and mobile usage.

Due to this, every type of business is shifting its focus from traditional offline mode to online. To achieve this, they are heavily taking the help of digital marketing companies of Portugal that can help them to grow their business operation at a rapid pace.

In the below article, we have listed only the reliable and award winning Portugal based digital marketing agencies that have either their office in this country or provide SEO, paid ads, content marketing, and mobile app store optimization kind of digital services in Portugal location.

Top 10 Best Digital Marketing Agencies Portugal [2024 Updated List]

The below list of top digital marketing services provider of Portugal has been prepared after following a proper honest review and research process.

We have analyse the these agencies official website, social media presence, online reputation, hourly rate, employee size, reviews from previous clients, locations & industry served and many other key metrics. You can hire any one of these best digital marketing company in Portugal according to your business goals and that is within your budget.


Coderdesign is a premier level digital marketing agency in Portugal that is popular for its full commitment to client business growth, revenue increase, branding and high quality lead generation & sales.

Codedesign team of experts give a high focus on providing timely result oriented digital experience and made a strong partnership with some of the industry giants like Microsoft, HubSpot, Shopify, and Amazon.

They follow a client centric unique marketing approach with the help of a team of experts to ensure proper success in every type of task.

A wide range of services provided by Codedesign includes eCommerce marketing, custom website design and application development, digital & brand strategies, and custom software development. 

Each of the team members of Codedesign is highly specialized in their niche, i.e. web development, performance marketing, SEO, content marketing, ASO, etc.

A key client of Codedesign are:- Nestlé, Microsoft, Heritage Hotels, Appboy, Chicco, Perfumes & Companhia, Galp, Bescheutzerbox, Gucciardo Family Law, MoneyPenny, Wordreference, Select Italy, Net Profit Marketing, Chicco, LEV, Hoti Hotels, Melia Hotels, Vitagene, Omstars.


ExpandX is a Digital Growth Catalyst based out in Portugal that unlocks explosive business growth by providing top notch digital solutions.

Since 2014, ExpandX has been fulfilling all sorts of digital and web marketing requirements of clients from North America, Europe, and the Middle East locations.

ExpandX excels in a wide range of domains like Web Development, eCommerce Website Development, Digital Strategy, Web Design, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Creative Consulting.

This agency follows a deep level of quality assurance by being deeply involved in client business challenges and including them in the project from the starting phase.

ExpandX’s global team of experts utilizes a powerful portfolio of tech stacks that solve the B2B and B2C industry problems easily.

They are well versed in the latest marketing trends, strategies, and digital marketing tools and utilize them to prepare detailed creative marketing plans for client businesses.

Besides the website and campaign management, the ExpandX team utilizes analytics tools, customer insights, case studies, and other expertise to contribute to clients ‘ long lasting business growth.

#3)JMR Digital

JMR Digital is the 3rd well known provider of digital marketing services in Portugal that helps clients unlock their complete digital promotion potential and take their business to the next level.

JMR digital agency provides SEO, content writing, press releases, social media campaign management, paid ads and other helpful lead generation sales after doing proper meetings with the business located in Portugal and nearby regions.

If you are looking for a reliable, result driven, performance-oriented digital firm that advances your website traffic and branding, then reach out to this agency.


teknoWriters is a Portugal located digital content marketing company that transforms your words into business oriented actions.

They have a team of experienced and talented content developers who have prior experience in writing SEO friendly, result oriented, grammar free. It comes on the 4th position on this list.

The final written content by teknoWriters agency helps clients to achieve top search engine ranking for main keywords in SERP and helps them to generate more leads and sales for their business operation.

Over the past couple of years, they helped marketing professionals, startup founders, entrepreneurs, and other related experts in delivering top notch writing services & strategies that increase website traffic, convert leads into customers and build a better brand online.

In the past, some leading organizations like Skelia, Infusemedia, Alphagreen, Depositphotos, SIGTAX, CrazyLlama, UFO3D, Gearheart, Codesushi, TrafficDNA, CodingNinjas,, Limestone Digital have taken the digital services of this agency and successfully achieve great results.

#5)Gigantic Digital Growth

Gigantic Digital Growth is the 5th agency in this list of top digital marketing agencies of Portugal that supercharge your online growth with utmost care.

They easily integrate the latest cutting edge technology platforms in App Store Optimization (ASO), CMS, CRM, paid media, and content marketing in the client marketing plan and with the help of an inbound marketing manager; all these strategies are executed properly.

Some of the leading clients like E-Leclerc, Morais Leitão, Mota Engil Real Estate, Soicifide, Solid Sentinel, Speisse, Clínica Privada de Oftalmologia, Born, etc. have taken the services of Gigantic Digital Growth and achieved good results.


WhiteKube is a Portugal based online marketing agency founded in 2012. It is located in the southern European country on the Iberian peninsula.

The company provides different creative digital promotion solutions to its clients and helps them achieve their goals.

WhiteKube is a certified company that gives all services like online advertising, making digital strategy, social media management, ecommerce marketing, etc.

They have worked with many many large organizations in the past, like Deloitte, Salsa, Yamaha, Krave, Perrigo and many others.

WhiteKube has also been shortlisted for the video innovation award in Premier Partner Awards 2018, for the search innovation award and the growing business online award in 2017, etc.


GeroDigital is one of the best digital marketing agencies based out of Portugal which aims at generating high quality leads via leading marketing channels.

This includes running high conversion campaigns on Google ads, Facebook ads, Instagram ads, and other ads on social media platforms.

The company believes that generating leads is very special so they carefully compile and select such leads which they feel can be converted into a sale.

GeroDigital gives guarantees to its Portugal based clients working with them that they will always get the best results.

The agency helps its clients gain success in the online market by giving strategies, increasing its brand visibility and bringing more traffic, etc.


Prosperity is one of the leading providers of internet marketing agency in Portugal that specializes in creating websites for companies and helps them to grow in this competitive world.

The main focus of this agency is to help businesses in their growth using their teams of expert employees who have in-depth past experience in web designing and the digital marketing industry.

Prosperity Agency provides services like Search Engine Optimization, content marketing, PPC, social media management, etc. These are necessary for growing any size business enterprise.

Lookipi Moulds, Art and Pierre, Lizgracios and many others are all the various top companies to which Prosperity has given its services in the past few years.

#9)Klug agency for digital marketing services in Portugal

In simple words klug means wise, the one who knows more, or the one you reach out for advice, as the name suggests Klug is an online marketing services in Portugal that creates digital result oriented solutions for its clients and helps them to exceed their companies brand goals.

The company has teams of skillful employees who develop various different types of techniques & strategies to connect with clients. This allows the agency to better understand the client’s brand, services and product needs.

Klug agency provides solutions to many problems like web designing, branding, art direction, motion design, packaging, and many others.

It works with the pharmaceutical sector, insurance, transportation industry, food & beverages, law firms, and travel agencies.


Clarity is a full service digital marketing agency in Portugal that is helping businesses in their growth by creating or improving their online marketing strategies.

Clarity gives services like search engine optimization, technical audit, pay per click campaigns, SEO copywriting, traffic generation, social media marketing, etc.

Big firms like Family Golf Park, 360 Properties, Winable, Placegar, Sunny Havens, ACOQ tax and business consultancy, Carob world, oversee, Barrigas a Crescer and others are all main clients of Clarity which are availing their services from the past couple of years.

11)Jelly Digital Agency

Jelly is one of the leading online marketing company located in Portugal. It is continuously working hard to help its clients grow their business digitally in this world where every day new technologies are being introduced.

To help its clients Jelly first makes an outline of the concept and strategy of the client’s brand. The second step is making plans using all media channels according to the budget provided by the client.

Then comes the process of production of content and visual supports, copywriting, etc which are according to the defined strategy.

The fourth step is to manage the daily activity of implementation of campaigns, publications, etc with the expert team of employees and clients.

The final step is monitoring and optimizing campaigns and generating the best results for the clients.


Kobu is an online marketing laboratory for brands and digital experience working from Portugal and has clients all over the world.

Kobu believes in building exciting and meaningful brands for the 21st century in different industries like health and technology, culture, entertainment, tourism, etc.

In this changing world it becomes challenging for businesses to make their brand unique and deliver consistently, this is where Kobu comes into play.

It helps businesses attain their marketing targets by understanding their goals and giving strategies accordingly.

Clients who have taken the services of Kobu are Hulu, Klarisana, New Metrics, Bruma, Tivoli hotels and resorts and many others.

13)Link&Grow – Inbound Marketing Agency

Link&Grow is a digital media and marketing agency whose motto is to provide accurate responses to specific needs.

This agency consolidates the social media presence of its clients by running paid ads for several weeks, localizes existing marketing campaigns to targeted markets, and improves conversion rates by creating fresh website pages.

Link&Grow offers a set of skills of services such as making social media strategies, measurement and reporting, Affiliate Marketing, paid advertising, web designing, community management, etc.


The businesses are also personally capable of building an individual digital marketing team and executing marketing campaigns all by themselves. However, an expert would always have the upper hand as they are driven by insightful market data and not solely on business insights.

Overall, the top digital marketing agencies Portugal offer a complete blend of business and market insights. So, if you are a business looking for this marketing blend as a part of your business, take a closer look at each and make the final decision.

Company NameMin. Project SizeAvg. Hourly RateEmployees CountFounded In
Codedesign$2887+$36 – $91 / hr43 – 822013
ExpandX$2765+$29 – $61 / hr19 – 582015
JMR Digital$982+$52 – $89 / hr27 – 562017
teknoWriters$763+$32 – $78 / hr18 – 592018
Gigantic Digital Growth$847+$29 – $76 / hr19 – 462020
WhiteKube$864+$26 – $74 / hr27 – 482012
GeroDigital$2765+$43 – $69 / hr18 – 662017
Prosperity$823+$52 – $94 / hr28 – 64N/A
Klug agency$2,027+$50 – $99 / hr10 – 4932018
Clarity$5,281+$25 – $49 / hr10 – 49N/A
NNPARTNERS$3,367+$50 – $99 / hr10 – 492020
Jelly Digital Agency$1,281+Undisclosed2 – 92011
Kobu$1,471+$50 – $99 / hr2 – 92014
Link&Grow$9,046+$50 – $99 / hr10 – 49N/A
Spotmarket$953+$25 – $49 / hr10 – 492014
Social Ninjas$1,274+Undisclosed2 – 92018
Digital24$1,281+$25 – $49 / hr2 – 92022
BlackDeers$2,381+$50 – $99 / hr2 – 92012
SmartLinks Agency$5,067+$50 – $99 / hr10 – 492015
The Audienz$25,281+$300+ / hr2 – 92022
Drivenly$1,378+$50 – $99 / hr2 – 92021
Generis$1,981+Undisclosed10 – 492022
Digity – Agência Digital$1,281+$25 – $49 / hr2 – 92017
Do It On Digital Agency$1,918+$50 – $99 / hr2 – 92018
Bond Agency$1,000+$150 – $199 / hr2 – 92020
Blaster Studio$5,000+$50 – $99 / hr2 – 92017
The Growth Lab$1,000+$100 – $149 / hr2 – 92022
Getusonline$1,000+$25 – $49 / hr50 – 2492015
business•config Agency$25,000+$50 – $99 / hr10 – 492007
Link37$1,000+$50 – $99 / hr10 – 492020
Confetti Marketing$1,000+< $25 / hr2 – 92022
Target4Biz$1,000+$50 – $99 / hr10 – 492007
UniK SEO$5,000+$50 – $99 / hr10 – 492016
FILOSOFIA Creative$10,000+$100 – $149 / hr10 – 492014
Lendarius Digital Agency$5,000+$25 – $49 / hr10 – 492017
ZnetGuru$1,000+$25 – $49 / hr2 – 92001
Good Intelligence$1,000+$25 – $49 / hr2 – 92014
Weboost Agência de$1,000+$25 – $49 / hr10 – 492018
LATIGID$1,000+$50 – $99 / hr2 – 92017
Local SEO Portugal$1,000+$50 – $99 / hr2 – 92016
SmartKISS$1,000+$10 – $49 / hr10 – 492012
BrandLume$1,000+$50 – $99 / hr2 – 92011
Coalition Technologies$1,672+$50 – $99 / hr50 – 2492009
Scopic$5,273+$25 – $49 / hr50 – 2492006