How to Grow Your Digital Marketing Agency- Top 10 Ways

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As an owner of a digital marketing agency, you forget marketing your company due to being highly busy in marketing your clients’ businesses. You should equally value marketing yourself along with your clients.

Marketing your own agency will help you get new customers, increase service sales, and expand it. You can face several challenges when you think of working on your own business promotion. Some of you may not have an idea on how you can make your internet marketing company grow. The following steps can help you:-

Top 10 Ways to Grow Your Digital Marketing Agency

In the below article, we have written some of the most popular ways to grow an digital marketing agency and get more clients & business accordingly.

1. Build a robust presence on the internet

Businesses come to you to improve their presence on the internet. Usually, they love to hand over their marketing projects to the online marketing company that has a strong presence on the internet.

As an owner of your internet marketing agency, you should try to be found everywhere such as search engines, online forums, and social media. Your strong online presence will convince them that you are an ideal digital partner for them to improve their online presence.

2. Offer all relevant services under one roof

You know everyone wants comfort, convenience, and less effort in their everyday life, including business operations. They want their maximum requirements/issues to get addressed or resolved without any hindrance.

For this, they prefer the one that offers almost all relevant products/services under one roof. To cater to such business owners, you should offer all respective services like web design & development, search engine optimisation, social media marketing, email marketing, paid advertising, and content marketing.

3. Show how you have helped businesses improve their online presence

In the contemporary world, everyone wants to get in touch with reliable and trustworthy people and businesses for their personal and professional needs. They rely on when they get respective proof for what they are looking for.

You need to show how your digital marketing agency has helped businesses of several different sectors. Here, adding case studies of the marketing campaigns done in the past can help you a lot. It will encourage businesses to trust in you for their business marketing requirements.

In an ideal case study, you should introduce one of your clients with their business niche. You should clearly mention how you identified the problem the client faced.

After that, mention what solutions you offered and what one your client selected. You should disclose how gradually you helped that client improve their online presence with respective data, audio, and videos.

4. Expand your network to get connected with new clients and build relationship

Networking is a true, effective, and tried marketing method when it comes to getting new customers, especially in the B2B industry. Building personal connections with other business owners helps you increase your chances of having projects from them for their online marketing needs.

According to a study of Harvard Business Review, making requests personally is more effective in comparison with doing it through phone calls or emails.

If you are serious about growing your internet marketing company, you should value face-to-face interaction. You can use LinkedIn and allied platforms for expanding your network and building good relationships with your prospects.

5. Show off your customer appreciation

As per a study published in Forbes, loyal customers are better than new ones. They spend 31% more in comparison with new clients. So, it is clear here you should maintain your client base.

For this, you should regularly show off how they are valuable to you. Customer appreciation is crucial for you. It should be simple like sending a handwritten gift card or offering dinner outside on a special occasion.

6. Build lead magnets

It is essential for you to learn how to increase your lead generation. This will help you comprehend how you can take your online marketing agency to the next level. Reaching to more prospective clients will make having new clients easier for you.

Creating lead magnets like freebies will help you get contact details from your business website visitors. Getting contact details will be helpful for you to follow up prospective clients/customers. Further, you can organize webinars, publish e-books, and offer free consultations to create lead magnets.

7. Increase your service costs

Usually, no business owner wants to increase their product or service pricing. They do this as they think increasing product/service price would hurt them instead of being helpful.

It does not mean you should go in loss while serving your clients with high-quality digital marketing services. You should have profits from your online marketing agency so that you can sustain in the market and expand it.

While increasing the service charges, be wise and make your service not too costly for your potential clients. Keep your services as per industry standard. You can offer your service packages to suit different needs of your prospects.

8. Have expertise in certain fields

Offering all relevant internet marketing services is good. However, you should have sound knowledge and expertise in specific fields that can be a selling point for you. Suppose that you are serving numerous businesses with your web design & development and SEO services.

Your clients are from different sectors. If you specialize yourself in serving businesses of a particular sector, you will increase your chance of getting new customers from that one. It will make them think you are an ideal online marketing partner for them for their marketing needs.

9. Be ready to say NO

Whenever a business lead comes in your way, most of you do not want to lose it. Getting new leads is okay, but having too much lead conversions is not good for you and your business growth. It is, as you will have a lack of time and resources to serve all your clients well.

When you feel you have not enough time or resources, you should learn to say NO. You should accept new leads when you can give time to handle projects well.

10. Focus on personal development of your team members

Your team is the backbone of your business. With your team members, you can sustain in the current competitive market. Therefore, you should care about them.

To keep them engaged with your company, you should improve in-house work culture, help your team members enhance their skills, and encourage them to develop their personality.

Through one-to-one conversation with your team members, you can know their strengths and weaknesses. If talking to every team member is not possible, you can talk to department head or team leaders and take the required action.

Your proper and wise decision will encourage them to dedicate themselves for the growth of your company.


In the contemporary world, it is a tough task to grow your digital marketing services agency. It is, as it requires consistency in your effort. Following the above-mentioned steps like having a strong online presence, showing off how you have helped other businesses in improving their online presence, and offering all respective services will help you grow your business.

The expected growth will come gradually. For it, you need to have patience and make adjustments in marketing your own agency on all leading digital platforms.