Top 10 Best Custom Software Development Companies

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Overview of Custom Software Development Companies

Today’s world is running on software and applications, with every aspect of our day-to-day life associated with digital resources. Have you ever given thought about how such applications are running so smoothly and what handles them at the back end?


Well, here comes the software development companies in the picture who are behind the development and designing of every software and application.


Software development is not a simple straight method, but rather the complete process is a 4 step practice.


Firstly, the client, being a business or vendor, puts forth a desirable software need. Subsequently,  the software company makes an effort to understand the impact and significance of the software.


Based on identifying the need for the software, its features and structure are developed. Furthermore, the premium top-ranked software development company also provides quality assurance services to ensure it functions smoothly. 


Given the immense working features of the software development companies, stepping out into the marketplace, the businesses witness a long list of companies. This has been chosen by software development companies as a tough choice.


Catering to the same, Poonjan have made a list of the top custom software development companies. Understand the vision of each company and choose the best company for you.


Top 10 Custom Software Development Companies | Best Software Developers to Hire in 2024

Customizing the software application as per individual business needs is an art. Owning to the art, the artist list in the marketplace goes a long way.


As a business, finding the right artist for yourself is a troublesome task. To simplify it a little, check out the following list of companies and narrow it down to the one that is best suited to your business.



Launched in 2007, IntellectSoft is a leading software development company, based in the USA. It does not render similar software to multiple clients and only renders custom software development services. 


Intellectsoft is a full-service company, offering every service associated with the development and designing of software applications. The overall process of rendering software development services can be broken into three major steps.


Beginning with the consulting stage the demands and needs of the business are converted into concrete images and blueprints.


Secondly, as per the ideologies determined, Intellectsoft initiates the engineering process backed by fully assured support and maintenance services.


  • Company:-  Intellectsoft
  • Hourly Rate:- <$100 /hr
  • Minimum Project Size:- $44,298+
  • Number of Employees:- 50- 243
  • Average Client Rating:- 8/10
  • Founded in:- 2007



ScienceSoft is a 34-year-old experienced software development company, rendering reliable and secured development services specified to every operating system, iOS and Android.


ScienceSoft keeps up with the latest ongoing tech trends and migrates to the new versions before the application faces backlash.


ScienceSoft takes care of every business dynamic, including consulting, execution, security, Migration, Help Desk services, and support.


Moreover, ScienceSoft has also inculcated AI and machine learning into the software application enabling the applications to adapt and learn by studying the ongoing operational trends.


Further, the in-built computer visions in ScienceSoft’s curated software developments take special care of abnormalities. It signifies that the software acts very quickly in responding to any virus attack or system fraud.


  • Company:- ScienceSoft
  • Hourly Rate:- <$94 /hr
  • Minimum Project Size:- $4,299+
  • Number of Employees:- 52- 828
  • Average Client Rating:- 7.5/10
  • Founded in:- 1989



Itransition is an experienced software developer firm, having been in the industry for 25-plus years. Itransition caters to all business sizes and types and comes up with custom software solutions at all times.


Itransition operates by placing three major factors as the decisive top-ranked qualities. First is the obvious customization feature, building software from scratch via curating to business-specific demands. Second, is the customization of the products that go on the platform.


This usually involves creating unique features for the set of software products. Last comes the legacy designs. The applications do not keep up with trends at all times.


They get outdated, and when the advent of new technology happens, Itransition makes sure that they execute a redesign legacy for software applications.


  • Company:- Itransition
  • Hourly Rate:- <$55 /hr
  • Minimum Project Size:- $23,549+
  • Number of Employees:- 19- 827
  • Average Client Rating:- 9/10
  • Founded in:- 1998



Launched back in 2004, Belitsoft is a globally operating software company, specializing in corporate software development.


Majorly Belitsoft offers three core services. Beginning with custom software, where the optimization and customization both are executed as a part of frontend tasks.


Further, the second most essential software development service that Belitsoft offers is cloud migration.


Belitsoft puts its honest effort into the modernization of applications and inculcating migration features. Such migration services would include Azure and AWS.


Other than these, Belitsoft also provides software testing. The scope of any software development is based on its smooth and effective operations.


It can only be ensured with regular testing, both manual and automated. Belitsoft conducts performance testing with respect to cybersecurity networking.


  • Company:- Belitsoft
  • Hourly Rate:- $39 /hr
  • Minimum Project Size:- $9812
  • Number of Employees:- 10- 271
  • Average Client Rating:- 6.5/10
  • Founded in:- 2004



Chetu is known for rendering custom development services, which are powered by artificial intelligence.


With the advent of AI, Chetu has shopped on the latest tech and has been integrating robust data science with AI solutions.


Chetu software development company has got an upper hand in the marketplace because of its creative predictive analysis characteristics.


With the AI integration, Chetu is successfully centralizing data and migrating cloud services. It has also promoted high maintenance of data integrity and reduced redundancy.


Chetu has established itself as a revolutionary custom software development firm with its domain-specific dynamic experiences. Its passion would help your business take a toll and reach the heights of the digital world.


  • Company:- Chetu
  • Hourly Rate:- $80 /hr
  • Minimum Project Size:- $9,297+
  • Number of Employees:- 120- 1296
  • Average Client Rating:- 8/10
  • Founded in:- 2000



TechAhead is a global innovative digitally transforming software development company, primarily based in Los Angeles, extended to India. It began its journey of transforming business dynamics via technical intrusions in the year 2009.


TechAhead introduces itself as not merely a tech vendor but a strategic partner. TechAhead has an adaptive approach, working towards enabling the business landscapes to hop on the digital advancements.


As a validation of the quality of its work, TechAhead has also gained certification partnering with global clients for quality management systems.


Moreover, TechAhead also has an understanding of the business concern regarding the privacy of data.


The business subsequently shares confidential data with developers to benefit from custom software development services.


TechAhead follows activity and data compliances, standing for the data privacy regulations and abiding by them thoroughly.


  • Company:-  Techahead
  • Hourly Rate:- <$54/hr
  • Minimum Project Size:- $23,891+
  • Number of Employees:- 13-249
  • Average Client Rating:- 7.5/10
  • Founded in:- 2009



Mindinventory is a technical company, launched in 2011, that delivers digital solutions to the digital business landscapes.


Mindinventory offers full-package services by rendering solutions from the designing of the product to the execution and development of software.


Mindinventory’s forte lies in custom software development services for startups.


Almost every existing business and those firms who have a sound share in the market have gone online and extended their brand visibility. Therefore, the startups have to go the extra mile to win over.


Catering to the same, Mindinventory provides startups with full tech support, providing every tool and tactic. The ideas that entrepreneurs bring in are market-centric.


So, Mindinventory completes the bridge by making the market ends meet. To get the products ready for market, Mindinventory develops unique digital products and custom platforms with tailor-made custom software.


  • Company:-  Mindinventory
  • Hourly Rate:- <$48/hr
  • Minimum Project Size:- 9,890+
  • Number of Employees:- 43- 906
  • Average Client Rating:- 8/10
  • Founded in:- 2011



Appinventiv is yet another successful digitally transforming technical service provider. It caters to custom business requirements and offers a wide range of services under custom software developments.


Beginning with software consultancy, to ensure perfectly curated development services, Appinventiv analyzes the custom needs in depth.


Based on the business ideas, and the goals, Appinventiv designs the concepts of the software to be built.


In addition, Appinventiv also renders software integration services. It signifies the adoption of new technologies when the existing ones become obsolete.


This means that whenever updated versions of software unfold, the business finds it difficult to keep up with them.


So, Appinventiv steps in to sort the advanced architectures and conducts testing, adapting to the newer versions.


  • Company:-  Appinventiv
  • Hourly Rate:- < $50 / hr
  • Minimum Project Size:- $9281+
  • Number of Employees:- 53- 891
  • Average Client Rating:- 9/10
  • Founded in:- 2014



Fingent is a US-based custom software development company, delivering digital solutions for the last two decades. Fingent has its unique functional manner for rendering digital solutions.


Fingent begins with helping businesses with ambiguous software ideas by providing a custom software development blueprint.


The blueprint begins from the very bottom by developing the ideologies to the actual deployment. It enables businesses to get a bigger picture of the projects that they are working on.


As a result, the probable discrepancies and risks in the software development are likely to be identified before handed.


With the futuristic insights, the UI designs are better evaluated, and the mapping of the business outlooks is better picturized.


Such custom experiences result in tailored prototypes and innovative ideas. Fingent successfully delivers customer-centric custom software development services.


  • Company:-  Fingent
  • Hourly Rate:- <$50 / hr
  • Minimum Project Size:- $14,832+
  • Number of Employees:- 32- 857
  • Average Client Rating:- 7.5/10
  • Founded in:- 2003


#10)Belatrix Software

Belatrix Software is an IT consulting service provider, specializing in custom software development services. As a developer, Belatrix Software works in close collaboration with the business in-house teams, curating digital solutions.


Belatrix Software ensures progressive programming and its acknowledgment with the client.


To make sure that the applications developed are continuously improved and updated, Belatrix Software follows the developmental modules.


Belatrix Software evaluates the data the client provides and extends it with its progressive programming and wrap diagrams.


Belatrix Software is a strong believer that one size doesn’t fit all and makes an extra edge effort in the customization of software development.


  • Company:-  Belatrix Software
  • Hourly Rate:- < $76 / hr
  • Minimum Project Size:- $4,800+
  • Number of Employees:- 12 – 382
  • Average Client Rating:- 8/10
  • Founded in:- 2003



The decision to find the best custom software development company goes through a long list of factors. Amidst evaluating multiple factors, the foremost decisive factor shall be based on the niche that the software development company specializes in.


When finding the right software company, you can not take a chance with a multi-dimensional approach service provider. It means that for an application for your business, you should look for a custom software development firm that has great expertise in your industry.


So, to retrieve the best custom software development services, evaluate each of the firms and make the pick based on your business-specific needs.


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