Top 10 Best eCommerce Development Companies

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Overview of eCommerce Development Companies

The digital world we are living in has made every impossible seem untrue. For every need of the customers, their impulsive first go-to solution is to go online and search for the ultimate solution. From shopping to knowledge, rushing online looks easy and accessible to businesses.


Such critical scenarios have put pressure on every startup and business to establish their online presence. As it is said, what is seen sells, if you are not seen online, you can’t sell.


Brand awareness and customer feasibility can be achieved online via a medium that is widespread and online. 


Subsequently, the businesses seeking to go online enhanced the demand for e-commerce development services.


To create and build their social presence and enhance user engagement, driving sales, e-commerce development is required.


Here are the e-commerce development service providers. It signifies that since the businesses are not expected to be experts in the digital field, they can rely on providers who are.


However, catering to the enhancing demands, the marketplace has experienced innumerable growing e-commerce development companies.


It has made it highly difficult for businesses to evaluate the offerings of each and finalize the decision.


To help your decision-making, we have a list of eCommerce development firms, enabling you to hire the relevant one, best suited to your business.


Top 10 eCommerce Development Companies | Best eCommerce Developer to Hire in 2024

Based on several factors like market reputation, portfolios, and analyzing the marketplace, the following list of e-commerce development companies has been prepared.


Take a look at each, evaluate the advantages, and measure its cons. Making a wise decision as an e-commerce platform is a long-term partnership integrating business and digital advancements.


#1)NMG Technologies

NMG Technologies is an all-rounder e-commerce development company that gives businesses a makeover altogether polishing their online faces. The e-commerce development services at NMG Technologies are divided into three types.


Beginning with Magneto development, an open platform software customizing sites enabling online merchants to place their shopping carts over their online stores in a way that is persuasive.


NMG Technologies helps businesses build their online stores with ease. Furthermore, NMG Technologies also provides mobile and enterprise e-commerce services.


Each deals with product management and managing feasible payment movements. In addition, the services NMG Technologies offers are all custom-made.


It does not follow a one-size-fits-all approach and rather believes that the e-commerce platforms built technically correct are not enough.


The services shall go beyond and represent the business’ outlook, making an impact on the customer.


  • Company:-  NMG Technologies
  • Hourly Rate:- < $49 / hr
  • Minimum Project Size:- $3810+
  • Number of Employees:- 12- 87
  • Founded in:- 2008



Fingent is a leading software company introduced in 2003, originally based in New York, now gone global and spread across Dubai, Melbourne, Sydney, and a lot more.


Being a fully IT-driven and data-led company, one of its prominent services is e-commerce development.


Fingent aims to build a bridge between sales and purchase integrating customers’ tasks with business offerings. Fingent’s eCommerce solutions are majorly based on web 3.0 technology advancements.


It is successfully creating multi-channel experiences for businesses, catering to digital evolutions.


Fingent caters to both B2B and B2C companies, focusing on order/inventory management, product information, and highly on customer management.


The user-friendly e-commerce interface is the priority offering at Fingent.


  • Company:-  Fingent
  • Hourly Rate:- < $50 / hr
  • Minimum Project Size:- $23,480+
  • Number of Employees:- 60- 852
  • Founded in:- 2003



Iflexion is a software company offering e-commerce development services, with 20 years of experience in the field.


Such an experienced enterprise has equipped it with the capability to understand what e-commerce type would suit which specific industry.


Rendering services to both B2B and B2C sectors, Iflexion has a unique approach for each.


Talking about B2C e-commerce platforms, Iflexion makes sure that the business looks customer-centric and is able to connect at an emotional level with the consumers.


The platform Iflexion built for B2C is made based on awareness and an insightful base, making platforms creative and attractively design-equipped.


Further, since the consumers are not personally interested but rather wish only for a smooth shopping experience. The checkout is made feasible and easy.


For B2B, the focus is on inventory management, vendor-partner relationships, high dealings, and a huge volume of monetary transfers.


  • Company:-  Iflexion
  • Hourly Rate:- < $50 / hr
  • Minimum Project Size:- $10,289+
  • Number of Employees:- 27- 692
  • Founded in:- 1999



ScienceSoft is a US-based e-commerce development service provider that launched around two decades ago. Catering to digital demands, the e-commerce service has three major categories. It involves e-commerce consulting, e-commerce development, and UI designs.


As a part of e-commerce consulting, ScienceSoft helps businesses build long-term strategies and understand the benefits that would unfold as a result of optimum e-commerce solutions.


ScienceSoft provides appropriate estimates to the business in terms of cost and time, helping it evaluate that ROI would exceed the cost of e-commerce platforms.


Furthermore, ScienceSoft does not step back after the e-commerce platform goes live and remains in constant touch to provide regular maintenance and support.


  • Company:- ScienceSoft
  • Hourly Rate:- <$55 /hr
  • Minimum Project Size:- $24,279+
  • Number of Employees:- 111-883
  • Founded in:- 1998


#5)Hidden Brains Infotech

Hidden Brains Infotech is a web development company, offering e-commerce services, and making businesses automate its services.


Hidden Brains Infotech joins hands with the business from the very implementation stage to the end maintenance.


The dedicated team of experts makes sure that the e-commerce platforms are customized as per the business goals of its product offerings.


Moreover, extra effort is put into providing post-development services, enhancing the user experience.


Not only does it provide support but it also takes into consideration regular customer feedback, thereby rendering the best customer-centric services.


So, from a business perspective, Hidden Brains Infotech is the right choice.


  • Company:-  Hidden Brain Infotech
  • Hourly Rate:- < $87 /hr
  • Minimum Project Size:- $23,195+
  • Number of Employees:- 26- 583
  • Founded in:- 2003


#6)Sparx IT Solutions

Sparx IT Solutions is a leading global e-commerce development company, rendering business solutions by utilizing the best responsive and user-engaging web designs for e-platforms.


Sparx IT Solutions has indulged in five prepositions that make it a preferable eCommerce development company.


It involves providing multi-lingual support that ensures that no business shall stay out if availing benefits of e-commerce development services merely on linguistic grounds.


Further, Sparx IT Solutions renders multi-channel, multi-vendor, and multi-currency support.


It has ensured to inculcate every business size and type, from B2B to B2C and vendor line businesses, to avail Sparx IT Solutions e-commerce development services.


  • Company:- Sparx IT Solutions
  • Hourly Rate:- < $57 /hr
  • Minimum Project Size:- $21,969+
  • Number of Employees:- 26- 496
  • Founded in:- 2007



Chetu is yet another top-notch e-commerce development service provider, rendering highly advanced and custom services, meeting user-friendly interfaces.


Chetu takes businesses online optimizing their scalability. Chetu also uses third-party integrations to collaborate with tools facilitating seamless customer management.


The e-commerce integrations thereby include the utilization of third-party tools for accounting, CRM, shipping, product & inventory management, etc.


Furthermore, the administration and customer support at Chetu are available on a real-time basis, ensuring the free flow of services.


Chetu developers launch e-commerce platforms that are multi-device accessible. It signifies that the platform is not restricted to operating on any particular device type, being only device or mobile.


  • Company:- Chetu
  • Hourly Rate:- $83 /hr
  • Minimum Project Size:- $7,912+
  • Number of Employees:- 120- 989
  • Founded in:- 2000


#8)Konstant Infosolutions

Aiming to promote and be a significant part of online shopping, Konstant Infosolutions renders retail and e-commerce solutions to businesses. The prominent focus and priority for Konstant Info-solutions is always client-driven.


Catering to content consumer experience, every model that Konstant Infosolutions finalizes is from the client’s perspective.


Furthermore, Konstant Infosolutions has evolved over time matching the pace of induction of new and advanced tech.


Konstant Infosolutions has successfully integrated updated versions of software with innovative extensions.


Lastly, an extra inch of effort is put into ensuring PoS security and regular & secured payments.


The e-commerce platforms are built with such features that a flow is set to manage the receipts and payments from customers.


  • Company:- Konstant Infosolutions
  • Hourly Rate:- < $54 /hr
  • Minimum Project Size:- $7290+
  • Number of Employees:- 45- 984
  • Founded in:- 2003



This leading e-commerce development company follows the next-generation modern approach to cater to B2B and B2C e-commerce demands.


As a part of e-commerce offerings, Oxagile makes sure that businesses are able to establish brands via e-commerce platforms.


Oxagile integrates e-commerce platforms and multi-channel approaches. The AI-driven tech and e-commerce development services ensure that the business reaches new markets and increases the customer base.


Furthermore, Oxagile has ensured that the e-commerce platforms are mobile-supportive.


It denotes that it does not develop eCommerce services that can be accessed via specific mediums only. It has put every effort into making Ecommerce platforms conclusive for businesses.


It acts as a representative of the business and it shall portray how dynamic and continuously evolving the businesses are.


  • Company:- Oxagile
  • Hourly Rate:- < $49 / hr
  • Minimum Project Size:- $25,281+
  • Number of Employees:- 25 – 639
  • Founded in:- 2005


#10)Daffodil Software

E-commerce services at Daffodil Software have its own set of wide services to offer. Beginning with helping the business choose the right strategy via e-commerce consultation.


Followed by a custom Ecommerce development service backed by e-commerce integration.


Then once the e-commerce development has taken place, Daffodil Software ensures proper e-commerce maintenance of the site, ensuring that regular updates and amendments take place.


Daffodil Software timely migrates to the advanced versions of software, ensuring consistency and compatibility. As its rendering prepositions, it caters to every target segment from B2B, B2C, to D2C.


Daffodil Software has its own set of approaches catering to each client type and size.


  • Company:- Daffodil Software
  • Hourly Rate:- < $56 / hr
  • Minimum Project Size:- $10,281+
  • Number of Employees:- 250 – 999
  • Founded in:- 1999



This was all about the e-commerce development companies. The list specified above is based on personal discretion and customer feedback. However, the final call has to be of the businesses. Make sure that you take a deeper and closer look at each company.


Figure out your demands and requirements and align them with the service providers’ offerings.


The wrong decision can completely negatively impact the business’s growth and its social reputation. So, take enough time to evaluate as many companies as you feel.


Sort out the specifications you would seek on your eCommerce platforms, and make a choice you won’t want to revoke.


Always remember that the eCommerce platform is an extension of your brand and it represents your products and services in a summarized manner. So, make the right choice and go online.


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