Top 10 Best Digital Marketing Tools

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Last Updated on: 13th February 2024, 04:27 pm


Digital marketing is an ever changing field. There is a shift in strategies and tactics used to promote a business with its services or products on online platforms.

However, some certain activities or tasks in digital marketing are static and repetitive in nature. So, internet marketers across the world use some specific tools to streamline their digital marketing efforts and bring maximum positive outputs for a business.

These tools help in finding keywords, tracking marketing campaign progress, sending promotional emails, optimizing social media, and executing allied marketing activities on the internet. In the below article, we will share a list of the best digital marketing tools available in the industry.

We have prepared this exclusive list after checking all the essential details, i.e. features, customer base, pricing, support, etc. With digital marketing tools, marketers have a supportive hand and bring what they promise to their company bosses or clients.

What is a Digital Marketing Tool?

A digital marketing tool is a type of online application that facilitates marketers to execute their marketing tasks easily on platforms available on the internet. It assists in getting in touch with the right people at the right time via the right place.

Here, it means marketers help business owners connect with their prospective customers where they (customers) spend their valuable time and money.

Top 20+ Best Digital Marketing Tools [2024 Updated List- Unbiased Reviews]

You are willing to take your digital marketing strategy or effort to the next level. The following digital marketing tools will be very helpful for you for solving all type of manual tasks with ease:-

1)Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an advanced level free digital marketing tool that provides businesses the ability to properly understand the performance of a website online. This platform allows anyone to see the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns by providing key metrics important for any type of business.

Google Analytics allows marketers the ability to track the website traffic, user behavior, conversion rates, demographics, etc. After using this valuable information, marketers can make the right decisions and further improve the growth of their business.


As one of the most popular and widely used digital marketing tool, SEMrush helps you know the current status of your business website on search engines like Google.

It facilitates you to find new and relevant terms or keywords that can help your website rank better. SEMrush classifies keywords based on variations, search intent, and difficulty levels that help you plan your content strategies.

Further, SEMrush provides various other helpful features to help internet marketers in solving many digital marketing tasks.

Some of the key features provided by SEMRush includes:- Keyword Research & Tracking, SEO Audit, On-Page SEO Checker & Backlink Audit, Keyword Rank Tracking, PPC Campaign Management, Content Marketing Tools, Comprehensive Reports and Alerts.

3)Google Search Console (Previously Google Webmaster)

Previously acknowledged as Google Webmaster, Google Search Console is a freely available tool from Google that helps webmasters/ website owners to track the traffic coming to a website. This makes your site get better in search results, and identify and resolve issues.

It helps a webmaster to know the indexing status, crawling issues, and search queries, making the overall website to be search friendly.

Further, Google Search Console helps in knowing how a website is going on a monthly basis in terms of overall performance.


Ahrefs is a powerful digital marketing tool that is designed & developed primarily to help the webmaster for improving their website’s performance.

Being one of the most advanced and sophisticated SEO software on the market, Ahrefs provides users with plenty of features to make the entire jobs process easier.

It provides competitor analysis, keyword research, keyword position tracking, backlinks tracking, content optimization and various other helpful features.

No matter whether your objective is to grow your brand online presence, or simply want to improve the keyword ranking; Ahrefs is a must have digital tool in your list.


MailChimp is another popular excellent digital advertising and email marketing tool. It is designed to create and automate your entire marketing campaigns and helps you traffic generated by your marketing efforts.

With easy integration compatibility to other popular SaaS tools, MailChimp is a viable solution to have significant audience engagement. In comparison with its free membership, its paid membership plan works better and provides marketers plenty of advanced level features.


Being one of the most popular internal communication tools, Slack allows businesses to not let their conversations get cut-off or distracted.

It focuses and facilitates collaboration between teams and employees. In today’s digital marketing landscape, it is an excellent medium for meeting and networking others.

Also, it provides you freedom to join or leave channels as per your business requirements. Further, it facilitates the integration of multiple other apps, API & tools to make it a more powerful digital marketing for you.

7)Google Ads

Google Ads or Google AdWords is another most popular and widely used online advertising platform developed by Google in early 2000. It helps the advertisers to promote their business products or services on a pay per click (PPC) model.

It means the advertisers have to only pay for ads when someone clicks on their ads either in Google search or Google display networks of websites.

Google ads provides a range of techniques to help the advertisers in quickly running ads and further growing their business.


HubSpot is a bunch of tools to facilitate you to make your business grow whether you are a startup, small, mid, or established business owner.

Its popular, powerful, and effective tools are popup forms, web forms, and live chat software that help you capture leads. This tool help you run email marketing campaigns, analyze your site visitors, and pipe all your data.

Using its paid tiers helps you automate your business marketing sophistically. For B2B businesses; HubSpot is a must have digital marketing tool to succeed and further beat their competitors. If you are searching for the best lead generation solution, then trusting on HubSpot make sense.

9)Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO is a tool that helps webmasters to improve their search engine rankings. This app is designed to make your website authentic and fix all the elements step by step to make it optimized.

It helps you to find the right keywords, and analyze which content is giving the results & which is not. Surfer SEO gives a detailed report about content with top-ranking pages, and also suggests what topics you must work on ( which has higher search queries).

You will also get help in analyzing your technical parts of SEO – Website speed, mobile friendliness & more. Therefore, it is a great app in which you get everything under one tool. It offers wonderful results by improving your website traffic along with its visibility.


You must have heard about this app already, right? We all have attended a lot of meetings and webinars, mainly during the time of lockdown.

However, it is a helpful app and makes your several digital marketing tasks much easier; it can be any important business meeting or collaboration meeting.

Zoom app allows you to conduct Webinars and virtual events, and you can make them more attractive with the help of its exclusive features like Polls, breakout rooms, Q&A sessions, and more.

Marketers can record their meetings, and later use it in the form of content for promotion, podcast, etc. Therefore, Zoom App is an interesting app and attracts a lot of audiences because it’s user-friendly, gives amazing performance, and is more reliable.


Canva is one of the very famous apps used to design posts for social media, make presentations, resumes, design videos, templates, invitations, etc. For all digital marketers, Canva is one go-to app that resolves a lot of problems in one go.

It has endless features, and also you can get the premium version of the app which gives you access to more advanced and updated segments. Moreover, there are plenty of templates available that are fully designed, and just ready to post.

You can do a bit of editing in case you require some major changes. This also gives you great help as you can take ideas or references from the work already done.

For example, if you are in a hurry and you have to make a Diwali post, there are a lot of free templates available which you can just use as it is. Hence, your work will be done in just 2 minutes.

12)Yoast SEO

Out of so many digital marketing tools, Yoast SEO is one of the best SEO plugins that helps the website owners to guide in the best way possible. Yoast SEO works in the direction to increase the WordPress powered website ranking & visibility in SERP.

This tool focuses on the on-page SEO elements by giving you the right keywords, telling the exact length of the content, the accuracy of the meta description, checking the content readability score, etc. It tells you how much more improvement your content requires for better SEO.

Furthermore, it will also cover the technical parts of SEO and will give you all the details, reports, and ways to improve it then and there.


As a powerful social media management tool, Hootsuite can store your approved content in a cloud-based database and allows you or team members to access the store information anytime and from anywhere as per your needs.

With Hootsuite, you can schedule your multiple social media posts with respective keywords and tags at a time.

You can easily track the performance of your social media posts, calculate your ROI (return on investment), know conversions, and track public conversations about your business brand.


Formerly known as oDesk and Elance, Upwork is a leading freelancing platform for all sorts of businesses. It helps businesses connect with individual professionals or agencies for different business needs.

Using Upwork, companies can easily select ideal candidates for interviews and hire the right ones to get their business requirements to be fulfilled on time.

It facilitates agencies or freelancers to get the best jobs/work based on their expertise and skillet.


It is another popular and fast growing freelancing platform used by business worldwide. After registering themselves on Fiverr, businesses and freelancers or agencies get in touch with one another for their certain needs.

The needs could be business promotion, hiring ideal digital marketing candidates for specific jobs, getting skill-based jobs, and allied others.


BuzzSumo is another fast growing paid content research tool. It helps you know the top influencers in your business niche and how to get connected with them.

Further, you can use this tool to find out trending topics and determine your search scope for creating both trending and evergreen content.

BuzzSumo also helps anyone to properly analyze their content marketing strategy along with its social engagement and track content performance.


As a free and paid email marketing platform, GetResponse helps you create and send marketing emails, grow your list, and automate all your business communication with your targeted customers.

After using GetResponse, businesses can convert their contacts into loyal customers. It helps you make a list of your contacts, nurture the subscribers base through valuable newsletters, and further optimize with analytics.

18)Screaming Frog

As a powerful SEO tool, Screaming Frog helps marketers to crawl websites and collect the required data for the analysis of the websites.

After scanning web pages, it produces insights on URL structures, status codes, meta tags, and allied others.

With Screaming Frog SEO tool, you can find out duplicate content and broken links and optimize the complete website for improving visibility & ranking on search engines, i.e. Google, Yahoo, Bing.


Moz is one of the most widely used digital marketing tools that assist website owners in maintaining their online presence with the help of best SEO and App Store Optimization (ASO) strategies. It helps to rank your website on the first search engine results page of Google.

Moz is a digital marketing tool that will handle your business’s SEO. If you are a startup it might be difficult as well as costly to hire a marketing team so, it is better to make Moz your companion and work together to exhale your business.

In the end, you can not know everything about the app without even using it. Therefore it is recommended to go and try the app. Also, let us know about your experience with us.


WordStream is a digital marketing tool that will help you to analyze and design your ad copies. It manages Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Microsoft advertising, Pay per click advertising, and more.

It will make your keyword research easier. Also, you will get different tools to create, analyze, test & optimize your ads. WordStream holds advanced features to monitor the performance of ad campaigns.

Moreover, with the help of this digital marketing tool, you can allocate your ad budget more effectively and plan ad campaigns better.


HotJar helps you have visual records of the behaviors and actions of your site visitors in real-time. Through heatmaps, it allows you to get an idea about where your audiences are and whether they are clicking or not clicking your website pages on respective digital platforms.

With the alignment of actual video recordings of your audience’ journey, you can easily know what you need to do to improve your user experience. It helps you to track as well as monitor how users are interacting with your website.

Further, HotJar will help you to make efficient strategies, and once you know your customer well it will be easy for you to attract more people.

Also, whenever your customers are facing any kind of problem it is a good chance for you to resolve it quickly so that another user doesn’t face the same issue while operating your page.

Here are some of the features served by Hotjar – User surveys, Heatmaps, Session recordings, and more.

Therefore, if you are an internet marketing professional looking to further optimize your digital marketing campaign performance, then HotJar is a must have tool.


WordPress is known to be a content management system (CMS). It helps to maintain an online presence as this tool helps you in building or hosting a website for your business.

It offers a variety of themes, plugins, and other features to customize your website. WordPress is giving you all the features that you need for marketing, and making your website user-friendly.

When your website is ready, start posting blogs & articles to attract traffic and increase its visibility. Other features that you will get in WordPress are – it has social media sharing abilities and email marketing.

So, WordPress is a small combo for any business that incorporates SEO, Content creation, social media, and email marketing.


Zoho is a popular internet marketing tool that can help you to grow your business in different ways. This tool will manage & optimize your campaigns, email marketing, Social media management, SEO, pay-per-click advertising, & analytics.

All of the above can be taken care of under one platform only. Zoho works with the approach of streamlining marketing operations, enhancing team collaborations, and supporting data-driven decision-making.

24)Google Data Studio

Google Data Studio generates reports & dashboards with the help of several data sources. However, the app is a part of the Google marketing platform that indicates all the data accumulated can be trusted as it is a reliable source.

Here, the data is consolidated from different platforms like Google Analytics, Google Ads, several other third-party sources, and more.

It has a user-friendly interface, it is very convenient for the users to design as well as customized the reports that will be shared amongst colleagues, and their clients.

There are features to add charts, graphs, tables, etc to make your reports more effective & presentable. Also, Google Data Studio app allows multiple users to view and edit the report at the same time.


BuiltWith is another well known internet marketing tool that works to increase online presence, and function towards the growth of the business.

It simplifies major tasks of digital marketing – Content management, Email marketing, campaign creation, targeting the right audience, etc.

Moreover, with the help of the latest technology, BuiltWith makes data-driven decisions to increase growth & get the expected results in the business. Therefore, if you want fast growth for your business, grasp the endless benefits of the BuiltWith tool today.


SimilarWeb is a highly useful online tool to analyze traffic to a website and get market insights. With this tool, you can know user engagement, sources of your website traffic, audience demographics, and popular content.

SimilarWeb helps you be aware of industry trends and compare your website performance with your counterparts. Such information facilitates you to enhance your user experience, streamline your internet marketing strategies, and know opportunities.

27)Google Forms

As a free data collection and online survey tool from Google, it helps you make personalized forms and questionnaires for several different purposes like quizzes, feedback forms, surveys, and event registration.

You have freedom to add audios & videos, select question types, and customize themes. There is an automatic collection and organization of responses in Google Sheets. After creation, it doesn’t require any effort from you to collect responses.


Majestic is a digital marketing tool that enhances the online presence and optimizes the strategies for different types of businesses. It is famous for putting accurate and authoritative backlinks. Majestic gives insights about website authority, competitor analysis, etc that will add to the SEO strategies.

Moreover, the major work lies in tracking & evaluating backlink profiles, identifying as well as considering high-quality backlink profiles, and scrutinizing the search engine ranking performance of the entire business on several platforms.


As a no-code platform, Optimizely helps you make experiments with your landing pages. After combining several different tools, it helps you have visual data on the audience you are targeting and run tests on distinguished platforms.

With Optimizely, you can do both major and minor edits on your website pages. And streamline them for better performance in terms of traffic, user experience, and revenue increase.

How to Choose the Best Digital Marketing Tool for Your Website Promotion/Marketing Needs?

1)Make your marketing objectives & goals clear

As a business owner, you must have a deep understanding of your business needs, objectives & goals. Having a clear idea about your goals leads to a focused & effective campaign.

Focus on identifying who is your target audience and what are your desired results for example – increasing website traffic, increasing the result of your ad campaigns, boosting your sales, and working on SEO.

Furthermore, when you are a business owner, you need to track & analyze your performance indicators so that you can measure and make strategies accordingly.

2)Do an in-depth study

If you want to choose the right digital marketing tool for your business it is important to do proper research based on your requirements as well as goals.

Check the qualities & capabilities of the tools, and what they are best at. Compare the tools and decide which one will work perfectly with your working environment.

You have to choose the one tool that overcomes all the weaker sections and helps your business to get the success. Go for free trials and evaluate deeply also, don’t forget to consult with your peers, and team members before the final purchase.

3)Consider your budget

The budget you are going to allocate to market your business on digital platforms is crucial. It is, as some digital marketing tools are free while many others are paid.

The tools with free versions have limited features. To get the right tool, you need to decide how much you are willing to invest. While making a decision, you should keep the probable ROI in mind.

4)Go for free trials

Many internet marketing tools offer free trials for a certain period. They do this to attract customers and encourage them to get their products/solutions.

You should take advantage of such a free trial of a respective digital marketing software to know its user interface, performance, and its suitability for your marketing requirements.

After that, you should test the free trial of another tool. Make an informed decision after comparing your experiences of free trials.

5)Think about integration capabilities

In digital marketing, you need to integrate varied tools to make your process smooth. Make it sure that the digital marketing tool you are willing to get is compatible with your existing CRM, website CMS, email marketing platform or not.

Better integration will help you have smoother data analysis and sharing. As a result, you will save time and effort.

6)Look for feedback and recommendations

In today’s digital world, you should not blindly believe in online reviews. Instead, you should talk to industry professionals in your network and talk to them about their experiences of using certain digital marketing tools.

Request them to suggest a few tools for your online marketing needs. Their recommendations might be more valuable in comparison with your study on the internet.

7)Keep future needs in mind

When you are choosing a digital marketing tool there are a few points to keep in mind. First, make sure the tool can adapt to the changes and can easily perform in different working environments.

The technology, trends, and style of working keep on changing as it is an online world, and you can see a new forte popping up every next day.

Ensure that the tool you are choosing has a customizable feature, and can easily integrate with different software. It must also be familiar to work on diverse platforms.

8)Value customer support service

It is very important to take care of every customer as your top priority. Find out a tool that can serve and attend to every user who is visiting your website. You can check out tools offering various support channels, live chat options, email, phone, etc.

The tool must stay active or be attentive during business hours and offers self-help. Along with it, you should also have a team ready who is actively available to attend any customer service and resolve it as soon as possible.

Therefore, get a digital marketing tool that gives you effective customer service also, don’t forget to check the reviews.

Brief history of Digital Marketing Tools

Since the internet has come into the picture, there are a lot of digital marketing tools that are available in the market. Every tool has its purpose, in the year 2000, basic digital marketing tools were introduced for email marketing & analytics.

Later, tools were introduced for pay-per-click advertising so that businesses can grow, and easily target their audience.

Talking about the mid-’20s, you will see tools for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and social media management. In 2005, we got to know about Google Analytics which was a great help to track the website’s performance and acquire valuable insights.

2010 brought up the expansion of the marketing platforms that introduced digital marketing tools that will help you to streamline & personalize your campaigns.

However, today every business is looking for a multitasking tool that can master SEO, Content management, social media, analysis, customer satisfaction, strategizing, Ads, etc.

Benefits of Digital Marketing Tools

In the contemporary world, digital marketing tools are highly beneficial. First of all, these tools save your time and money that could be spent in manual data analytics and allied things. Once can use Affiliate Marketing and drive qualified website traffic via these tools and make more money online.

With respective tools, you can easily analyze your website and gather the requisite data in real-time. This analysis helps you check the effectiveness of your marketing efforts and make wise decisions for better results.

The use of a respective digital marketing tool helps you improve yours or your team’s productivity. Take an example of an email marketing tool. Writing a business promotional email manually takes time and effort. But with an email marketing tool like MailChimp you do it better and faster.

If you compare your expenses in manual marketing efforts and the ones done through respective tools, you will find online marketing tools are cost-effective and efficient for you.

With respective digital marketing tools, you will have increased customer reach, measurable results, real-time interactions, enhanced brand awareness, better customer insights, and competitive advantage.

Types of Digital Marketing Tools

As per their usage in marketing, digital marketing tools are of several different types. Here are some common types of these tools:-

1)Analytics tools –

Analytical tools always tell you the critical part of your business like how many people are coming to your website, how much they are engaging with your content, if they are liking your content or not, what is the sales percentage, ratio of people converting into the customer, etc.

These are the very important factors of your business that will let you take future decisions for the development of your corporation.

2)Social media management tools –

The name of the tool might have already given you an idea about the app. So, these apps are a great help for you in handling all your social media apps.

You can manage them from one app – all the postings, designing, strategizing, tracking, and ads (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc).

Therefore, you can also use these types of tools as your social media managers, and provide you with everything hence, they will make your tasks easy & handy.

3)Email marketing tools –

Email marketing tools will handle all your emails – to whom you want to send, sending bulk emails at a time, how to get leads via email, promoting email marketing, and much more. The tools you can surely use are Mailchimp & Constant Contact.

4)SEO tools –

SEO is already a very big chapter to cover, you will probably need a group of apps serving different purposes. Your work is to find out which app is working best for you in a specific domain. The use of best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tools will help you in achieving a higher rank on search engine results pages.

The truth is just depending on one single app will not do any good. Try out a couple of options, as you know SEO procedure is so big, starting from keyword research, and ending with backlinks, ads, etc. Find out the right one for you!

5)Content Creation and Curation Tools –

These types of tools help you to generate & share engaging content on your social media platforms. Some amazing tools are – Canva, which helps to design posts & Buzzsumo – which will give you the trending topics that you can use to create content.

6)Project Management Tools –

Project management tools will help you to give ease in your day-to-day tasks. Their features include scheduling meetings, assigning tasks, tracking progress, sharing files, etc.

Therefore, it enables a smooth working environment. Here are some best tools that you must use to manage your workstation – Trello, Asana, etc.

7)Website Optimization Tools –

These tools will help your website to improve its online presence, have a better ranking, attract more visitors & better conversion rates. A few examples are – Google Page Speed Insights, Ahrefs, SEMrush, Optimizely, etc.

8)Marketing Automation Tools –

Marketing Automation Tools gives you an automated system where you can do several marketing tasks altogether like lead nurturing, email campaigns, customer segmentation, posting on social media, etc. For example – Marketo, Hubspot, Pardot, etc.

Best Practices for Using Digital Marketing Tools

Digital marketing tools are highly useful and effective when you use them well. Here are some best practices for using digital marketing tools to get most out of them:-

1. Define your marketing goals –

Every business has a goal to fulfill, and all the team members work every single day towards achieving those big goals.

If you are running your enterprise, you have to notify your entire team what the purpose of your business is. This type of working style will lead you to success in a very limited time and budget.

2. Select the right tools –

If you understand your business better, it is not hard to pick the right combination of tools for your business.

You know exactly what you need, it might take some time but you can decide what works for you, and what is not working for you. If a particular thing is not working or showing you the results, it’s time to change it and try another one.

3. Pay attention to quality over quantity –

Everybody is looking for the best work or the best thing. Whether you talk about any product or service, they will always prefer quality over quantity.

In a business, if you are giving the best quality to your customers they will always come back to you and will choose your company or brand in the future.

4. Stay updated with what’s going on –

Tell your team members what is the new update or what is going on in the business. It doesn’t matter if the update is good or bad everybody has the right to know about it.

This will also help them to work better because now they are aware of all the situations of the business.

5. Use tools in combination –

When you are running your business, one can assure you that only one or two tools will never lead you to achieve your goals.

Always try using 3 – 4 tools together to get the best outcome. A good combination of tools will get you onboard some amazing results.

6. Learn from your analysis report and data insights –

Maintain consistency in tracking or analyzing your reports. It simply means you have to track your online results in a specific period. After that learn from it, and work on it. Try to make it better, and make new strategies to get improved results.

7. Share your knowledge and collaborate –

You have to share the ideas coming into your mind with your team so that they can put their input. Sometimes a small thought or idea can do wonders. Also, other opinions matter a lot in an enterprise.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Using Digital Marketing Tools 

Marketing a business on a digital platform is highly helpful and effective. Using the right digital marketing tools will help you get your designed marketing goals.

Minor mistakes can be a barrier in your campaign success. As a business owner or marketer, you should avoid mistakes.

Here are some common mistakes that you should avoid using digital marketing tools:-

  • Having no clear goals and objectives for marketing campaigns
  • Ignorance of mobile users with their needs
  • Wrong audience target
  • Negligence of SEO and website design
  • Avoidance the importance of consistency in social media presence
  • No remarketing to current and probable customers
  • Use of too many strategies without enough resources


Digital marketing tools can help you to grow your business. As it is not easy to search for the right combination of tools for yourself because you can see a lot of options available to choose from. We hope this guide will help you to choose the right combination of best digital marketing tools available in the industry.

At the same time, don’t rely on the same tool for a longer time because trends & technology always keep updating. So, it is beneficial if you manage to change your tool from time to time, and always make a good choice of the right internet marketing tools for your business.

Try those tools which you already know or are from any reliable source. It is better to read the reviews and check the ranking, and customer service before purchasing. A pro tip, you should always take a trial first, and then take the final decision if you want that specific digital marketing tool or not.