Lead Generation in Digital Marketing: A Complete Guide to Generating Business Leads

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The success of any business revolves around the fact how strong its customer base is. The more loyal the customers are, the more likely the sales are supposed to upsurge accordingly.

With the motive to attract more consumers, the companies try several methods and tactics to enhance the interest of the prospective customer in the product or the service.

Well, this whole process itself is known as lead generation. The process to bring in more and more leads into the business. Targeting potential customers and turning them into sales is what lead generation is all about.

Read further to know in depth how lead generation results in increasing sales, enhancing brand awareness, and boosting brand loyalty.

What are leads in lead generation?

In digital marketing, the term leads are used for prospective buyers who are ready to make the sale. Such website visitors possess the potential to become a loyal customer. So, the motive here is to persuade the leads further to finalize the sale.

Furthermore, leads don’t need to be only individual customers. Instead, leads can be further classified as business to business(B2B) and business to customers(B2C) leads.

It signifies that the leads or the future customers are not limited to only individual segments but are stretched upto the commercial sector as well.

What exactly is lead generation in Digital Marketing?

Lead generation can be defined as a process of converting a prospective buyer into a customer. The process involves approaching the target audience via several marketing mediums and advertising about the business.

Based on the knowledge provided to the customer regarding the company products or services, if he/she is persuaded to make the sale, such conversion into a loyal customer is termed as lead generation.

Popular digital marketing agencies provides lead generation services and utilize SEO, Social media, Content marketing, Email marketing, ASO and other related type of media channels to generate leads for client business.

How does lead generation Works?

The entire procedure of lead generation in digital marketing is divided into a few components. The first part of lead generation deals with identifying the target audience and the intent of the customers to make the purchase.

Followed by identifying ways to make contact with potential customers and bring traffic to the company’s site. And finally persuading the consumer to make the sale.

So, accordingly, the first and foremost focus shall be to bring potential customers to the website. To bring the customer to the site, you have to reach the consumer first.

There are several marketing ways to do so. Here, the decisive factor for which tactic shall be adopted depends upon the resources and the budget of the company.

Lead Generation Process in Digital Marketing

The complete process for generating more leads can be broken down into the following steps:-

1) Audience Segment

For the process of lead generation, start with identifying the type of your target audience, and their intents. You can take a survey on your existing customers and classify them in terms of demographics, interests, purchasing patterns, etc. This will help you figure out your targeted audience segment and thereafter you can serve them better.

2) Audience’s Behavior

Once you know the right prospects to hit, you can start planning to know in-depth about what they actually seek. You can make them fill up a form, organize attractive contests/ offers, organize events/ campaigns on social media, etc.

3) Awareness stage

By now, you know the customers and their problems. Now you only have to make them aware of what you can serve to satisfy their needs and intent. This step involves reaching out and making them equipped with your business knowledge.

4) The final decision

Now that you know your prospects, and they know about the business, we reach the deciding stage. Here, the complete data of the prospects are in the hands of the sales team, and they can make a move to make direct contact with the prospective buyers.

The strategies have to be carefully curated, by making the content specific and crisp. Based on this final approach, the customer will make the purchase, and a lead will be said to have been generated.

What are Some Effective Strategies for Lead generation in Digital Marketing?

Once you are aware of the complete procedure to reach the maximum lead generation, you have to plan and implement the strategies to put the written plan into action. Listed below are some of the most effective strategies for lead generation:-

1) Content marketing 

Content lays the foundation for the entire digital marketing process. Whichever medium you choose for digital marketing from social media to e-mails, content is the key.

Therefore, you have to use the best content marketing tools and strategy while creating the content for the ideal targeted audience. Make sure you consider the perspective of the prospect while capturing the content that would lead to improved conversions.

2) SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) pushes your content and website by improving your ranking on Google SERP. This is the most organic way to generate more leads. It enables you to craft the websites and blogs in a manner that reaches the right target.

For this, make sure you put extra attention to the meta title and description. The reason is that the more catchy the meta will be, the more it will engage the user to view the content therein. After implementing proper SEO techniques, you can easily increase organic SEO traffic to your website and further grow your business operation.

3) Paid advertisement and PR

This Lead generation strategy is suggested only for those companies that function on a high budget. It is amongst the most expensive and fastest way to generate leads.

With the help of paid advertisement, you can make your website and products visible on the prospect’s screen via mediums like social media, Google ads, etc.

Using advertisement and public relations, the prospects get closer to the business info. This makes it easy for the sales team to persuade the conversion further.

4) Social media platforms

Generating leads through social media platforms has become the new-age tactic for digital marketing. With everything going online, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc have proven to provide the maximum opportunities.

Apart from just advertising on social media platforms, just maintaining your presence and building your followers can do miracles.

In the digital era, people’s trust in the business is directly proportional to the number of loyal followers you have on social media.

So, timely posting, hopping on trends, and engaging content would successfully contribute to bringing more leads and boosting traffic.

5) Cold pitching

Cold pitching via emails/ email marketing seems old school, right? Yet it continues to bring a handsome number of leads.

Furthermore, it gets easy to track the click-through rates and conversions. In addition to pitching to the customers, you can also convey offers, discounts, and coupons to make the existing consumers aware of your brand and attract the prospects, generating more leads.

Top 5 Tools for Lead Generation in Digital Marketing 

In order to execute the right strategy of lead generation, it is critical to have the right tools to ensure faster conversion. Find below the list of the 5 most useful digital marketing tools for lead generation in the industry However, it is left at the discretion of the business for which tools he supposedly uses.

1) Hubspot

Hubspot is the most popular and highly ranked marketing tool for lead generation used by millions of businesses world-wide. Hubspot offers both free and upgraded versions of customer management. It is basically an integrated one-stop solution for your business marketing approach.

This cloud-based software clubs your entire data, and promotes inbound marketing. It would collect your data, help you approach customers, integrate your sales and marketing data, and generate the utmost organic leads.

2) TrustPulse

TrustPulse is a unique trust-building software in the world of digital marketing. It is a social proof that lists down all of the activities that the customers have engaged in.

The visitors to the website would be able to view the real-time processes and activities that the consumers engaged in.

It acts as social proof which in turn boosts confidence in the prospects. Social proof has proven to be the most honest method to generate loyal leads.

3) MobileMoneky

MobileMonkey is a connective chat platform. It allows businesses to interact live with consumers through web chat or videocam.

In addition, it also provides a chat option, enabling businesses to solve the queries of the consumers. And at the same time businesses solve the queries or approach the suggestions of their customers.

4) SeedProd

SeedProd is a website builder software tool that enables you to create the most persuasive landing pages. A landing page plays a critical role in generating leads, as it creates the first impression on the user. The more engaging the landing page seems, the more likely he is browse further.

In addition to providing tons of features to choose from, whilst editing the landing page, it gives you a live preview of the website. The website is kept in association with your branding and WordPress compliance.

5) Aeroleads

It is a software tool to enable getting the contact details for the generation of leads via social media platforms. It provides you the toolbar to enter the details of the company and the businesses about which you seek information. Aeroleads will collect the details from the mentioned platform and will add the same to your marketing leads.

Once you have the list of emails to connect to, you can right away start by approaching them and converting them into leads. Further, in addition to just the contact details, it would also check the authenticity of the entered details.


Generating leads in digital marketing is the end result that businesses seek to achieve. For generating leads; you can choose the best digital marketing agency and further grow the sales of your business via different digital media techniques. By the use of several marketing tactics and strategies, businesses have to willfully approach the customers. The approach can’t always be direct and personal. Here, several tools and strategies for the generation of leads come into the picture, which has been well discussed in the above compiled article.