How to Increase Organic SEO Traffic to Your Website- Top 10+ Different Ways

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What is Organic SEO Traffic and How to Increase it?

Attracting traffic to your website in today’s saturated online economy might take a lot of work. However, we cannot consider all the website traffic to be the same since organic traffic and inorganic traffic are the two basic categories.

This article will take you on a journey of boosting your organic SEO traffic with some practical ways to enhance your online presence.

Before we delve any further into the mechanics of organic traffic, it is primarily important to understand various sources of website traffic in digital marketing.

The first source is Organic traffic which is defined as visitors who arrive at your website via organic search engine listings which are free of any cost.

On the contrary, inorganic traffic involves sponsored advertising alongside other promotional strategies designed to draw visitors to your website page. At this point, we have discussed the various sorts of website traffic, now it’s time to look at the reason why organic website traffic is essential to a website.

As opposed to inorganic traffic which involves paid marketing and momentary boosts, organic SEO traffic relies on tailoring your website for search engines.

And attracting users who have a genuine interest in the services you offer, fosters a genuine connection and promotes profitability over time.

The specifically targeted and tailored content is likely to convert into more visitors. One thing to keep in mind is that even though it’s a cost-effective strategy, it will require you to invest in your long-term efforts.

Being a low-cost approach to boosting traffic to your website, organic SEO traffic can increase your appearance on result pages for search engines resulting in improved click-through rates, while establishing a solid platform for long-term growth.

Top 15 Different Ways to Increase Organic Traffic on a Website

In this section, we will dive deeper into strategies and approaches to assist you to maximize your organic traffic that will meet your objectives.

Here we have investigated 15 different approaches to increase SEO traffic on your business website.

1)Keyword Research and Optimization

Researching the right keywords for your website is a crucial step to attracting more visitors to your website. A highly optimised website achieves top ranking in the search engine results page (SERP) and attract more traffic.

You can employ some simple steps to make your website keyword optimised. It is crucial to find the right keywords for your page by doing a thorough research and analysing the strong and weak keywords that should be relevant to your website.

You should always aim at the keywords that should meet the user intent and high search volume. Your website should mainly focus on providing quality content to the visitors. Using the proper low-competition keywords will land your page to the right audience and increase your visibility.

2)High-Quality Content Creation

People will be more attracted to your website, only when you provide quality and unique content. The content has to be well-researched however, you have to make sure, that whatever content you are putting satisfies the users.

Your website will get a good rank when people will notice that you are solving their problem, and cannot get this information or any kind of product or service anywhere else.

On your website, you can offer different varieties which include – blogs, articles, FAQs, Customer service, etc. Treat your users nicely, give them what they are looking for, and your website will give you some very amazing results in the upcoming months.

3)On-Page SEO

On-page SEO requires optimizing every aspect of main component of your website’s content so that they are in sync with both the algorithms of search engines and user expectations.

To achieve these goals, tailor your website’s HTML code for improved search engine exposure by incorporating appropriate meta descriptions, and title tags on each webpage.

Furthermore, use structured markup language to supply additional information to search engines, which will result in top ranking for your website for major business oriented keywords.

4)Mobile Optimization

Today, with portable devices like mobile phones and tablets in every hand, the entire globe has become digital. In this new digital era, almost every corner of the world has access to the internet majorly through portable devices.

As a result, mobile optimization can be highly favorable for you to increase your organic SEO traffic through these portable devices.

The most important step to creating a mobile-friendly environment for your visitors is through changing the layout of your website.

The new layout should be responsive and chosen according to the screen size of the devices. The website should load within the blink of an eye and will further enhance the user experience. This will helps you to further drive more organic traffic to your website.

5)Technical SEO

Discovering the right technical SEO techniques for your website can bring an upward shift in your keywords ranking in SERP.

How your content will perform on search engine listings relies highly on the technical aspects of your website. It is important to check for any form of technical impairment in your website that resists its proper functioning.

Optimizing the architecture of your website can increase its chances of being picked up by a search engine crawler and thereby increase the chances of a website to get listed in the top position.

You should look after the proper indexing of the page by search engine, decrease the loading time of your website, and make the page more secure to enhance the overall user experience.

6)Backlink Building

Creating high quality and relevant backlinks to your website is a must thing when you talk about SEO. It makes your website more reliable, and trustworthy.

When you create backlinks from any authoritative website, it has a great impact on your ranking & website’s visibility.

However, it automatically improves your ranking on search engine results pages. Not only this, quality backlinks give faith to the users that the content is 100% accurate and gives proof that it is not spam or deceitful website. So, it is always important to get good backlinks for your website.

7)Social Media Promotion

Today, we use social media a lot. This is a very important reason why social media presence or social media promotion has become one of the most significant things for any business, website, e-commerce platform, service provider, etc.

In the modern internet age; maintaining proper consistency is very important. While at the same time posting content on different social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, and more.

Therefore, a decent social media presence with a good amount of followers will always provide you good results and helps your business to grow further at a rapid speed.

8)Local SEO

Today local SEO is becoming an important factor in generating organic traffic as the online realm doesn’t entertain any spatial limitations. It centers around acquiring traffic from specific regional places.

So, you should develop an effective geographic presence by structuring your website for local searches, generating an accurate Google My Business page, and keeping track of your online image through feedback from clients.

9)User Experience (UX)

The design of your website is highly responsible for the better performance of your site. Since search engine algorithms have been continuously changing over the past few years, a significant weightage is now being given to the user experience.

Your website should achieve the goal of creating a user-friendly experience, with easy navigation, and a responsive layout through mobile optimisation.

The visitors should enjoy a positive experience after visiting to your site which will generate more interest in your services. Furthermore, this will bring in more organic traffic to your website.

10)Monitor and Analyze

Monitoring your website’s performance and optimizing it accordingly is very important for the website’s overall growth.

When you analyze the performance of your website through popular tools like Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Moz, SEMRush and others; then you can easily identify the missing elements in your website & bring important improvements.

You can get data-driven insights, make informed decisions related to your website performance and adjust your strategies.

After following a monitoring and analyzing session, you can strategically optimize your website and discover a significant increase in your organic SEO traffic.

11)Long-Tail Keywords

With significantly low search volumes, long-tail keywords can generate high-quality and valuable traffic to your website.

These long-tail keywords can bring high profitability to your webpage as they are easier to rank. And potentially increase the conversion rates of your website by bringing in highly specific traffic.

The keywords do the job of bringing in more visitors to your site, but the high-quality content of your website will enhance user engagement.

12)Voice Search Engine Optimization

Voice Search Optimization is another great solution to provide extra benefits to your users. You will get one more additional metrics which help you to increase the traffic as well as visibility on your website.

For your better understanding, let me tell you it works like Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant, etc. The user will communicate or may ask any query by speaking, and will get all the answers the same way.

In voice search optimization it is important to take care of the website speed as well as mobile friendliness. Therefore, in voice search engine optimization (VSEO) the majority of the users operate via their mobile phones.

13) Content Updates and Refreshes

A website will receive more traffic when the content on the site is being updated regularly. Every single day, you can hear about new things, changes, trends, etc. So, it is important to give your users all the latest & updated versions of information.

This way they will be able to rely on your website and they will prefer coming here again to get updated knowledge. You can also use different types of web analytics tools that will help you to know the latest trends & information also what people are looking for, what they prefer reading, etc.

14)Schema Markup

Schema markup is a technical thing if you go deep as it is a code that helps to give better results, ranking, & visibility on Google. It is a part of SEO- search engine optimization.

Moreover, what you see is not the code, you will see some additional information about the content you want to see or have searched for. Additional information includes – reviews, rankings, pricing, images, more similar searches or related questions, etc.

15) Off-page SEO

Off-page refers to the activities that are done off the website such as – creating backlinks, social media management, collaboration, partnerships, video marketing, blog submission on 3rd party platforms, guest posting, and more.

It will ultimately help you to attract more traffic than before, giving you better visibility & ranking on the search engine pages. Also, off-Page SEO allocates credibility, and it is a platform that users can trust blindly. They will always get a true plus accurate report.

7 Key Benefits of Increasing Organic SEO Traffic to Your Website

1)Increased Website Visibility

When you will work on strategies to increase the organic SEO traffic of your website you will find positive changes like – your website ranking will get improved, it will attract more traffic, attracting better clients. Also, organic SEO techniques increase the credibility of your website, and it allows the users to trust better.

2) Cost-Effective Digital Marketing

When you are focusing on organic SEO techniques – it is way cheaper. Technically you are not paying anything but yes, if you plan to hire an SEO expert that person will take the fees.

Apart from it, you don’t have to pay a single penny to get your organic SEO. Later, you can easily save a good amount of money and use it for paid advertisements, etc.

3) Higher Quality Relevant Traffic

With the help of better organic SEO practices, you can get quality customers. At the same time, you can analyze yourself by using several analytical tools – how much time is the user spending on your website, what is the user searching or focusing on, where the user is spending longer, the products he/she purchased, etc.

After focusing on all these activities on your website will help you to know your customers better. And later you can strategize and work more on it. This will help to attract high-quality traffic and serve them in the best possible manner.

4) More Engaged Visitors

Organic SEO helps you to get loyal customers, and a good customer always wants to maintain a long-lasting relationship with the company.

They will engage with your website, and social media, and participate in the events, quizzes, or anything done by your company. These customers will always show you their love in all the ways possible.

5) Greater Conversion Rates

The best part of organic SEO is that it takes you to the right customers. People who are looking for the same products, services, or information will come to you, and easily get converted. So, here the conversion rate automatically increases than its usual rate.

6) Improved Brand Credibility

Organic SEO methods will result in improving your brand’s credibility. Your website will show up as an authentic as well as a trustworthy source.

Organic SEO involves inserting backlinks from a trusted source that adds up to building trust & looks authoritative. Therefore, users will prefer your website over other websites because you’ll be appearing at the top.

7) Long-Term Benefits of SEO

Maintaining consistency by following all the tactics & techniques of organic search engine optimization will give you unexpected results.

SEO is a time-consuming process but it focuses on increasing traffic, visibility, & ranking. With time you will see a steady amount of traffic on your website without putting any extra effort.


Everybody wants to get as much traffic on their website as they can. However, getting decent organic traffic without using any paid tools or ads is a great achievement. There are 100 ways available that you can work on for better visibility & top search engine ranking.

At the same time, we have listed all the possible ways in this article, to increase organic SEO traffic to your website. Hope you read this article thoroughly and find the right ways that will help you to get the best consequences.

Be ready to have more valuable tips & tricks about how to increase organic SEO traffic to your website.