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An increase in the need to be associated with the digital world has led to an increase in the B2B Services Providers in order to cope with the demand exclusively increasing at such a fast pace.

If you are one such company/agency/freelancer, providing comprehensive and high-quality software development, mobile app development, web development, Blockchain development, digital marketing, SEO, content marketing and other related IT services; then you would know the level of competition such firms are facing.

In such a scenario, it becomes very critical to find such prepositions that can help you outshine your alternatives and competitors’ agencies. One such way to do so is by enhancing your visibility and reaching out to consumers more efficiently.

Here comes a B2B Review and Research Platform like Poonjan in the picture. This is in addition to being a top rated digital marketing agency also lists other B2B Services Providers worldwide and helps them to grow combineally.

This is simply an attempt to make your marketing company to be more visible and enhance its credibility.

This becomes more important specially when another service provider is up to promote your agency, it implicates the worth and value of your company and enhances its perceptions in the eyes of online B2B services seekers.

Such listing would take the consumers in-depth of your services and functioning, thereby giving you an upper hand over your competitors in creating awareness about your agency.

Here, we will take you through the advantages and the procedures in depth to help you enhance the visibility of your business.

Top Benefits of Listing Your Company on Poonjan

Before we jump to the whole procedure of listing your company profile on Poonjan, the businesses shall first evaluate if it’s even worth it.

Here, we have listed some of the benefits your business will gain from listing on the Poonjan platform. Check out the advantages and decide for yourself.

1. Enhanced Online Visibility and Reach

Poonjan is a well known B2B services review and research platform used by millions of users worldwide. Due to this, it is one of the trusted names in the market and any recommendation or listing under its name will leave an impact on the users.

The existing and new users will know about the listed agencies and they will have a preference in finding a desirable services provider. So, one of the primary benefits is that it makes your agency reach a wider audience and enhances visibility.

2. Recognition

The listing makes the agency reach a wider audience, enhancing its brand awareness and extending its recognition.

A company that has been running in the background can finally get a chance to come up front, as the consumers would be able to recognize the agency and its services, and the chances of the customers getting persuaded and opting for the said agency get higher.

3. Data-Driven Decisions

If any business or company decides to look closer into the agency listed on Poonjan, its decision is backed by properly researched and factual data.

Also, the data uploaded are not only in the promotional favor of the business but also about the competitor and its alternatives. The data provided the businesses with full logic and reasons about why an agency should be preferred and what it offers.

The Procedure of Listing Your Company Profile on Poonjan

When a business owner, any professional, or even the chief executive officer of any digital marketing organization makes a decision to get their organizations listed on Poonjan, the question arises how?

You will have to contact Poonjan via its website, get the email, submit some necessary details, and then wait for its approval. The entire procedure can be broken down as follows.

First, you have to visit the Poonjan official website where under the contact head, you will see a small form asking about your company’s name, official email ID of the business, the website of your company, and subject in respect of which you are contacting. And the final message regarding the listing of your company on Poonjan.

Just above the contact form, you will have the email ID of Poonjan, i.e., where you can directly reach out to the agency with all the company details, service offerings, and everything that makes your digital agency a cut above the rest.

The details required to be furnished here include a company description talking about how it was founded, in which year, its location, details about its current operation offices, how it expanded its range of services, and what is its current situation.

This is followed by a detailed description of the company’s range of services, with each of its services expressed in-depth, inculcating its methodology and approach.

Furthermore, to develop an insightful outlook and look more credible, a list of some of your prominent clients would be appreciated.

Subsequently, to give more weight to your company, provide a list of the awards and recognitions that you have received over the years. 

Lastly, the details shall be enclosed with what makes your agency better and unique than others, signifying why clients choose your agency over other digital agencies.

“You can refer to the 2 above sample company’s profiles to know all the necessary details, i.e. the content format, services provided, social media profile, etc. Please ensure that the details you are submitting about your company should be free from any type of plagiarism, grammar errors and no use of any AI content generation tools.

Here at Poonjan, we use advanced level content plagiarism checkers and AI content detectors tools and software to figure out the use of copied and AI content. If we find any type of errors in the content regarding the use of AI and plagiarism; we immediately reject the content.”


To succeed in the competitive digital industry, as a service provider, one has to grab every opportunity available to get an edge over the competitor.

Listing your agency on Poonjan is an effort to do the same, by reaching a wide audience, which will ultimately help in contributing towards lead generation and enhanced user engagement.

Following the procedure provided here, and curating an attractive company detail for your business listing, you get a step closer to becoming a choice over your competitors for digital marketing services.

So, check out the Poonjan website and its listing and make a decision to get your company’s name there as well to make the best benefit out of it.

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