WebFX Digital Marketing Agency Profile and Client Reviews

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What is WebFX?

WebFX is a global digital marketing agency, working towards the goal of bringing every business online and enhancing its social presence. WebFX is known for its customized services being delivered to clients. The services it offers are flexible enough to mold as per the goals of the business.


It consists of a huge team of experts, who have time and again proven to be the best digital team there possible can be. While it provides digital solutions to businesses like any other agency, what makes it a cut above the rest is its technology-driven approaches.


WebFX believes in providing comprehensive services, as each social media platform brings about its own set of advantages, the best optimum solutions come only as a result of strategizing every medium in collaboration with others.


If we go by the numbers, it speaks for itself, as per its latest updated website, to date WebFX has successfully catered to clients who have witnessed an upsurge in sales of more than three billion dollars with lead generations of about 7.8 million.


Not for any particular business issue or client, does it provide a cookie-cutter strategy. Instead, it makes an effort to analyze and understand every aspect of the business dynamics and only then curate a strategy that is customized to the business-specific demands.


Furthermore, the huge number it shows to be driven out of WebFX solutions is a result of data and technology-oriented digital software that WebFX uses.


The rise of sales and generation of leads is a combination of engagement enhanced via different mediums and platforms. It involves calls, e-commerce sales, website leads, campaign engagement, etc via comprehensive effort put into SEO, PPC, Amazon, Social platforms, etc.


The software it uses for digital marketing is customized in-built MarketingCloudFX, which is above any average digital marketing software, majorly because of inculcating artificial intelligence in the power of digital media.


The software is built on the grounds of machine learning and data science, where the software evolves and amends based on the customer data that goes into it. Not only does it simply track down the marketing data but also develops a whole new digital strategy all by itself.


Key Digital Marketing Services Provided by WebFX

WebFX has a long list of services to offer categorized under six major heads:- Digital marketing, Digital advertising, Content marketing, SEO, web designing, Competitor Geofencing, social media, etc. Every class of service here has a further long list of categorical services.


Digital marketing services are inclusive of every service that helps you grow digitally. Beginning with digital marketing services, it offers SEO, PPC, development, email, content, and advertising services.


1) SEO Services

Talking about the primary digital service that it has to offer- SEO. The search engine optimization undertaken by WebFX undergoes a whole long procedure to finally be able to claim that it successfully brought in more traffic.


Under SEO services, WebFX conducts an SEO audit, going through the digital analytics and customer data to conclude the contribution of each resource utilized.


Accordingly based on the available rankings, it optimized on-page and off-site SEO services, achieving faster turnaround and better keyword search.


Once it is done, a conclusive SEO strategy is prepared surrounding the business goals and other social media rankings. Lastly, it goes a step further and activates first-party data which the site generates.


2) Content marketing services

Subsequently, another very important aspect of digital services is content services. Being a comprehensive digital marketing firm, it has set up an in-built wholesome writing and editing team to come up with content for your sites and social media considering the power of proper keywords at the right platform.


3) PPC services

The PPC services include advertising services that build your ad network across different methods, like Google ads, Microsoft advertising, social ads, etc. Before setting up the ad network, WebFX would conduct a PPC audit, and only then would it start designing digital campaigns that drive results.


4) Social media service

The social media services here mean building a loyal and long-lasting customer network through social media platforms. WebFX further classifies these as organic and paid social management.


Organic social management is when there is no monetary aspect to it and it is only through consistent multi-channel posting that it leads to enhanced engagement.


Further, paid management is when in order to drive sales, paid ads are made to run on social platforms like Google, YouTube, Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter. 


Other than these primary services, web development, email, and Amazon services also contribute to highly potential-driven digital services.


WebFX Clients Name

The level of trust that any business can build in a digital marketing agency is in direct proportion to its prior work experiences and portfolios. WebFX has successfully catered to some of the biggest clients in the town, which signifies the worth of the services WebFX has to offer.


The list of some of its high-priority clients includes FujiFilm, Kangol, Martins, Subway, Stanley security, Zagg, Wrangler, Auntie Anne’s, ABF freight, Hilton, and 1 & 1.


WebFX Address

WebFX is a global digital agency with its headquarters at 1705 N Front St. Harrisburg, PA 17102, (United States of America) and its regional hubs in multiple cities. It has 7 regional offices, beginning with York PA USA, Jackson Street,  Ann Arbor,  Lancaster, Petersburg, Capetown, and Guatemala.


In addition to the regional hubs, WebFX also owns several satellite offices spread across different cities in the USA from Chicago to Atlanta. In total, WebFX has 22 satellite offices.


WebFX Social Media Profiles

When an agency is working to improve the online faces of businesses, the reflection of the agency on social media is surely to be considered. It is important the social media profiles of a digital marketing agency are as per the market demands and social engagement.


With consistent posting and regular campaigns maintained on social media, WebFX has gained 32K followers on Facebook, thousands of views, and consistent engagement on Instagram, YouTube, and other platforms.


Facebook:- https://www.facebook.com/webfxinc/

LinkedIn:- https://www.linkedin.com/company/webfxinc/

Twitter:- https://twitter.com/webfx

Others:- https://www.instagram.com/webfx/

Hourly Rate– $50+

Employee Size– 678+

Founded– 1995

Minimum Project Size– $1295+

WebFX Official Website:-



The WebFX Advantage: Why Should Businesses Choose WebFX

When it comes to questioning the preference of WebFX over other digital marketing agencies, it has a long list of advantages stacked up.


The first and primary reason that any business should go for this agency is because of the number of years of experience that it holds in the field of digital marketing.


WebFX has been in the digital field for more than 25 years now, and has gained expertise in working with varied clients and industry, knowing exactly how to treat the algorithms and trends. 


Secondly, if you are a budding business seeking to enhance brand awareness and increase traffic on the website, WebFX can prove to be the best choice here.


It is because WebFX strategies take into consideration brand awareness and traffic leads together. It will do the research for you, analyze your sites, and see to it which services or combination of services are required as per your business situation and plan a strategy accordingly.


Another important reason is WebFX understands and very seriously considers competition and competitive businesses. WebFX would analyze your business’s competitors and their strategies and project it on the industry it operates to help your business bridge the gap where others are lacking in the industry.


Furthermore, as an agency WebFX values its clients and their insights, it considers the business in every important decision taken for marketing strategies, being open to communication and transparent about its functioning.


Lastly, businesses tend to be very price-sensitive, and even if everything goes well, the pricing factor might create a problem.


So, in order to bring clarity of thought in the business decisions about the choice of agency, WebFX puts almost all the prices and available packages instead of keeping them concealed like other agencies.


This ensures that while the businesses seek services, they already know which ones can they afford and which services are running out of their budget.


Major WebFX Competitors and Alternatives

As suitable as WebFX might sound to be, it still has to face cut-throat competition in the market in terms of both quality services and cost of services. If any business fails to afford WebFX services, there is a list of alternatives available.


The major list of alternatives and competitors includes:- Ignite Visibility, Uplers, Thrive Internet Marketing Agency, Markitors, Lounge Lizard, KlientBoost, PageTraffic, SmartSites, Intero Digital, Daniel Brian Advertising, Sagefrog Marketing Group, and others.


WebFX Awards and Recognitions

An award is a recognition that one gets for establishing excellence in the field of work. It helps the business build trust and loyalty for the awards-winning titles and their owners.


WebFX has also been a part of award-winning owners and has been recognized for several historical achievements. Some of its excellent awards and recognitions are mentioned below:-

1) The latest award that WebFX has gained is the 2023 Stevie Award for winning the 21st annual award. The award was in respect of 3 brilliant categories, product of the year, social media management, and Top SEO company.


2) The next award is a symbol of how engaging and encouraging the workspace at WebFX is. At the beginning of the year 2022, WebFX was recognized as one of the best workplaces in the digital community.


3) Back in 2021, the in-built customized software of MarketingCloudFX won one of the biggest awards of WebFX’s journey. The software and leading tool of WebFX won three major awards, Clutch top B2B, AVA digital, and Hermes creative awards-Gold.


4) In 2019 & 2020, it won awards for number 1 medium and large employers respectively. Subsequently, WebFX was also featured in the 5000 lists of fastest-growing agencies.


5) Number one SEO agency award by Clutch.co, signifying its position as one of the best agencies for SEO services.


6) Won the Retail Choice Crunch editor’s award in 2017.


Going back in time, in its early stages it won a few more awards for being the best employer and having the best work space. In addition, it has won 45 design awards including the best web award from Horizontals.


Behind the Scenes at WebFX: Company Culture

WebFX has its motto of being more than just a place to work, being located at one of the most lively places in Harrisburg, WebFX gives a very soothing and comforting vibe to the employees enhancing the work culture as a whole.


Every employee working is celebrated and motivated for each other’s success. The work culture at WebFX is very celebrated and jolly, with every happy meetup and flexible hours, WebFX tends to put talent and skills above everything, giving every employee the space they require.