Lounge Lizard Digital Marketing Company Profile and Client Reviews

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What is Lounge Lizard?

Founded in 1998, Lounge Lizard is a global digital marketing service provider in various parts of the world, like New York, Nashville, Washington, Miami, etc. As a newcomer in the industry, Lounge Lizard rendered only advertisement services back in the day.


Slowly and gradually as it grew its scope of services, Lounge Lizard delved deep into the world of branding & strategizing and started rendering integrated and comprehensive services.


Lounge Lizard aims to provide services based on three pillars, which are creativity, technology, and digital strategies. Further, this digital marketing agency makes sure that every agency that it caters to the business needs only after understanding its goals in depth.


Lounge Lizard customizes its services and stands out from its competitors in terms of rendering business-specific services.


List of Key Digital Marketing Services Provided by Lounge Lizard

At Lounge Lizard, the comprehensive services being rendered are perfectly curated, mixed with the insights of the agency’s expertise and business outlook.


In addition, digital tactics are executed in combination with technological advancements to get ahead of the competitors. A list of such services are listed below.


The entire range of services at Lounge Lizard can be categorized into three broad categories, web maintenance & development, digital marketing and app development, and branding.


Moreover, before taking up the services from Lounge Lizard, to get to know more about the agency’s functioning, it also offers a free website audit.


Lounge Lizard conducts this audit to comprehend the loopholes, understand where the website is lagging, and also so that the business understands how the agency operates. To get an in-depth look into the details of the services individually, check out the following.


1) Branding

When it comes to building a brand name for your business and establishing an identity that reflects the personality of your company, one has to be very particular with the branding concepts and marketing mix.


Lounge Lizard begins with developing a whole new branding concept customized to your business needs. Then it tries different combinations of designs and colors and chooses the one that best goes with the brand concept.


The main idea is to come up with logos and designs that are not only eye-catching but also representative of the business.


2) Web maintenance & development

At Lounge Lizard, our services are not just restricted within the walls of getting the site online. Instead, Lounge Lizard provides services beyond it as well to keep the sites running.


Once the site is online, it still requires regular updation and monitoring for its smooth functioning and better user-friendly interface.


Furthermore, as the trends and searches update every day, SEO, designs, and web also require to be regularly updated.


Moreover, other than server and maintenance services, a very important aspect of web maintenance is to keep a check on the listing of the business’s offerings.


The new ones shall be updated and the obsolete items shall be discarded from the list. Lounge Lizard undertakes the responsibility so that businesses can run with ease.


3) Digital Marketing

Lounge Lizard believes that digital marketing is not only about the right strategy to approach the business with but is more about the correct mix of best online marketing tools & technology, engagement, appeal, and strategy.


Lounge Lizard does not stick to the baseline of any digital marketing strategy but it follows a long-term approach to develop a strategy that adapts to the ever-evolving social platforms.


Another essential aspect of digital marketing as per Lounge Lizard is the marketing campaigns which have to be placed right catering to the correct target segment.


It uses multi-channel campaigns, combining modern-day affiliate marketing with conventional email marketing as well.


Lounge Lizard client’s name

As it is said, action speaks louder than words, and the worth of any digital marketing services provider is validated even more when approved by its prior clients.


Ever since its establishment, Lounge Lizard has helped more than 1,000 companies grow and gained a 5-star rating. Further adding to its name, it has also catered to the government via rendering services to the US Navy, Gracie Mansion, and PEO DHMS. 


A further list of its reputed and huge clients includes Hertz, Jason Taylor Law, KYBOE, HBD, Disney, Bennigans, Canon, Bryant Park, etc.


Lounge Lizard address

Lounge Lizard has offices in multiple locations like Nashville, Long Island, Miami, Charleston, and Washington DC, with its headquarters in New York City. In New York, it is based at 112 West 34th Street, 18th Floor, 10120 NY.


Lounge Lizard advantage, why should businesses choose Lounge Lizard?

Lounge Lizard has a unique style of working and enhancing user engagement, which makes it a preferable choice for businesses.


One of the prominent unique advantages of its way of operating is the 7-second rule of Lounge Lizard.


The digital marketing strategies and campaigns that Lounge Lizard comes up with are all based on a 7-second recipe, which has enabled Lounge Lizard to meet and exceed the client’s expectations. 


It denotes that it believes within 7 seconds of the user interacting with the business sites or social media if you catch its attention, it is a half-win there only.


To get the attention in seconds, Lounge Lizard aims to bring four pillars together, awareness, interest, desire, and action.


The content Lounge Lizard puts up revolves around creating awareness about the USP of the business, with respect to hitting on the interest areas of the customers.


To create the desire, the content’s closing line tends to make an emotional appeal, leading to taking action by making the visitor into a loyal customer. 


In addition, Lounge Lizard emphasizes a storytelling approach to getting the user’s attention, instead of throwing just facts and figures on the users.


The reason is that consumers today are lazy and want entertainment in every piece of content. They do not wish to search for the required service but rather be served along with entertainment.


Lounge Lizard Social Media Profiles, Official Website and other Details

  • Facebook– https://www.facebook.com/loungelizardww
  • LinkedIn– https://www.linkedin.com/company/lounge-lizard-worldwide-inc./
  • Founded– 1998
  • Employees– 99+
  • Hourly Rate– $50-$140
  • Minimum Project Size– $20,000+
  • Official Website– https://www.loungelizard.com/


The company culture at Lounge Lizard

Lounge Lizard has an inclusive working approach towards its workforce and employees. It understands the essence of equality and equity and believes that these are not issues created by society and politics but by humans themselves.


Lounge Lizard is committed to its work and people, ensuring that any practice at the agency does not prejudice anyone’s interest. It drives strength from people’s diversity and is always open to new ideas and inputs.