SmartSites Digital Marketing Company Profile and Client Reviews

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Last Updated on: 8th December 2023, 09:06 am

What is SmartSites?

Founded back in 2011 as a mere web designing company; SmartSites has come a long way down the lane, given its expansion and evolution into an advanced integrated digital marketing service provider.


While it already had an upper hand in the designing and development of the web, its gradual inclination towards other areas of the digital world resulted positively for SmartSites by introducing a whole new range of marketing services.


SmartSites being a leading United States based digital marketing agency has specialized in providing customized services to businesses with the help of 12 years of experience and expertise in running in the digital industry.


Complete List of Key Digital Marketing Services Provided by SmartSites Agency

The services provided by SmartSites are not restricted to a certain section of digital needs, instead, it has comprehensive services to offer, in regard to different business sizes and types.


SmartSites understands that one fit doesn’t fit all and no two businesses can work out with just alike solutions.


For every business type, SmartSites has a solution particularly curated as per what the clients demand. A list of a few of its key Digital Marketing Services is mentioned below:-


1) Web Development

Web design services are SmartSites’ forte, where SmartSites develops everything from the business logo to the official site and informative facts. The fact that SmartSites began as a web development service provider has helped it to craft a niche for itself in addition to other services it offers.


SmartSites makes sure that no bit of idea and creativity seems plagiarized for which it evaluates every competitor’s website, and analyzes what others are doing and what the clients are capable of doing better.


Subsequently, once the research ad keywords are listed, SmartSites codes the entire site specific to the business needs.


Furthermore, it puts extra emphasis on small businesses unable to afford the high-budget services, for which SmartSites has customized web templates, ensuring faster turnaround, better speed, and the best tech support.


2) SEM and SEO

SmartSites is not such a digital marketing service agency that shoots the arrow in the air. This means it doesn’t simply standardize the web content per preconceived notions of relevant keywords and data, instead, they go through every factor affecting domains, traffic, search engine result pages, landing page load time, etc.


As per past records, SmartSites have shown 200% results in terms of doubling the website traffic which took just half a year. SmartSites claim that it doesn’t just within the boundaries of search engine optimization rather it goes beyond.


It manages the optimized content and tries every combination of solutions and techniques until it successfully brings the ranking of the site to the top.


3) PPC (Pay Per Click)

SmartSites is not just the top-rated online marketing company but also the smart data-driven digital service provider. As per the latest survey, more than 75% of PPC advertising tactics fail to drive the desired results, majorly because of one broad reason which is improper data research leading to ineffective ad placement.


But SmartSites has proven to be more proactive than many other agencies as it uses more advanced technology which is able to process and analyze the data fast enough to get a better insight about the target segment and the ad placement.


4) CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization)

SmartSites don’t stop just getting old and new customers to visit the website but they make an effort to retain them and convert them into loyal customers. For conversion optimizations, SmartSites use a combination of inbound and outbound marketing.


SmartSites have this motto that there is no bigger asset for a company than its valuable and loyal customers, thereby it is important to connect with them directly via emails and texts offering them new offers and creative insights to keep them updated and their interests in the business active.


SmartSites Clients Name

The relevance and reliance of an agency is based on what experience it holds and what its portfolio reflects, the client’s review acts as a reflection of the agency’s image as a whole.


SmartSites have joined hands and welcomed some big businesses as their clients, which makes it easy for small and large businesses to trust and depend on SmartSites.


Some of its key clients are American Home Investment, New Jersey Meditation, APS Pro Lab, Shades Studio, ACA reporting, and a lot more.


SmartSites Address

SmartSites’ headquarters are in the United States (USA) located at 45 Eisenhower Drive, Suite 520, Paramus New Jersey 07652.


SmartSites Advantages- Why Should Businesses Choose SmartSites

When there are so many fishes in the sea, it is difficult to choose which one would stand out. Likewise, as the fire of the digital era has spread all over the place, the options available are in bulk. So, to decide why businesses should choose SmartSites, check out a list of pros attached below.


The first and most prominent advantage of going with Why Should Businesses Choose SmartSites is that it is a comprehensive online marketing service provider. It means here every social service is provided and all the business types and kinds are served. It ensures that businesses do not have to rush to 5 different agencies for every service they seek and get one-stop solutions.


The second very critical advantage why choosing SmartSites can prove to be the best decision is less complicated communication. This means when a business deals with SmartSites, it assigns an individual client manager to every respective client so that the business becomes accountable only to one particular person and communication gets easy and transparent.


SmartSites provides an obligatory agreement to the business clearly stating every piece of mutually agreed quotations to avoid any discrepancy in the future.


SmartSites is an experienced agency as it has spent above 10 years in the industry and gained expertise in handling newer business situations.


Having seen how the digital world has evolved and being an integral part of it for such a long time training the in-house technicians to track down probable algorithms and digital win tricks.


Major SmartSites Competitors and Alternatives

SmartSites offer one of the best services that is out there in the market yet for some reason being budget, time, or availability, the businesses need equivalent alternatives and a list of competitors to have a benchmark and standards to compare with.


As businesses spend handsome amounts of money on digital services, they have to be more than one hundred percent sure that a particular agency can understand their business dynamics.


Some of its competitors and alternatives are WebFX, Uplers, Klientboost, Ignite Visibility, Daniel Brian Advertising, Sagefrog Marketing Group, Disruptive Advertising, Mad Fish Digital, OpenMoves, PageTraffic etc.


SmartSites Company Culture

As much as it is essential that any marketing agency should look good on the outside and have an attractive online presence as how it looks online reflects how it is perceived as the business, it is also important that an agency enhances itself from within.


It signifies that an agency is what its employees and team make it, so it is very important that the people working in the agency enjoy a smooth culture. SmartSites wins in every aspect of it as it takes care of its team and employees with full integrity and passion.


Furthermore, SmartSites gives its employees flexible hours to work and promotes work-life balance by providing paid off time, special paid holidays, good bonuses as well as bereavement in case the employee has suffered any personal loss.


Official Website and Social Media Profiles of SmartSites Digital Marketing Company

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