Markitors Digital Marketing Company Profile and Client Reviews

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Last Updated on: 8th December 2023, 09:06 am

What is Markitors?

If every player that comes into the market tries to hit a big aim for bigger clients and craft a niche to serve large businesses, who will cater to small businesses? Multiple digital marketing agencies outright avoid taking up startups and small business clients, leaving the growth of small businesses and their exposure to the digital world in dilemma.


Here comes Markitors in the picture, who crafted a niche to serve such businesses, which are small businesses and startups. Small business is comparatively weekly structured and requires more than average dedication on their social media and websites from the digital marketing services provider, which most agencies avoid rendering.


Markitors on the other hand believe it’s these small businesses that hold the potential to be experimented and show faster growth. Markitors identify itself as a leading SEO service provider for small business, however, it has evolved into a full-service agency catering to every need of business enhancing its brand recognition and visibility.


List of Key Digital Marketing Services Provided by Markitors Agency

Markitors, which began as a mere SEO-focused agency has expanded its services to other aspects of digital services as well. To provide you a detailed description of what all Markitors instore for you, check out the following list of Key services.


1) SEO

SEO services at Markitors are divided into three categories, which are SEO Content, Technical SEO, and public relations, when combined deliver the best results.


Markitors has tried and tested this collective strategy on its site, and not to our surprise Markitors ranks on the first page on Google, termed Small Business SEO. This is a huge deal to win the race with more than 15000 agencies listed under the same head.


Markitors do not run on a vague number, instead, they conduct an honest audit and see how much the small business is worth to be ranked and how further optimization can take the business.


Subsequently, it crafts individual strategies for content, technical, and PR SEO. Then Markitors begin with crafting content conducting detailed keyword research, using the right meta tags, positioning the keywords, and identifying KPIs.


2) Content

Content marketing is an integral part of almost every type of marketing as any information that is put up on social platforms has to be optimized in a way that it is capable of creating brand awareness, ultimately generating Leads.


Markitors follow a 6-step content marketing methodology, where Markitors begin with identifying the immediate goals that small businesses seek to achieve, based on which the content is optimized as per the term of goals, short term or long term.


This is further followed by determining what services can be fit into the budget the business holds. Then the content is strategized depending on what the content is aiming at, and then as per the industrial data, the perfect piece of content is built.


3) Digital PR

When the businesses are at their early stage, looking to establish a name for themselves, they have to go for public relations services so that users know and become aware of this budding business. It involves using influencers, websites, and other social media platforms to reach out to customers.


Markitors follow 3 process digital PR tactics, beginning with strategizing and sorting the mediums of PR based on the mission and budget of a small business. Then the mediums of PR decided are approached individually evaluating its pros and cons, and the built strategy is brought online.


Markitors advantage, why should businesses choose Markitors

The pace at which digital marketing agencies are growing is giving every existing agency a hard time to shine in the crowd.


Eventually, not just the agencies, but even the businesses find it difficult to decide which marketing firm to choose. To ease your task, we have brought some prominent advantages of Markitors to make it evident why it overshadow other online marketing service providers for small businesses category.


1. Exclusive emphasis on SEO

Since Markitors caters to small businesses, it understands that being a business yet finding it difficult to be seen first needs to be ranked and recognized.


Small businesses exist in their cocoon until they are brought to customers’ notice via creative and influencing campaigns and offers. Therefore, it signifies the foremost focus shall be put on SEO services.


Markitors provide small businesses with the right direction to walk in by keeping the focus correct. Markitors deeply understand the business and conduct a SWOT analysis to figure out what exactly is the business aiming at.


Subsequently, it performs keyword research related to the offering of the business and its direct competitors, resulting in optimizing the business as a whole so that its ranking is improved.


2. Result-oriented processes

A digital marketing agency stands out only via proven results and structured processes. The way a marketing agency is structured and how data flows within the walls of the agency has a direct impact on the results it creates.


The reason is if the accountability and authority in a digital marketing agency are not clear, it would lead to chaos among professionals as well as developers. Markitors, on the other hand, have a clear set of accountability and authority.


The marketing manager who is overlooking the operations has no interference with directors who undertake reporting responsibility, and the content team lets the technical team operate on its own, establishing smooth and faster results and commitment fulfillment.


3. Termination clause

In almost every digital marketing agency, once you have enrolled for the services, you can not step back before the competition of a 12-month duration. However, that is just not the case at Markitors.


Catering to the needs of small businesses, Markitors understand the importance of their time and budget, thereby providing them with an option of a 90-day opt-out, where the business can step back if they want for any reason by just providing a 90-day notice period.


Markitors Awards and Recognitions

When Markitors decided to craft a niche in catering to small businesses, it seemed not very mighty from the dynamics of progress, however, the results now seem quite contradictory.


Not only has Markitors evolved into a globally successful agency but has also been recognized by several big names. One of its latest achievements was getting ranked as the top marketing agency under Clutch Arizona’s B2B agency list.


Further, Markitors have been identified by several broadcasting companies, who have also further promoted Markitors as a preferable choice for small businesses. Markitors content was published by some great names like Forbes, Time, Tedx, The Huffington Post, and TNW.


Social Media Profiles and Offical Website of Markitors





Markitors Company culture

The workforce of any company is the backbone and essence of its culture and functioning as a whole. The way employees function and operate creates a healthy working culture and directly impacts their performance. 


At Markitors, employee’s health and working patterns are given the top-most priority. As a part of contributing to employees’ performance, Markitors offer zero restriction on working on-site.


This means that employees are free to work from home any day they want to promote a change in scenery to overcome monotonous routines.


This, as a result, increases employees’ performance as they are more productive working at a place that makes them content, thereby delivering remarkable results to clients.


Another important aspect that contributes to employees’ performance is the sense of getting accepted, signifying that when employees have worked for a client for long enough that they understand the business inside out, it generates a sense of belongingness and is open to giving ideas and adding on to the creativity.


Here, it is important to respect each unique idea and consider the way clients’ ideas would be considered. Markitors respect each idea and input provided by an employee who has the potential to contribute to the growth of the small business.