Uplers Digital Marketing Company Profile and Client Reviews

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What is Uplers?

Uplers came into existence in the year 2012 as an outsourcing service agency catering to global clients and rendering services across the globe. By this time the rendered services were expertise-based and not solution-based.


As Uplers evolved over time and its connections with clients enhanced creating a vast network of customers, it decided to expand the range of services including more processes and solutions to the offering list.


Within a few years after interacting with hundreds of clients based in different countries, Uplers figured out that even though the businesses have innovation and resources to function and operate, most of the budding and even established companies did not have the manpower to accelerate the growth.


It signifies that the human resources and the right talent were unable to be discovered whereas in countries where the talent was abundant, the right opportunities took a back seat. Here, Uplers saw a gap in demand and supply of talented and potential workforce.


Seeking a need to build the bridge, Uplers undertook the assignment to overcome the hindrances in terms of demography, gender, or race and make the two ends meet.


So, eventually, Uplers started to act as an agency that finds the right talent and makes it reach the right business grounds.


From a single employee to hiring an entire team, Uplers became a one-stop solution for all by enrolling job seekers and job providers on a common platform and making them connect.


It promoted and supported the concept of remote hiring and making businesses grow without geographical barriers.


The people rich in talent but lack of resources were now able to work remotely and the talents were finally contributing to the welfare of the country’s growth.


Today, Uplers is an outsourcing as well as digital services agency whose niche is finding the right talents and providing digital services. Uplers has gained specializations in digital marketing and technological solutions.


Uplers as an agency has two major service lines, we are delving deep into its area of social media marketing and technological solutions. With its experience of working with several clients over many years, it can tell what would work for the company and its expertise has made Uplers what it is today.


List of Key Digital Marketing Services Provided by Uplers

Uplers believe an optimum digital marketing agency can shape a business’s outlook and market value all over again. The right services provided targeting the right segment of the audience can bear the most fruitful results.


Catering to the same, Uplers has the following list of key digital marketing services to offer. Understanding the nuances of the digital world and the business complexities, Uplers provides services under two major heads, digital marketing, and web development.


Under Web development, it has four classes of services that include WordPress, HubSpot,  Front-end development, UI-UX designs. While under Digital marketing services, the sub-head of services are:-


1) SEO

With the aim of making the business visible and approachable to visitors and customers, Uplers has come up with the best team of professionals, and experts in research and analysis in order to make the business rank higher.


Uplers begin with delving deep into the business to know what custom SEO will be applicable, further analysis of the target segment, and keyword research is conducted. The keywords that are targeted are business-specific and customized as per customer needs.


With SEO being executed, Google Analytics and progressive SEO audits are regularly conducted to make sure that the services are bearing the results and the website is getting the right attention.


2) SEM

Search Engine Marketing is one of its forte in digital marketing services as Uplers is supported by a team of Google and Bing associated certified professionals.


Since every campaign that the agency develops in regard to search engine marketing is double-checked and backed by Google and Bing experts, Uplers’ chances of failing at a campaign drop significantly.


The major benefit of opting for SEM is its short turnaround, the results start showing up comparably faster and quicker. In addition, Uplers also has its name registered under the top 16 best SEM rendering agencies. 


Under SEM, uplers offer 6 different classes of services ranging from Google & Bing ads and remarketing to SEO & content services.


Under remarketing Uplers’ SEM targets the same potential customer with updated and creative ads and copies after adding a custom touch. Accordingly, the Google and Bing ads are all about the right placement and optimum keywords.


3) Email marketing

As conventional as it may sound, Email marketing still possesses a high potential to reach the right customers. A perfectly drafted email with proper research and call-to-action clubbed with innovative campaigns is what Uplers has to offer as a game changer.


Uplers provides clients with unique and custom email templates in which the business information is made to fit in a way that is appealing and persuading.


The emails that Uplers offers are coded by an in-house team of more than 150 experts, delivering an average of all unique and innovative 3000 templates a month.


4) Programmatic marketing

Programmatic marketing is the best automated solution that technology and advancement have delivered, and Uplers here makes the best use of it in marketing.


At times, no matter how strong or appealing your advertisement potential might be, it is of no substance if it is not placed with perfection. Catering to the same, Uplers uses programmatic advertising to conduct the procurement of advertising spaces smoothly and efficiently.


Uplers Clients Name

As it is said the work speaks for itself, an agency’s worth is validated by its portfolio, the size client it has worked for, and the type of service it has rendered.


To validate and verify the potential, here are some of the biggest clients that Uplers has successfully catered to and partnered with. The brands from around the globe include Disney, DHL, Airtasker, National Geographic, Oracle, 21st Century Fox, JXT, amazon business, etc.


Uplers Address

Uplers is primarily based in San Diego, United States, 9655 Granite Ridge, Dr. suite 200 CA (United States of America), 92123. Other than this, it has two other branch offices in India and Australia. In India, Uplers is located in Ahmedabad next to Kalsagar Mall, Sattadhar. Lastly, in Australia, the Uplers office is based in Sydney at Level 6, 241 Commonwealth Street, Surry Hills, NSW2010.


Uplers Social Media Profiles

Facebook:- https://www.facebook.com/weareuplers/

LinkedIn:- https://www.linkedin.com/company/weareuplers/

Twitter:- https://twitter.com/weareuplers

Others:- https://www.instagram.com/weareuplers/

Hourly Rate– $49+

Employee Size– 572+

Founded– 2012

Minimum Project Size– $852+


Uplers Official Website- https://www.uplers.com/

The Uplers Advantage: Why Should Businesses Choose Uplers

Well, what Uplers is offering isn’t anything out of the box or unique, right? Every other digital marketing agency in the marketplace is making such claims to be the best service provider, yet the factors that make Uplers a cut above the rest are worth considering.


Check out the advantages that Uplers has to offer, signifying why should your business make Uplers the first choice:-



Uplers is no baby to the world of digital marketing and social platforms, it has been in the industry rendering social services for about more than 10 years now.


Within the decade, Uplers has witnessed how marketing and the business approach have evolved joining hands with data and technology. It has seen both conventional and modern-day marketing tactics and can seek where the trends and algorithms lie.


With this experience, it has the leverage of a more loyal customer base than the new budding agencies. At the same time, it helps the new customers rely easily on such agencies.


2)Global client base

To date, Uplers has altogether catered to over 7000 clients across the world from different sections of society and diversified locations. From small businesses and startups to unicorns and multi-million companies, Upelrs has experience in all.


It has enabled Uplers to understand different cultures and the ethics of working. With every client, it has evolved to understand a new target audience and tastes. Uplers is a dynamic agency, suiting every business size and type. 



While working with any digital marketing agency, at times, the businesses are supposed to share certain information that is private and confidential to the business yet important to know the insights of how the customers are to catered to.


Uplers understands the essence of it prioritizes the security of such data and maintains the integrity of shared information. Uplers signs a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with the clients reassuring them that not a single piece of information will go out from the walls of the agency.


Major Uplers Competitors and Alternatives

The fact that digital agencies have been rapidly growing, the competition in the industry has been on the rise. Some of the major competitors and alternatives for uplers are listed below:- Ignite Visibility, Thrive, Lounge Lizard, KlientBoost, PageTraffic, SmartSites, Intero Digital, Coalition Technologies.


Uplers Awards and Recognitions

Uplers have now and then received recognition in terms of awards and gained limelight. Some of the prominent awards and recognitions are mentioned below:- 

  • Indian Achievers awards
  • Yahoo Finance
  • ISO Certified
  • Great place to work certified
  • 4.9 clutch rating


Behind the Scenes at Uplers: Company Culture

Uplers is known as the people’s first company where the employees are prioritized above the workload.

Uplers is more likely to be known for its VIBE, where V is vivacious, I is Inspiring, B is Bold, and E is Eccentric, signifying the morals and principles of the agency as a whole keeping the environment cool and soothing for the employees. Uplers promotes teamwork and treats its workforce like a part of the family.