Top 10 Digital Marketing Agencies in Singapore

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Last Updated on: 13th February 2024, 05:56 pm


Digital Marketing in Singapore is a form of marketing that allows businesses to easily explore infinite facets of the new form of marketing.

It helps in using various digital channels like social media, emails, websites, Ads, etc., to promote a company products & services and get a good amount of customers online.

To succeed in Digital marketing in a country like Singapore, you have to focus on your strategies, plan them wisely, and do in-depth research outside and inside of your business. Further, targeting the right audience is a very important factor.

If you don’t know about your target audience (means customers who will use your business services & products), then most probably all of the efforts you are putting will be a waste.

Finding it difficult to do this all alone? You can get relief if you plan to hire a digital marketing agency in Singapore that is more experienced and skilled to give you all the best results. Digital marketing is one of the most demanding tech skills in Singapore.

In this era of the increased importance of online presence, businesses in Singapore are investing in digital marketing agencies a lot, and they work hard to help their clients achieve their end goals in the best possible manner.

These agencies provided various services, including web design, online marketing, advertising, social media, and branding, etc. Check out the below-mentioned some of the best agencies in Singapore for digital marketing services and take your business to the next level.

Top 10 Best Digital Marketing Agencies in Singapore [2024 Updated List]

Selecting the right digital marketing service provider in Singapore market is often a cumbersome task for any type of business owners/head.

So, to make this entire process easy; in the below article, we have listed some of the top rated digital marketing agencies that provides all sort of digital marketing services in Singapore and successfully worked with different industries business in the past.


WebFX has a good image in the Singapore market and comes on the 1st position in this list. WebFX has maintained its presence around the world with the help of delivering high quality services and showing clients good results on time.

Additionally, it provides businesses adequate solutions to its clients. WebFX has successfully built up good relations where people can trust them with the desired services and results.

In Singapore, if you want to succeed in digital marketing and win the race, then WebFX is a fantastic option. This agency has the knowledge, experience, and resources to handle your business’s SEO, Pay-per-click Ads, social media, Website traffic, bringing maximum return on your investment, etc.

They are always up for your recommendations, doing personalization as per your needs. WebFX is the most reliable option in this list and puts their clients needs as the no. 1 priority.

Company Founded Employees Hourly Rate Min. Project Size Rating
WebFX 1995 19- 391 $19 – $65 / hr $2327+ 9/10



KPI Media is the 2nd digital marketing firm based out in Singapore that works to provide the overall support & growth of business.

KPI Media have a team of talented marketers, designers, delivery head and developers who follows a data driven and customer centric approach to helps business reach to its full potential. It gives you a guarantee of getting more conversions at a very low price.

The main services provided by KPI Media includes:- Programmatic Display ads, Marketing Automation Analytics, CRO, Social Media, ASO, SEM, SEO, etc.

KPI Media digital agency gives easy access to Programmatic Display to all the startups in just 5K with the pilot campaigns for 1 month.

KPI Media in Singapore is mainly known for performance marketing, as whenever they start any campaign, their sole target is always the KPIs.

Company Founded Employees Hourly Rate Min. Project Size Rating
KPI Media 2020 10-42 $26 – $50 / hr $1531+ 8/10



NEO-360 comes at the 3rd position in this list and has entered the market of digital advertising to solve the problems of clients’ business promotion via different media channels.

The team at NEO-360 are always available to help all types of businesses and give them easy best possible solutions & services fully prepared according to their needs.

NEO-360 agency experienced team of 45+ professional can pick any industry or area with which you feel your business needs help or any kind of improvement or guidance in digital media campaigns.

NEO-360 provide you with the right people and all the knowledge they have gained with the help of their practical experience, past work, clients, case studies, etc.

This agency gives proper focus to its commitment and never backs off, so people have blind trust in the company. They come here with their very small to big digital marketing problems and get the best solution in return.

Therefore, NEO-360 doesn’t have any unhappy clients. NEO-360 is one of the fast growing digital marketing company in Singapore that is mainly known for providing exceptional marketing services and support to their clients.

Company Founded Employees Hourly Rate Min. Project Size Rating
NEO-360 2014 12-68 $38 – $68 / hr $5181+ 7.5/10


4)Digital Squad

Digital Squad is another well known name in the digital marketing industry that offers a unique solution for Singapore-based clients’ online marketing problems in the best simplest manner.

Digital Squad agency have a great variety of services as today people are looking for creative ideas and result oriented strategies that are not used by anyone else in the industry.

Further, this Singapore based agency will not let you down in any circumstances because they have trained their team in such a way that they won’t tolerate any negligence when it comes to client work.

Digital Squad offers all the services and promises accurate results along with the time duration. Their team will never give you false hopes or guarantee deceitful developments.

Company Founded Employees Hourly Rate Min. Project Size Rating
Digital Squad 2016 13-43 $39 – $84 / hr $918+ 8/10



Search Media is the 5th digital marketing company in Singapore that is mainly famous for noticing very small problems. This means a lot of agencies in Singapore might ignore small issues to focus on the bigger or the most essential areas of online marketing.

The issues can be any, like the client Instagram user engagement/followers is not growing, sales not increasing every month, leads generation and conversion rate improvement, or any similar ones.

Some digital marketing firms located in Singapore country; show you the results for the initial months and then go stagnant, while some only work or show you the outcomes until you have signed the contract with them.

However, this isn’t professionalism, and Search Media being a leading agency in Singapore will always work with their full potential like they are working for their own business or brand.

They always try to deliver 100% of what they have. The main clients of Search Media belong to eCommerce, healthcare, insurance, education and fintech industries.

In the end, Search Media  agency will tell you how they work and their working style. Also, even after you are no longer in touch or taking their services, they always provide you with consultancy or guidance to their past clients according to their unique requirements.

Company Founded Employees Hourly Rate Min. Project Size Rating
Search Media 2010 13-56 $45 – $128 / hr $4927+ 8/10



Convertium comes at the 6th place in this list and it is leading digital marketing agency located in Singapore mainly known for its ability to rapidly grow other businesses’ online presence. Convertium has been showing its magic in the industry since 1999.

When Convertium agency plan their strategies, they always keep in mind the type of business, what type of audience they are targeting, what are the goals of the business, and a lot more.

Convertium has knowledge as well as experience in various geographical areas, including the Asian market as well.

People prefer this marketing company’s services in ​​Singapore because of its experience, commitment, and maximum level of customer satisfaction.

If you talk about the reviews, then Convertium always wins and is on the top because this company is known for giving the exact services they are looking for and resolving the problem forever.

Company Founded Employees Hourly Rate Min. Project Size Rating
Convertium 2001 23-186 $30 – $85 / hr $1927+ 7.5/10



Zenith is another well known name in the Singapore online promotion industry that mainly talks all about delivering key insights, consulting, content marketing, Search Engine Optimization, pay per click ads, ASO, data analytics, growth hacking, etc.

Zenith power to success in the marketing depends on the powerful strategies they make based on their research and data insights. It helps a lot to reach great success and get next-level results in all the phases of digital marketing.

In this industry; data key insights are always very helpful. For example – you can get to know about your competitors, what is the first preference of your customer, what is trendy these days, and more.

So, you can twist your future campaigns and strategies to make it work in the right direction. Zenith digital agency will always help you to give or deliver something new that you just don’t know about.

Therefore, if you wanna know or get deeply researched insights, just know the doors of Zenith. Do it now!

Company Founded Employees Hourly Rate Min. Project Size Rating
Zenith 2009 12- 54 $36 – $95 / hr $2592+ 7.5/10



2Stallions is the 8th online marketing services provider in Singapore that shows how you can do wonders and get a tremendous level of success in digital marketing with the help of stories. 2Stallions agency is also known for its stories getting viral.

This simply means they know what methodology to use, at what time you should publish the story, and what are the key features that are needed to make a storyline line, script, etc.

As you know, to be a master in digital marketing field; proper skills & good in-depth knowledge is what you require at first. Only after that you should have the technology, resources like the latest software to edit, and a lot more.

Here, 2Stallions provides all the main services of digital marketing such as – SEO, SMM, PPC advertising, and Website traffic acquisition. Also, 2Stallions talented team helps in creating interactive and business oriented videos and making them hit on all the platforms.

Company Founded Employees Hourly Rate Min. Project Size Rating
2Stallions 2012 9-58 $42 – $108 / hr $1950+ 7/10



Mindshare is a leading digital marketing agency located in the Singapore comes at the 9th position that offers all the services you require to properly run your digital media campaign with ease.

There are some inner marketing techniques, strategies, or steps that a common person is not aware of. But, after hiring Mindshare as your digital media promotion partner, you can get extra knowledge and experience at the same time.

Mindshare experienced team take care of performance marketing, insights, and all the content requirements. Further, they helps you to get the best partnership plus collaboration, all types of the latest digital marketing software, technology, consultancy, plus guidance at every step.

Further, the Mindshare team also invests your time and money only in invaluable things. Your business is your greatest strength therefore, you have to make the best choice and make the best decision for a better future.

Company Founded Employees Hourly Rate Min. Project Size Rating
Mindshare 1997 1928+ $38 – $107 / hr $4620+ 8.5/10


10)Think Orion

Think Orion is the last digital marketing agency in this list that has a deep understanding of the Singaporean market along with an all-rounder perspective about the world itself.

Think Orion team of professional are known for creating and delivering top class strategies mainly for SEO, SMM, Social Media, content and paid ads services to their clients.

This agency always provide clients with the latest cutting-edge technology and data-driven insights. It further makes them sure about good positive results.

Think Orion will always give you a commitment, keep transparency while communicating, and also ensure there is a better ROI on each outcome. They also provides all types of services to small, intermediate, and big to large size businesses.

Company Founded Employees Hourly Rate Min. Project Size Rating
Think Orion 2018 10-67 $28 – $128 / hr $7158+ 7.5/10



Traditional ways of marketing still exist in Singapore, but people are only talking about digital marketing these days. Due to digital growth, the demand, or you can say the need for digital marketing, has increased so much. With this, everybody is looking to hire a digital marketing agency in Singapore, right? As a result, to help our lovely customers, Poonjan have come up with some interesting names of the companies that will help you in your digital marketing requirements.

You can also check out their website for more information. The team at Poonjan is always here to help & guide you so that you don’t make a mistake while hiring. Stay tuned for more such helpful articles in the nest few days!