Top 10 Digital Marketing Agencies in Australia

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Digital marketing has been on the rise all across the globe. Businesses have molded into entirely diverse dynamics.

The same scenarios have developed in Australia. As per a recent survey, Australia has witnessed a rise of more than 15% in the demand for digital marketing agencies within the last 7-8 years.

Even though some phenomenal marketing agencies exist in different countries, Australia’s preference is seen to be more local.

The business is seeking to hire such marketing agencies in Australia which is demographically more feasible and affordable.

Catering to the same, we have listed below the Top digital marketing agencies in Australia which will help businesses to hire an agency quickly and smoothly. 

Top 10 Best Digital Marketing Agencies in Australia [2024 Updated List]

We have prepared this exclusive list of top digital marketing agencies in Australia after following an extensive review and research process and checking all the essential parameters, i.e. past client reviews, establishment year, team size, average hourly rate, minimum project size, and other.

Being a smart decision maker; you need to check all the key details before finalizing the ideal partner in Australia for your digital marketing services requirements. 


Luminary is the 1st digital marketing agency in Australia that is working on global grounds. Many businesses try to hire individual companies specializing in a particular niche, from SEO to PR and lead generation. However, Luminary reduced the stress by rendering a one-stop solution.

The major previous clients of Luminary belong to Arts & Entertainment, Education, Investment, Wholesale, Insurance and Information Technology industry.

Luminary agency has curated its services to cover every aspect of digital marketing. Working with Luminary can be broken into a few points as per its working procedure. The foremost step involves search engine optimization.

The 99+ experienced team at Luminary will evaluate the client website and then apply SEO to improve the keyword ranking in SERP. For marketing, Luminary usually goes for a pay-per-click advertisement, as the tracking down of conversion is more accurate.

Subsequently, the Luminary expert team will plan out the marketing strategy covering different mediums that suit your business best. Lastly, it makes sure to inculcate local SEO to emphasize geographical relevance.

Some of the top clients names of Luminary agency include:- Canon, SK Telecom,, General Electric Company (GE Aviation), Honeywell International, Codelco.

Company Name:- Luminary

Min. Project Size:- $2713+

Avg. Hourly Rate:- $28 – $39/hr

Employees Count:- 13 – 98

Founded:- 1999


Insil is the 2nd most popular marketing agency situated in Sydney (Australia) that deserved a place in this list. Insil has its perfection over different marketing tactics.

Insil has bifurcated its complete procedure of marketing into three steps. The first is to generate the objectives to be achieved via targeting the segmented audiences.

The second step involves developing a marketing strategy that attracts users and results in maximum conversion across different digital platforms.

The last step of Insil’s methodology includes the transfer stage, where the marketing strategy is put into action and multi-channel marketing is executed.

The major clients of Insil agency belong to these industries:- Real Estate, Finance, Healthcare, eCommerce, and Film & Television. A list of key services provided by Insil are:- Pay-Per-Click Advertising, Whitepapers, Influencer Marketing, and Mobile App Marketing.

Company Name:- Insil

Min. Project Size:- $5,279+

Avg. Hourly Rate:- $25 – $69/hr

Employees Count:- 13 – 59

Founded:- 2013

#3)Attention Experts

Attention Experts is the 3rd Australia based top provider of different types of digital marketing services, i.e. SEO, Paid ads, content writing, ASO, website development, email marketing, etc.

Attention Experts agency offers several services, mainly catering to consulting, advertising, and social media setups. Its past clients are related to healthcare, eCommerce, banking, education industries. One of its competitive tactics is its free strategy sessions.

Attention Experts offers brands a free 30-minute session. In this session, the agency elaborates its way of collaborating and driving results. Also, Attention digital agency makes an effort to understand the brand better to curate a customized results-driven strategy.

Company Name:- Attention Experts

Min. Project Size:- $4,172

Avg. Hourly Rate:- $29 / hr+

Employees Count:- 29 – 78

Founded:- 2016


WebFX is a well-reputed marketing agency with branches spread in numerous countries, including Australia and it comes on the 4th position in this list.

WebFX entirely revolves particularly around influencer marketing. Considering the power of social media, influencer marketing holds extreme potential to drive more sales.

WebFX conducts proper research and analysis regarding influencer identification and management across every social media platform.

Accordingly, WebFX makes the optimum combination of strategies to amplify conversion and engagement.

WebFX provides Video Marketing, SEO, Social Media, Content Writing, Google My Business Optimization, Proofreading, ORM and other related services according to the end client business goals.

Company Name:- WebFX

Min. Project Size:- $2562+

Avg. Hourly Rate:- $32 – $149 / hr

Employees Count:- 482+

Founded:- 1996

#5)SAVV Digital

SAVV Digital is a successful marketing agency in Australia. This agency offers several online promotion services in the field of content creation as well as affiliate marketing.

SAVV follows a unique strategy for every service it offers. Proper research and keyword analysis are conducted before finalizing SEO.

Some of the major industries where SAVV Digital agency worked are:- Artificial Intelligence, Multimedia, Hospitality, Retail, Insurance.

Likewise, for marketing content, SAVV Digital has a technical team to understand the nuances of algorithms that run social media. It also offers free consultation specific to each service that it renders.

Company Name:- SAVV Digital

Min. Project Size:- $37 – $89 /hr

Avg. Hourly Rate:- $5,172+

Employees Count:- 19 – 48

Founded:- 2016

#6)Reef Digital Agency

This Australia-based internet marketing agency functions on two pillars- Optimisation and Advertising.

Reef digital has strongly achieved an edge in the girls of SEO, CRO, as well as search engine marketing. Furthermore, one of its best services includes Pay-per-click conversions and Google ads.

Instead of attaching the same PPC template to every business, Reef digital agency offers tailor-made Google ads and PPC solutions that ensure the key strategies executed are specific to the business and results-oriented.

In the past, Reef Digital Agency successfully worked with these leading brands:- Leonardo S.p.A., Curtiss-Wright Corporation, Goldcorp (acquired by Newmont Corporation), OZ Minerals Limited, Kion Group AG.

Company Name:- Reef Digital Agency

Min. Project Size:- $5,187+

Avg. Hourly Rate:- $26- $84 /hr

Employees Count:- 11- 49

Founded:- 2011

#7)Maker Street Studios

Maker Street Studios comes on the 7th place in this list and it is one of the best choices for those businesses located in Australia that are in their early stages and are looking to establish their business as a big brand.

The forte of Maker Street Studios lies in brand development and recognition. It would offer everything from scratch, from design to content.

Maker Street functions by introducing the business tools that make the brand big and unforgettable. It crafts a segment to target and provides a strategy to retain and expand the set of target audiences.

Company Name:- Maker Street Studios

Min. Project Size:- $10,271+

Avg. Hourly Rate:- $43 – $183 / hr

Employees Count:- 13- 58

Founded:- 2018

#8)Clearwater Agency

Clearwater is another well known Australia-based creative online marketing agency that provides different types of marketing services and solutions.

From providing SEO to advertising and App Store Optimization (ASO), Clearwater agency follows a routine step procedure. The first step is to develop an insight into the business and the industry it belongs to.

It enables the Clearwater agency to understand the target segment of the industry as a whole. So, accordingly, the research in the discovery stage forms the base or strategy built up in the second stage.

Lastly, the customized strategy is put into execution across different mediums.

In the last couple of years, Clearwater digital agency worked with Nikon Corporation, KDDI Corporation, Dassault Aviation SA, Textron Inc., and other global organizations and helped them to grow online.

Company Name:- Clearwater Agency

Min. Project Size:- $4,321+

Avg. Hourly Rate:- $43 – $79 / hr

Employees Count:- 9 – 55

Founded:- 2012

#9)One Egg Digital

One Egg Digital marketing agency is a data-driven firm located in Australia and it provides tailor-made solutions, best digital marketing tools, and strategies to every client. Its experienced team of marketers brings loyalty and quality to the agency.

One Egg Digital agency offers different types of advertisement, SEO, content management as well as Amazon marketing.

In Amazon eCommerce marketing, the agency works to bring your products to the top ranking on the Amazon listing by using keywords and optimization.

Mammoet Vornado Realty Trust, Hess Corporation, TenneT Holding B.V., Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), etc. are some of the top clients of One Egg Digital agency.

Company Name:- One Egg Digital

Min. Project Size:- $5,272

Avg. Hourly Rate:- $38 – $139 / hr

Employees Count:- 12 – 45

Founded:- 2015


Sonder is a digital marketing agency for small businesses and startups based out in Australia and helps small and large size business enterprises to grow their leads and sales volume significantly. The fact that it works with businesses at a smaller scale justifies its low and affordable pricing.

Sonder offers very basic content services by itself as well as in collaboration with other services. In terms of website development, Sounder uses WordPress and Elementor Visual Builder.

Since Sonder is mainly for small businesses, it is perfect for those businesses that are still in the development stage and have a low budget to follow. 

Company Name:- Sonder

Min. Project Size:- $5,182+

Avg. Hourly Rate:- $46 – $173 / hr

Employees Count:- 13- 53

Founded:- 2016


While there is chaos in the marketplace amidst businesses when it comes to hiring a digital marketing agency in Australia, but the team at Poonjan have made your task easier. Being a leading platform; Poonjan stands out as the premier online marketplace catering to B2B (business-to-business) services, with a primary emphasis on IT service reviews and research. Mentioned above are the most demanding and experienced marketing agencies of Australia specializing in various niches.

You can evaluate each one as per your needs and choose the one that suits best your business offerings. Take a closer look at every Australia based digital marketing service provider that you find attractive and make a choice that will grow your business and drive more engagement. 

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