Top 10 Best Digital Marketing Courses and Certifications

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Marketing is a very important element for every type of business. In earlier times, we used to do traditional marketing, and now the world has evolved. So, evolution has made us taste the charm of digital marketing, isn’t it?

Traditional marketing has not completely disappeared but has surely taken the back seat. However, in today’s time, digital marketing is altogether a different industry that is working tremendously and showing the best results.

If you are somebody who is looking for a direction or career stream then you must go for digital marketing. This field has a growing range of scope. Also, if you are planning to do it as a side course or may be an additional skill it will give you a lot of benefits in your college, job, business, etc.

You can go for a diploma or degree & in case you are looking for digital marketing courses, we have resolved your problem.

Go, and check out the 10 best digital marketing courses listed below, and they all are certified as well. You’ll be getting a digital certification as proof of your skills.

What are digital marketing courses?

With the fact that in today’s world, businesses have shifted online, digital marketing has gained significance.  For the success of the business, the digital marker must possess a combination of skills from SEO and analysis to social media proficiency.

To help you build social media skills, digital marketing courses come into the picture. In simple words, digital marketing courses are programs available online to build up skills that would make you professional with expertise in the social media domain.

Not only will it help you build the social presence of the business, but it would also help you build a respected position in the marketplace for your skills and profession.

Top 10 Best Digital Marketing Courses [2024 Updated List]

1)Google Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

Fundamentals of digital marketing is a course created by Google. They offer a variety of free courses, and Google Fundamentals of Digital Marketing is one of them.

This course will teach you from scratch, giving both theoretical & practical knowledge. In case, you are just a beginner and don’t know anything about digital marketing –  you have landed on the best course to start from.

The course duration will approximately be around 40 hours and have 26 modules including quizzes, check-in questions, download materials, etc.

After completing watching all the videos, quizzes, and questions you’ll get a Google Digital Marketing Certificate. This certificate shows value because it is licensed by Interactive Advertising Bureau Europe and The Open University.

2)Udemy Complete Digital Marketing course

Udemy is one of the known online learning platforms. It offers a variety of courses including Marketing, SEO, Sales, Google Ads, Social Media Marketing, etc.

For the new bees, there is one course that covers digital marketing in detail – Complete Digital Marketing Course Bundle ( comprises 12 courses).

For making it clear, we have listed down the topics that this course will cover, Do check it out! Udemy Complete Digital Marketing Course will also give you a digital certification.

However, it is not free; the charges are $99. Udemy keeps offering discounts on its courses from time to time, so you can wait for the discount and get an amazing discount offer on your purchase.

The course will be a great benefit for you giving an explicit idea about the components of digital marketing and more.

  • Market Research

  • WordPress Setup

  • SEO

  • YouTube Marketing

  • Google Ads

  • Linkedin Marketing

  • App Marketing

  • Email Marketing

  • Google Analytics

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Facebook Ads

3)HubSpot Online Marketing Courses (Free with Certification)

Hubspot offers a great variety of digital marketing courses. As most of them are free, but you need to choose wisely because not all of their courses provide you with a digital certificate.

Moreover, if you want to learn skills like email marketing, excel, content writing, copywriting, etc, Hubspot is highly recommended. It provides 4 – 5 hours of short courses, the modules cover everything, and there are quizzes after every module.

It will help the students to learn and recall what they have learned from the course.

Let’s check out some Hubspot digital marketing courses, and you choose which one you would like to opt for – Digital Marketing Fundamentals, Digital Marketing, Youtube Marketing, Facebook Marketing Course, etc. Also, here are the topics that Hubspot Online Marketing Course will cover:-

  • Digital Marketing Fundamentals

  • Content Marketing

  • SEO Strategy

  • Website Performance

  • Video Marketing Strategy

  • Social Media Strategy

  • Paid Advertising

  • Email – Marketing

4)Simplilearn Digital Marketing Specialist (Paid with Certification)

There are a lot of digital marketing courses but choosing the best one for yourself can be a difficult task sometimes, right?

The Simplilearn Digital Marketing Specialist course covers a variety of topics such as –  PPC, Digital Analytics, Mobile Marketing, Social Media, SEO, and more. This course will give you more advanced knowledge than any basic digital marketing course.

As this is an advanced course, here you’ll be getting live interactive classes, and can choose the electives in this course in any of the specialized areas. However, as compared to other courses this is more personalized as well as the time duration of this course is also longer – 1 Year.

The student is given a time duration of 1 year to complete this course. (On weekends there will be live classes to attend – 3 hours). So, if you like the course you can get it for $1499.

5)Coursera Digital Marketing Specialization Course

Coursera Digital Marketing Specialization course gives you a blend of the latest skills & knowledge that you may get in seven or more courses.

This course offers you guidance from renowned industry experts, and the best part about this course is that it involves both digital & analog marketing.

It gives the students a level of flexibility as they can learn practical aspects of digital marketing in both scenarios – digital & non-digital.

When the student will complete all the modules there’ll be a digital marketing capstone project where students will be practicing the skills they have learned in the course. You’ll find the same course offered by the University of Illinois at Urbana – Champaign in its iMBA course.

Therefore, overall the course delivers a good amount of learning & knowledge. The price for the course is $79, and the duration of the course is 8 months.

6)Semrush Academy for Digital Marketing Course 

Semrush Academy is another name that is famous for digital marketing courses. They cover an enormous variety of topics in their curriculum to help their students in the best way possible.

SEMrush provides expert guidance to each and every student  & they can also conduct live sessions so that students can personally get a chance to interact & resolve all their queries.

These experts are well experienced, and they will teach everything they have experienced in the industry – technology, problems, tactics, strategies, and more. They are offering many short courses that cover a very small area of digital marketing along with full-fledged courses.

You can choose at your convenience because all of them are free of cost. All the students will also have access to the SEMRush free SEO tools & will get a digital certification in the end.

Before taking the final decision, check out the first four modules of the course:

  • Module 1 – SEO

  • Module 2 – Content Marketing 

  • Module 3 – Social Media 

  • Module 4 – Marketing Analytics

7)Copyblogger Content Marketing Tools and Training 

If you are someone who wants to learn content writing & content marketing then Copyblogger is the best choice for you. They teach you from the start how to write content, articles, blogs, captions, descriptions, etc.

If you are someone who already knows or does content writing, it is a great course to polish your skills and be the best at it. Copyblogger will teach you how you can start your writing business and start earning from it also how writing affects your marketing.

You will learn to Write amazing pieces of content as it is necessary because it’s an essential part of digital marketing. Furthermore, Students don’t require to pay anything as it is a free course.

You will get the course material via ebook, and you are good to go. Just download the material and have access to all the valuable information that you need to learn to conquer digital marketing skills.

8)Edx Digital Marketing Course

Talking about the Edx Digital Marketing Course – It is a certified course focusing on teaching the fundamentals of digital marketing along with how you can succeed in e-commerce, digital & social media marketing.

This free online course is particularly based on 4 pillars that are:-

  • Behavioral foundations for understanding the new online-offline terrain

  • New forms of relations, including the building of networks and reputation building

  • Tools and principles of digital marketing including online advertising

  • Various new media platforms and various marketing channels and mixed marketing models

However, this course is recommended for professional people, business people, entrepreneurs, consumers, analysts, etc.

Hence, overall this course is beneficial and teaches you the latest and critical parts of digital marketing like strategy building, inbound and outbound marketing, social media, mobile marketing, Multi-sided platforms, Omnichannel marketing, Attribution & marketing mix modeling, etc.

9)Udacity Digital Marketing Course (Paid with Certification)

Udacity Digital Marketing course is the best for beginners who are planning to start their business, freelancers, entrepreneurs,  or students as well.

They provide you with course material, live classes, online event participation, and mentorship of experts who are working in the industry.

The Udacity Digital Marketing course is not free, and the charges for this course are on a higher side than any nominal online course.

Whereas, the charge that you will have to pay to get access to all the benefits is $399. The course duration is for 3-4 months which means a student will approximately take this much time to complete the course along with all the additional activities & sessions.

Now let’s check out what modules does Udacity Digital Marketing course covers:-

  • Online Marketing Fundamentals 

  • Content Strategy 

  • Social Media Marketing 

  • Social Media Advertising & Facebook Blueprint 

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Search Engine Marketing & Google Ads

  • Display Advertising

  • Email Marketing

  • Measure & Optimize with Google Analytics

10)LinkedIn Learning Become a Digital Marketing Specialist Course 

Linkedin offers so many free online digital marketing courses. It is a well-known platform. LinkedIn courses are accepted and given recognition by most companies. By doing such courses you can easily get a job with a decent paycheck as well.

Linkedin is offering an exclusive variety of courses that covers different principles of digital marketing such as Online Marketing Foundations, Google Analytics Essential Training, SEO Foundations, Google Ads Essential Training, Content Marketing and Social Media Marketing Foundations, marketing on Facebook, etc.

These courses are certified & as soon as you complete the course & pass all the tests, you’ll get the digital certificate that you can post on your LinkedIn account. Therefore, Linkedin courses are very helpful, and they teach you the skills you’ll surely require while working in the industry.

How to Choose the Best Digital Marketing Course?

It is challenging to choose any one out of so many courses available on the internet. But, at the same time, it is also very important for you to do proper research before finalizing your course.

Once you have paid you can not undo it and will have to suffer the consequences. So, we are here to help you by guiding you on how to choose the best digital marketing course. Are you ready?

1)What is your objective?

Keep in mind why you are taking this course. As there can be multiple reasons for example – You want to add up a skill so that you can get an increment or a better job.

Another reason can be you want to start your career and want to learn from scratch, you are planning to take any specialization in any of the domains like – SEO, Social Media, Content Writing, Graphic Designing, etc. All these points have to keep in mind while searching for the course.

2)Always go for the latest or new courses

The latest courses provided by top training institutes will help you to grow better and help in learning digital marketing better. This is because they will provide you with all the updated knowledge, trends, information, strategies, marketing plan, etc.

If you will take the old course then be ready to miss out on several things. Moreover, there is a new update in technology and trends every second day. So, it is better to opt for the latest updated version of digital marketing course available in the market.

3)Check the price and the offerings

Do not forget to check if what you are paying is worth what you are getting in return. Check what all topics the course is covering, what material, workshops, interacting sessions, and industry experience you will get in your course.

4)Check reviews

Before hitting on the purchase button you must read all the reviews. It will help you to make the final decision if the reviews are not nice then you must not go for the same course.

What is included in a digital marketing course?

With the fact that in today’s world, businesses have shifted online, digital marketing has gained significance.

For the success of the business, the digital marker must possess a combination of skills from SEO and analysis to social media proficiency. To help you build social media skills, digital marketing courses come into the picture.

In simple words, digital marketing courses are programs available online to build up skills that would make you professional with expertise in the social media domain.

Not only will it help you build the social presence of the business, but it would also help you build a respected position in the marketplace for your skills and profession.

Who should take a digital marketing course?

Digital Marketing is a terrific course if you are choosing to make your career in it. This is a growing industry and every day we have something new to learn and explore. Hence, you will have countless opportunities and exposure if you enter this industry.

In general, there are two diversifications in the course which are Technical & Managerial. Below, you will see what technical & managerial involves. Hence, you will have countless opportunities and exposure if you enter this industry.

Technical part It involves tactics like:-

  • SEO

  • eCommerce management

  • Web analytics

  • Website creation

  • Types of marketing, etc.

The technical side involves tools and tricks to upgrade your business growth online. However, in the managerial aspect, the emphasis is on soft skills. The student is given knowledge about the marketplace and the working status with the agencies.

Soft skills move hand-in-hand with the tech part. From evolving the market and working with the agency to reporting on the same and evaluating the results, digital marketing course would prepare you for all.

What is the difference between an online and offline digital marketing course?

The prominent differences between the two are flexibility of time and efficiency. The online digital course would save you time and energy as you are not bound by any prescribed time slot to attend the course.

Whereas, the major perk of an offline digital course is to be able to personally interact with the professionals. However, as much as the internet has integrated our lives, live video chats have combated this issue as well.

How long do digital marketing courses take to complete?

The amount of time that a digital marketing course would take in total would vary depending upon the type of course you took. Usually, it takes a minimum of 3 months that can extend to 6 months.

Key Benefits of taking a digital marketing course

6.1)Ensure career growth

With digital advancements rolling in, a digital marketing skill set has become a prerequisite for almost every business. So, getting equipped with this knowledge would keep you updated with the latest digital marketing trends in the market, proving to be a green flag for long-term growth in your respective career.

6.2)Personal development

Apart from career growth, knowing your surroundings and the updates in the marketplace also empowers your confidence and enhances your insights about marketing and businesses.

6.3)Job opportunities

A digital marketing program would expand further opportunities for you by giving you an edge over others. It would provide additional skills and potential to learn and evolve as per the market’s wants. It would result in opening up diverse job paths for you.

  • Understanding technicalities

The marketing course would enable you to understand several aspects of metrics that run online businesses. The set of skills would enable you to understand the technical metrics involving return on investments, data analysis, etc.

  • Kickstart your professional life

If you are someone who lacks clarity about your future goals and ends, digital marketing can prove to kickstart your career. You can mold yourself for a new role with the right skill set and strategies.

What will you learn by taking a digital marketing course?

The list of skills you would acquire by taking a digital marketing course are as follows:-

  • Content creation

  • E-commerce marketing

  • Email marketing

  • SEO

  • Social media and digital campaigns

  • Google Analytics

  • Data analysis, etc.

What is the job market like for digital marketing?

As per a recent survey on LinkedIn, digital marketing is one of the most demanding job profiles. With everything going online, every business requires a digital marketer to bring and expand their businesses online.

With around more than 8 lacs job openings, digital marketing specialist has made its way to the list of top 10 demanding jobs.

What are the average salaries for digital marketing jobs?

The salaries for digital marketing jobs would vary depending upon the level of expertise you carry. From beginner, to mid – advanced, the average salaries are all above average compared to other job profiles.

For an advanced specialist, the average salary would exceed 12 lacs per annum. While for a fresher and mid-experienced, the pay-out would range from 4 to 6 lacs per annum.

What is the job market like for digital marketing?

Every business requires a digital marketing team. It doesn’t matter if you have a small business, or a big but, you either have to manage an in-house marketing team or hire a digital marketing agency to maintain your online presence.

However, the demand for digital marketing executives is increasing day by day, and there are endless job profiles in this industry.

You can either go for a full-time job, work as a freelancer, or if you have gained enough experience & knowledge,  you can open your own company & and make more money.

Due to the online world, everybody is now focusing on maintaining their presence on the internet. Every business wants to grow more and reach out to more and more customers.

Moreover, every business is looking out for digital marketing executives to take maximum advantage of the digital world.

So, automatically demand has increased which has opened the doors for people to have as many jobs as possible.

Also, the paycheck for digital marketing people is way better than any other fresher’s job. In the end, you don’t have to worry about whether you will get the job or not, as it is a growing industry there are a lot of job opportunities available for digital marketing.

What are the average salaries for digital marketing jobs? 

If we start from the basics, a fresher job salary would be 4-6 lakhs per annum, and if you are experienced and carry specialization in your domain, then it will be 11-12 lakhs per annum or even more.

Furthermore, the salary may differ based on how many years of experience you carry and the quality of your work. Overall, Digital Marketing is all about results, if you can show the desired results or more than expected, you can get a high salary package.

What are the most common digital marketing tools?

Being a digital marketing expert, you must possess in-depth knowledge about some of the digital marketing tools that move in line with digital strategies.

1)Google Analytics

The knowledge of google analytics operations would help you to break down the traffic sources of the website. This would help the business to understand its existing customers better and craft a target audience segment accordingly.

2)Ads on Google

Ads on Google have proven to be the most effective marketing tool to enhance the business presence. It provides a direct call to action for the visitors, so the conversion is relatively higher and easy to measure.


Canva is one of the easiest and most smooth designing tools. For a digital marketer, canvas happens to create attractive and impressive social media.

To attract more customers, the social media presence shall be persuasive. Canva provides innumerable drag-out designs. You just have to select the templates and drag the preferred designs, customize accordingly, and you are good to go.


Hubspot is a customer management tool. It allows you to optimize the content in accordance with the research and analytical tools. It would push your marketing mediums, enable personalization and craft the blogs and articles as per the content and customer research management system.


Trello is an engagement tool that connects several digital experts across the globe. They can schedule online sessions to create and manage content. The aim is to bring the community together and bring out as much creativity as possible through brainstorming & communication.

In addition, it promotes remote working as people from different corners can stay connected and work on assigned targets with ease.