Top 10 Digital Marketing Agencies in India

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Last Updated on: 13th February 2024, 05:55 pm


As India is moving at a rapid pace to become one of the top leaders in today’s global economy, businesses of all sizes from different industries have also started to adopt the latest advanced level strategies like digital marketing.

This implies that today, more companies need the help of result oriented digital marketing agencies. These firms can help them in the overall promotion of their organization services and products via the Internet.

Also, in the last 8-10 years, there has been a sharp increase in the total number of digital marketing companies from different parts of India that provide all sorts of services to clients.

However, not all of these firms are equally good. Some of them are good in a particular service. Similarly, others are more suitable for a particular niche.

So to help you select and hire the best digital marketing agency in India out of the different available options, Poonjan have compiled this exclusive list of top players.

You can choose any one of these digital marketing companies in India according to your business requirements and budget. 

Top 10 Best Digital Marketing Agencies in India [2024 List]

Check the below list of top digital marketing agencies in India that have been in the business for the last couple of years and successfully delivered good positive results for different clients on time and within budget.

We have prepared this exclusive list after checking all the key metrics, i.e., past clients reviews, hourly rate, employee strength, project size, and many others. You can hire any one of these agencies according to your project budget and the type of services required.


WebFX is the 1st digital marketing agency based in India that deserved a top position in this list and provides all sorts of Internet marketing services to help businesses grow online with ease. The team at WebFX have deep-level expertise in SEO, PPC, social media, content, ASO, and other related marketing services.

For the last 10-15 years, WebFX has been helping companies from all across the globe generate leads & sales, increasing website traffic, improving the conversion rate, and ultimately growing their business by implementing unique digital media strategies.

One of the most exciting benefits while working with WebFX is they focus on data-driven results using advanced-level analytics tools.

WebFX agency has prior experience with working clients from Aviation, Travel, Tourism, Hospitality, Restaurants, Legal Services, eCommerce industry.

WebFX experienced team utilizes all the popular web analytics to measure website performance and constantly optimize their digital strategies to ensure their clients’ business website is getting the best possible results in a quick period of time.

Min. Project Size:- $2781+

Avg. Hourly Rate:- $22 – $53 / hr

Employees:- 387+

Founded:- 1995

2) Neil Patel Digital India (NPDI)

Neil Patel Digital India (also known as NPDI in short) is the 2nd well known digital marketing firm with global recognition. Neil Patel digital firm has established itself as a viable alternative to the general agency protocol. It offers comprehensive digital solutions to clients that redefine the status quo.

As one of the leading India based Search and Performance Marketing Agency from the past few years, Neil Patel Digital India continues to set new standards in the industry.

It utilizes all the possible online channels to fuel and accelerate the growth of top Indian and global brands with a good client retention percentage.

Neil Patel Digital India’s comprehensive service suite includes everything from Mobile ASO to Affiliate Program Management, Local & Global SEO, Blog & Article Writing, Content Distribution, Ads on search engines and social media.

This full-service approach from NPDI ensures businesses from different industries have proper access to a wide range of strategies and unique techniques that drive high performance results.

It was Co-founded by Neil Patel, who is a well established online marketing professional and a New York Times Bestselling Author & top influencer recognized by The Wall Street Journal and Forbes.

The average hourly rate of Neil Patel digital promotion company is < $38 / hr. This makes hiring an NP digital agency in India a reliable and affordable option for business owners.

In the past, Neil Patel agency worked with clients from eCommerce, Biotechnology, Printing & Publishing, Arts & Entertainment, Music industries.

Min. Project Size:- $5291+

Avg. Hourly Rate:- $31 – $79 / hr

Employees:- 54+

Founded:- 2017

3) PageTraffic

PageTraffic is the 3rd premier level digital marketing company based out in India that has made a unique niche for itself in today’s highly competitive online landscape.

PageTraffic was founded back in the early 2000s with a key objective of helping businesses to grow online via digital media. In the past 2 decades, PageTraffic has successfully served more than 5,827 clients across 29+ countries.

This demonstrates the agency’s broad reach and international image. PageTraffic has a team of 154+ digital professionals who solve different clients’ problems and ensure the end business generates more leads and sales.

The team of PageTraffic is highly committed to provide clients with unique innovative solutions that are required to succeed in today’s competitive world. The main clients of PageTraffic belong from these industries:- Film & Television, Architecture, Advertising, Marketing, and Financial Services.

Min. Project Size:- $1536+

Avg. Hourly Rate:- < $25 / hr

Employees:- 30 – 85

Founded:- 2002

4) AdGlobal360

The name of the 4th most popular digital marketing agency in India is AdGlobal360. It offers businesses a wide range of Internet marketing solutions to help them achieve their end business goals.

AdGlobal360 has a team of experienced and skilled 45+ experts who use the latest state of art cutting edge tools and digital technology to drive good results for the client business.

The team at AdGlobal360 also provides fully personalized customer support to help clients’ businesses gain an edge over the competitors in today’s internet landscape.

AdGlobal360 offers result oriented Guest Blogging, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Paid ads, ASO, SEM, Influencer Identification, Client Campaign Management, and a number of other inbound marketing services that are mainly designed to help clients in India.

The expert team at AdGlobal360 further helps clients to connect with their targeted customers, boost user engagement, and finally increase the business overall conversion rate.

AdGlobal360 worked with clients from Accounting, Consulting, Environmental Services, Education, Research & Development industries in the past 10-15 years.

Min. Project Size:- $808+

Avg. Hourly Rate:- $28+ / hr

Employees:- 19 – 47

Founded:- 2009

5) EZ Rankings

EZ Rankings is the 5th result-oriented digital marketing firm based in India that provides a comprehensive range of services to improve a business presence online.

EZ Rankings agency follows a technical and strategic marketing approach and ensures that client business websites are well optimized according to search engine guidelines.

The talented team at EZ Rankings further ensures that all the social media campaigns are engaging, and finally all the paid advertising is generating good ROI on time.

After hiring EZ Rankings services for your organization’s digital marketing work; you can ensure an increase in the traffic, leads, conversions, and finally, a better understanding of your targeted customers via different channels.

In the past, EZ Rankings worked with clients from Nonprofits & Charities, Government, Aerospace & Defense, Telecommunications industry.

Min. Project Size:- $1,029+

Avg. Hourly Rate:- $23 – $56 / hr

Employees:- 16 – 104

Founded:- 2010

6) Techmagnate

Techmagnate is another popular name in the Indian digital marketing industry that has been serving small and medium sized business marketing requirements since 2006.

Techmagnate has established a unique name in the industry by delivering high quality services via SEO, Content writing & marketing, Google Ads, Social media and other related marketing channels.

Techmagnate follows a customer-centric business approach and works carefully from the initial conceptualization and strategy phase to the final execution stage.

The team of Techmagnate 104+ experts ensures that all the clients’ needs are met on time and on the basis of past clients reviews & other key factors. This digital agency comes on the 6th place in our list.

Techmagnate has an impressive past track record of managing successful digital media campaigns and won many awards for their top-class work in different categories.

The old clients of Techmagnate belong from Travel and Tourism, Hospitality, Restaurants, Legal Services industries.

Min. Project Size:- $1,278+

Avg. Hourly Rate:- $34 – $67 / hr

Employees:- 18- 89

Founded:- 2006

7) Mirum

Mirum is the 7th Indian digital marketing company that employs the latest top digital marketing tools & technologies to deliver exceptional results for its clients within the given time frame.

Mirum digital media campaign managers use a data driven technical approach in understanding the client’s business and then prepare a working strategy accordingly.

The 371+ expert team of Mirum harnesses the power of data analytics in deriving key insights that further drive user engagement, improve brand awareness and finally generate revenue for the client business.

Mirum’s main focus is on generating high quality and measurable results and a full commitment to stay ahead of the competitors in the heavily crowded digital marketplace.

At Mirum, they just don’t provide marketing solutions but build long lasting partnerships with their clients.

Being a leading digital media agency, Mirum have past successful work experience from eCommerce, Home & Garden, Health & Wellness, Fitness industries.

Min. Project Size:- $10,271+

Avg. Hourly Rate:- $38 – $127 / hr

Employees:- 10 – 283

Founded:- 2015

8) Digidarts

Digidarts comes at the 8th place in this list and it is a premier level award winning online marketing company located in India. Digidarts is highly specializes in creating and running data driven digital media campaigns for the growth of client business & overall visibility.

Digidarts 38+ experienced team of marketers, developers, content developer, project managers utilize the latest advanced level technologies.

After that, they follow a customer centric approach for providing end to end online marketing services according to the business requirements.

For the past 10 years, Digidarts has been generating revenue for different industry businesses and making a unique name in the industry.

Digidarts comprehensive suite of services helps optimize a client website for better keyword ranking in SERP, launch social media campaigns, or analyze data to extract key insights for organic growth.

In today’s highly competitive world, where online media is ubiquitous, Digidarts’ unique & informative approach will surely help any type of business to thrive in today’s competitive world.

Min. Project Size:- $3,261+

Avg. Hourly Rate:- $35+ / hr

Employees:- 12 – 57

Founded:- 2014 

9) WPWeb Infotech

WPWeb Infotech is the 9th top rated firm that is Unleashing Digital Excellence in India by delivering a comprehensive level of internet marketing services for the overall growth of a client business.

The WPWeb Infotech team of experts is constantly pushing the boundaries in delivering unique, innovative and high quality results to thrive businesses in today’s competitive world.

WPWeb Infotech team has an average of 5+ years of experience in the industry and has successfully delivered good results for past clients. 

Every type of inbound marketing service provided by the experienced team of WPWeb Infotech for India based clients is fully designed to deliver 100% measurable benefits that help an organization to grow, succeed, and stay ahead of its competitors.

The past clients of WPWeb Infotech belong to Wholesale, Transportation, Education, Logistics, Education, Aviation industry.

Min. Project Size:- $5279+

Avg. Hourly Rate:- < $32 / hr

Employees:- 58+

Founded:- 2015

10) Social Beat

​​Social Beat comes on the 10th position in this list and it’s a popular Indian digital marketing agency that is helping startups and Fortune 500 organizations take their online presence to the next level.

The Social Beat team focuses on technical expertise and prides itself on offering cutting edge solutions that drive results. After utilizing the latest digital media promotion tools & technologies, ​​Social Beat expert team implements campaigns.

​​Social Beat agency key results are to boost website traffic, improve the overall lead generation process, and, finally, increase the business revenue.

One of the salient advantages while working with Social Beat is their highly personalized approach in solving each client’s business problems with ease.

​​The Social Beat expert team first takes time to properly understand the unique needs and goals of each business and then make custom online media campaigns to deliver the best possible outcomes.

The past clients of Social Beat agency belong to Banking, Investment, Retail, E-commerce industries.

Min. Project Size:- $872+

Avg. Hourly Rate:- $27 – $83 /hr

Employees:- 14- 85

Founded:- 2012


The overall landscape of digital marketing agencies in India is diverse and vibrant and offers unique, innovative, data driven and result oriented solutions for its clients.

This diverse array of online promotion service providers located in India ensures that there is a right fit for every type of business, regardless of their industry or scale.

As the Indian digital ecosystem continues to grow with each passing day, these leading digital marketing companies in India always remain at the forefront by adapting to the latest technologies to drive positive results for their clients.

No matter whether you are currently a startup looking to establish a well online reputation or a pre-established enterprise looking to improve your digital presence, these adobe listed top digital marketing agencies of India provide rich expertise and unique innovative solutions to further grow your brand to new heights.

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