Top 10 Digital Marketing Agencies in Mumbai

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Mumbai, a city that never sleeps, known as the commercial capital of India, witnesses every change at its very ignition.

The high concentration of different types of businesses and startups in Mumbai is in itself valid enough to validate the demand for digital marketing agencies in Mumbai (India). Not only the clients there are high-profiled, but the offerings are also abundant.

So, to choose one amongst hundreds of agencies, just a rough scanning through every digital marketing company isn’t enough and one needs to take advanced level selection process to find the right option.

Businesses have to know the potential that the digital world holds and keep up with the pace at which technological advancements roll in.

To ease your task a bit here, we have brought to you a list of the Top digital marketing services agencies in Mumbai along with key details, i.e. hourly rate, establishment year, ratings, reviews, employee count, etc.

Each of these digital marketing company in Mumbai is offering all sort of internet marketing solutions & services that are creative and in a way persuasive enough to get the right attention of the customers. Go through each one of them and see what fits in as per your portfolio.

The below listed digital marketing firms of Mumbai provides SEO, content writing, digital campaign management, mobile app promotion, content marketing, social media, affiliate & email marketing, digital strategy consulting and others.

Top 10 Best Digital Marketing Agencies in Mumbai [2024 Updated List]

You can choose any one of the below mentioned digital marketing agency in Mumbai (India) according to the type of services required, your budget, expertise of firm and checking other necessary details.

1) Admatazz

Admatazz comes at the 1st position in this list and it is one of the fastest-growing digital marketing agency in the richest city of India, i.e. Mumbai.

Admatazz is also an award-winning independent digital promotion company located in Mumbai with deep-level expertise and creative digital media capabilities.

They have a team of highly experienced and certified 70+ members that includes marketers, designers, developers, writers, outreach experts, PR, and more.

It was founded by a digital marketing expert named Poonam. Admatazz main client list includes some of the leading Indian and global brands.

The experienced team of Admatazz is highly specialized in creating unique & innovative online marketing solutions to solve their client marketing hurdles.

They follow a highly creative problem-solving approach toward client projects and the measurable impact of every digital media campaign quickly.

All the team members of Admatazz are highly experienced and successfully managed plenty of digital marketing campaigns for different industries in the past.

Company Name:- Admatazz

Min. Project Size:- $1892+

Avg. Hourly Rate:- $21 /hr+

Employees Count:- 14 – 87

Founded:- 2015

2) DigiChefs

The 2nd option is this list is DigiChefs. It is another popular digital marketing company based out in Mumbai that follows modern-day techniques and tactics to conquer the marketing world.

It offers multiple digital services with the aim of making the business a well-known and recognized brand by bringing it online.

One of its core services is business design, where DigiChefs begins with making the name of your business catchy first.

It means the name, logo, tagline, and social face of the business are improved with the help of an in-house professional team of designers & developers.

Furthermore, DigiChefs team of experts always ready to puts extra effort into brand awareness.

Further, they also introduce the customers to the business offering, for which it majorly goes with influencer marketing to enhance communication clubbed with a sentimental touch.

The unique storytelling type of marketing approach of DigiChefs is what has worked for the agency as it has been able to bring in more customers using the right use of graphics, YouTube, Internet, social media, and content.

Company Name:- DigiChefs

Min. Project Size:- $980

Avg. Hourly Rate:- $30 – $45 /hr

Employees Count:- 13 – 54

Founded:- 2016

3) BC Webwise

BC Webwise is another great full-service integrated level Mumbai based Digital marketing agency and a one-stop solution for any business looking for good quality results on time.

BC Webwise has successfully completed 15 years in the digital marketing industry and over the years it has expanded its business operation across Mumbai, and plenty of other top cities of India.

It also gain certain level of experience working under different industries like healthcare, finance education, retail.

Out of the services which this agency offers, its core strengths and unique prepositions lie in media planning and designing.

Under Media planning, BCWebwise takes care of what goes out in media from carefully placed ads to running well organized social media campaigns on demand.

Further, it bifurcates which tactic is best for which particular customer targets, based on gender, taste, preference, etc.

The team at BCWebwise utilize a mix of SMS and email marketing to directly approach prospective customers.

Further, to validate the quality of its services, its client lists say it all, where some of its top clients are Hero, Aditya Birla, Abbott, ASUS, ICICI, Bajaj Corp Ltd, KEI, etc.

Company Name:- BC Webwise

Min. Project Size:- $1597

Avg. Hourly Rate:- $28 – $68 /hr

Employees Count:- 8 -116

Founded:- 2000

4) Performics

Performics is the 4th Mumbai based digital marketing agency in this list that specialize in SEO, content marketing, Google ads, email promotion, affiliate marketing, content & web development, mobile app store optimization, etc.

It has established itself as a global agency with offices in around 37 countries, being run by more than 3200 experts.

Performics undertakes the full client project responsibility of publishing premium content, buying digital media, placing ads on the relevant channels & platforms, and further enhancing the brand overall image entirely.

If we talk about performance marketing service by Performics, then it is one of its most effective services where it sets out the target segment, understands the audience, discovers the relevant e-commerce platform, and collaborates with video and content catering to the right audience.

In addition, with over 16 years of experience in digital media promotion services, its forte lies in optimizing Amazon pages and ranking your offerings at the top of the Google organic search results.

Company Name:- Performics

Min. Project Size:- $1169

Avg. Hourly Rate:- $25 – $35 /hr

Employees Count:- 23 – 184

Founded:- 2010

5) WebFX

WebFX is a global digital marketing services provider in Mumbai and ranked as world’s top hybrid agency, and is one of the Top 3 digital agencies in India as per Economic Times.

WebFX believes it has the appropriate technology and data-driven solutions which when collaborated with creative businesses can bear splendid results.

The entire spectrum of its offering can be categorized under three heads Marketing & consulting, digital solutions, and experiences.

The services that WebFX offers are regularly tracked and measured using the website and Google Analytics.

In addition, this agency only aims is to manage the brand reputation online via influencer marketing and impactful posts.

Company Name:- WebFX

Min. Project Size:- $1428+

Avg. Hourly Rate:- $34+ /hr

Employees Count:- 51- 467

Founded:- 1995

6) PageTraffic

PageTraffic is amongst one of India’s highest-ranked digital marketing agency in Mumbai working in this industry for over a decade now.

To date, it has served over 10,000 clients, won several awards, and gone global with offices in Chicago and London as well.

As a part of its online marketing services, PageTraffic’s strength is to enhance the branding of businesses.

The agency completely optimizes the websites with powerful content and uniquely customizes all the important landing pages by using the right videos and storytelling approaches to catch the customer’s attention.

Furthermore, PageTraffic focuses on the market collaterals as it believes that it builds the identity of the corporate and leaves an elite impression.

So, accordingly, it puts extra effort into releasing proper logos, letterheads, Brochures, newsletters.

Company Name:- PageTraffic

Min. Project Size:- $1494

Avg. Hourly Rate:- $26 /hr

Employees Count:- 37 – 167

Founded:- 2002

7) Matrix Bricks

Matrix Bricks comes at the 7th position and it is a Mumbai-based global digital marketing firm with offices across different India and Europe countries as well.

Matrix Bricks is known for rendering software-oriented solutions, where the solutions that it provides are built in-house.

In addition, the team at Matrix Bricks does not outsource anything and performs every function and service on its own, being completely self-sufficient.

Prominently, it is known for its brand-building and development service, where it conducts a separate analysis and identifies what makes your business stand out.

Making the unique proposition the face of your business, Matrix Bricks team of experts processes further by placing it as your brand quality.

Once the brand quality is identified, the next important role it plays is in designing the brand and introducing it on social media platforms such that it starts getting recognition.

Company Name:- Matrix Bricks

Min. Project Size:- $1278

Avg. Hourly Rate:- $27 – $58 /hr

Employees Count:- 14- 58

Founded:- 2011

8) Schbang

Schbang is the 8th Mumbai located top digital Marketing company in this list, offering branding, tech, and media solutions all under one roof to businesses.

Majorly, Schbang is known for its branding where a whole group of animators, editors, creators, and designers work as a team to bring the business’s presence online and enhance its reach.

Schbang has experience working with some of the biggest businesses of India, like JIO, Godrej, Fair & Lovely, Garnier, UNO, etc.

Working with big businesses Schbang understands the power of mass audiences and how to cater to them in a way that it positively influences the businesses name in the market. An important aspect of its brand solutions is also influencer reach.

This is where Schbang makes you connect with attorneys who on your behalf are capable of executing monetary collaborations to take advantage of their social following.

Such partnerships would take your business forward and enhance user engagement.

Company Name:- Schbang

Min. Project Size:- $1261

Avg. Hourly Rate:- $24 – $56 /hr

Employees Count:- 12 – 48

Founded:- 2020

9) ITinfo Digital

ITinfo Digital is the 9th company in this list and a top rated Mumbai based online marketing services provider agency known for providing full package customised services.

ITinfo Digital came into existence in the year 2007, and now over 15 years into the industry, the expertise that this agency holds is unmatchable.

Before taking up any project, this agency insists on conducting a free website audit analysis to understand what the business has been doing to date and where it can reach beyond improvement.

As a part of its digital services, lead generation is one of its forte, which ITinfo Digital agency accomplishes using a combination of different platforms and mediums.

Eventually, the leads are generated across different mediums as a result of multi-channel strategies executed in collaboration with each other.

Company Name:- ITinfo Digital

Min. Project Size:- $785

Avg. Hourly Rate:- $28 -$95 /hr

Employees Count:- 15 -86

Founded:- 2008

10) 3 Minds Digital

3 Minds Digital is another digital marketing firm based in Mumbai (India) offering the most creative and beautifully designed services.

3Minds Digital agency believes that customers today spend most of their time online on their devices, which promotes the essence of social media presence even more.

The agency conducts an analysis of the social platforms to see how the followers are reacting and to which segment the audience belongs

Further on evaluating competitors’ targets, 3 Minds Digital concludes what content will go up on social media platforms and how the brand will receive more reach than its competitors.

Moreover, the strategies used are kept under regular monitoring so that if any strategy doesn’t work or there are deviations in terms of desired results, an effort can be made to rectify and introduce a new strategy.

Company Name:- 3 Minds Digital

Min. Project Size:- $1518

Avg. Hourly Rate:- $32 /hr

Employees Count:- 38-167

Founded:- 2016


This list of top digital marketing agencies in Mumbai is not just limited to the mentioned agencies, instead, there might still be better and more inclusive agencies available.

However, Poonjan have shortlisted these backed by the past client experience, reviews, certifications, recognitions, and after checking proper reviews and ratings available online & offline.

To choose the one that is best for your business; you will have to project your business needs to the agencies’ service offering and see which combination serves the satisfactory results.

In addition to the services, the business should also take into consideration the communication and transparency in these digital marketing agencies in Mumbai (India) so that the agency also respects the business outlook and insights & solutions can be carried out harmoniously.

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