Top 10 Digital Marketing Agencies in Noida

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Noida is known to be the country of startups, statistically, the businesses are growing taking the economy to a whole new level. As much as the business grows, so does the online space and reach.

The reason here is that people run and learn via online searches and pop-ups, and in a world where the digital dynamic is the one to rule, the online game of businesses has to be strong.

Every business today is willing to put an equivalent and even more effort into its social and online presence than it would on physical selling tactics.

The right target segment is better available online and to cater to them, businesses must build an online image to represent their products and service offerings.

While every city in Noida (India) is coined as labour-abundant and service-oriented, the job is challenging when choosing one amongst hundreds of options available.

Here, we are talking about Noida, a city known for its affordability and accessibility in India. Poonjan have prepare a well research list of top digital marketing agencies in Noida, pen down the pros and features, and make the decision for yourself.

Top 10 Best Digital Marketing Agencies in Noida [2024 Updated List]

The list mentioned right here is based upon several factors like its past reputation, its market value, its experience, etc.

Each of these digital marketing agencies are reliable and a perfect choice to make for any business owner. However, it depends upon the business and companies’ requirements that which agency in Noida is capable of providing the desired services.


Techmagnate is not just a perfect choice for a digital marketing agency in Noida but all over India, being India’s leading SEO (Search Engine Optimization) offering agency. It is now more than 15 years that Techmagnate has been working in the digital industry.

So, eventually, Techmagnate has seen the marketing tactics and consumer awareness grow over time, making it easy for the agency to track down the trendy updates. Techmagnate main services include SEO, Reputation management, content services, social media, website development, and PPC.

Although every service it offers is top-notch, its strength lies in SEO, which is data-led and aimed at organic searches. Being marked as the best SEO agency, Techmagnate has cracked a follow-up process and stepwise guidelines for search engine services.

Company Name:- Techmagnate

Min. Project Size:- $1957

Avg. Hourly Rate:- $22 – $47 /hr

Employees Count:- 15-98

Founded:- 2006

2)Ambiguous Solutions

Ambiguous Solutions is an entirely Noida-based digital marketing agency, offering inclusive digital marketing services. It is driven by the IT needs of the businesses and the results-oriented goals.

It offers majorly 5 sets of unique digital services, image editing, graphic designing, web development, web design, and video creation.

What makes Ambiguous solutions agency to be different from rest of its competitors is their step-by-step methodology and transparent collaboration with the clients.

The experienced team at Ambiguous Solutions agency follows a 4 step process, beginning with discussing and absorbing the business specifications, later the discussed information is passed through a team of professionals and an optimal plan is laid.

Subsequently, the visuals start rolling in and the design is executed reaching the set target segments.

Company Name:- Ambiguous Solutions

Min. Project Size:- $1392

Avg. Hourly Rate:- $25- $48 /hr

Employees Count:- 15-54

Founded:- 2019

3)Grepix Infotech

Grepix Infotech is another Noida-based digital marketing company, which is in fact a tech company that develops mobile apps, and websites, and offers digital marketing services.

Since Grepix Infotech has a wider service offering not just limited to the digital aspect, with the web and tech knowledge, it successfully curates such marketing campaigns that analyze the customer data and club it with the right technology. It has a long list of marketing services, categorized as 8 major heads.

Grepix Infotech key offerings include Content marketing, SEO, Lead Generation, PPC, web analytics, and social media management. Coming from the field of website development and mobile apps, Grepix offers businesses more optimized advertisement placement and research-driven results.

Company Name:- Grepix Infotech

Min. Project Size:- $1485+

Avg. Hourly Rate:- $27-$54 hr

Employees Count:- 13-358

Founded:- 2012

4)Miri Infotech

Miri Infotech is another well known technology based digital marketing firm in Noida that has been offering technology oriented marketing solutions for the past couple of years. Miri Infotech has gained expertise in local as well as global customer reach.

Some of major Miri Infotech specialized services are content marketing, website development, ORM, organic growth, ASO, paid ads, and CRM management.

If we talk about its other key offerings, then Miri Infotech offers web design, eCommerce API integration, online marketing strategy development, consulting, and other related services, etc.

All the main services of Miri Infotech agency are 100% custom made as per the requirements of the end businesses. Although it specializes majorly in digital promotion services, it has more to it. It guides the business in building a website that is both attractive and informative.

Company Name:- Miri Infotech

Min. Project Size:- $820+

Avg. Hourly Rate:- $28 /hr

Employees Count:- 35-183

Founded:- 2003


NetTechnocrats is a global Noida based digital marketing agency having its offices in many other countries globally. The team at NetTechnocrats always follows a well-integrated methodology, helping businesses grow and websites evolve.

NetTechnocrats follows a three-step digital marketing solution process, starting with strategizing your business model into successful marketing. NetTechnocrats have the right resources and expertise to craft a customized strategy.

Once the NetTechnocrats team has strategized the plan, the next step follows evaluating the one plan driving the highest ROI based on the traffic it can bring to the websites.

Lastly, each of its internet marketing offerings properly falls into place with customer base retention. It follows appropriate engagement tactics to convert new customers and expand the existing customer base.

Company Name:- NetTechnocrats

Min. Project Size:- $983

Avg. Hourly Rate:- $23/ hr

Employees Count:- 25 – 193

Founded:- 2012

6)Justgoweb Digital

Justgoweb Digital is a leading internet marketing company located in Sector 63, Noida, rendering digital solutions to brand visibility and user engagement to enhance ROI.

Justgoweb Digital caters to both small as well as large businesses, curating a business strategy that fits best to the specifications of the business. Every project that Justgoweb undertakes is kept under regular progress tracking to measure performance.

Justgoweb agency offers complete packages from SEO to content creation, yet its strong points are in SEO solutions which are not just updated and technology-driven but also affordable so that startups and small businesses can also afford them.

The SEO solutions provided by Justgoweb are backed by website audits, followed by keyword research, meta tags, and content optimization.

Company Name:- Justgoweb Digital

Min. Project Size:- $927

Avg. Hourly Rate:- $29 /hr

Employees Count:- 15-43

Founded:- 2015


PageTraffic is a 20-year-old established digital marketing agency in Noida, making its way up to one of the best firms and fastest-growing agencies in the entire south Asia.

PageTraffic has a unique way of catering to business problems which it calls ASPIRE, where every alphabet signifies its unique characteristics.

A, here stands for absorbing the business’s data with regard to the competitors and consumers attached to it. S stands for solving the issues that are coming in the way of customer engagement then subsequently planning the strategies, brainstorming Ideas for catchy content, and radiating such insights out in the digital world via social media and advertisement. Lastly, it all sums up by doing it all from square one time and again endlessly.

Company Name:- PageTraffic

Min. Project Size:- $927+

Avg. Hourly Rate:- $29-$78 /hr

Employees Count:- 152+

Founded:- 2002


WATConsult is a creativity-driven inclusive Noida based digital marketing company whose forte lies in coming up with the most persuasive ideas and strategies that are conceptually and factually strong.

WATConsult mainly offers advertising and tech services, where digital marketing and consulting form part of such services broken down into six prominent steps.

Starting with the first step- is the thinking stage where the agency seeks new avenues and platforms that can be entered by proper strategy building and social media management.

Then the next stage where strategies and consulting join hands with creativity to be able to execute the prototypes and final strategies. Lastly, by finding the right segment of the audience to target, WATConsult develops social media strategies and schedules the posting and advertisements.

Company Name:- WATConsult

Min. Project Size:- $1982+

Avg. Hourly Rate:- $23 /hr

Employees Count:- 400+

Founded:- 2007

9)Sparrow Interactive

Sparrow Interactive is another Noida located leading provider of internet marketing services. This agency have multiple offices in the different parts of the globe, like India, the Middle East, and Africa.

Sparrow Interactive agency in Noida follows a storytelling approach to digital marketing strategies, believing that any random advertisement may or may not make space in the customer’s mind but an impactful story will definitely stay with the consumer for comparatively long.

Sparrow Interactive works in terms of visualization and 3D spaces, making the client take up a new road to global digital domination.

Company Name:- Sparrow Interactive

Min. Project Size:- $1263+

Avg. Hourly Rate:- $25 /hr

Employees Count:- 13- 48

Founded:- 2015

10)Brainwork Technologies

Brainwork Technologies comes on the 10th place in this list and it is digital marketing firm situated in Noida, with experience of more than two decades in the digital world.

Brainwork believes that a business has a lot to follow and amend, and to give the just right amount of attention to all, it must outsource its digital marketing services. Out of several services that Brainwork Technologies offers, its forte lies in SEO services and advertising.

When it comes to advertising the business and spending money on it, the critical part is to make sure that it reaches the right customer. Brainwork agency in Noida makes sure to target both local and global consumers and understand their tastes and preferences.

As the bifurcation is made regarding the customer segments, digital services implementation begins. Eventually, the digital services are put into action enhancing user engagement.

Company Name:- Brainwork Technologies

Min. Project Size:- $1728+

Avg. Hourly Rate:- $35 /hr

Employees Count:- 19-85

Founded:- 2007


The benefits of taking up and hiring a digital marketing agency in Noida to make your business reach a wider audience are immense. However, more than just the right services, what makes an agency a perfect match is the right team and people.

Once you have shortlisted the Noida based digital agencies based on the services and the perks they offer, the businesses shall also look at how sound and professional the teams are at an individual level.

Therefore, it is critical for every business that in addition to checking out the services being offered, they also connect with the team experts and professionals.

It would help them understand how they work and respond to contingent situations and business conditions. Make each evaluation and choose the right agency for the business.

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