PageTraffic Digital Marketing Company Profile and Client Reviews

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What is PageTraffic?

PageTraffic is an Indian digital marketing service provider founded back in 2002, and ever since it has attained a position among the top digital agencies in the country. Over the years it has served more than ten thousand clients worldwide, even going global via 7 countries.


The birth of PageTraffic was mainly for rendering to the market the search engine methodology and tactics. PageTraffic entered this workspace when the competition was negligible and awareness about digital technicalities was none.


Now that it has spent more than 21 years serving digital solutions, its knowledge about the nuances has widened and the services it offers are no longer limited to just SEO.


Over the years, PageTraffic has witnessed the gradual digital shift where businesses have gone digital not just by chance but by choice, as it is what the advancements demand.


The extent to which the digital sector is organized today is remarkable given how it was 20 years back, and the fact that PageTraffic has happened to manage both elegantly, it understands how algorithms run and can be internalized.


PageTraffic has been successfully fulfilling its mission of generating leads, driving sales, and enhancing user engagement in a way that the customers never get disappointed, and it claims to continue doing so.


Key Digital Marketing Services Provided by PageTraffic

As PageTraffic specializes in different types of marketing services, the overall services it renders are classified into broad categories: Digital marketing and Web development.


Under the Digital marketing category, the primary class of service is SEO and its type, followed by PPC, ASO, and Content Marketing, SMO. On the other hand, they provide website design and development, including e-commerce sites.


The services are discussed in detail beneath to give your business a gist of how PageTraffic provides such services, and what methodology it follows.


1) SEO

PageTraffic provides SEO services under two kinds: enterprise and local, where local SEO services denote a regular flow of service where the agency is committed to keeping the marketing on point regularly.


PageTraffic does not consider SEO as a one-time project or a task, rather it believes it is an ongoing process, where Google Analytics and search console stats fluctuate every day and regular updates have to be made in the strategy and the processes undertaken for SEO service.


When businesses have outsourced their local SEO to PageTraffic, they get relieved of keeping up with social circumstances.


The agency regularly brushes its market knowledge, and as any new information or trend starts to roll in, your marketing is caught on without any delay.


On the other hand, there is enterprise SEO, where PageTraffic aims to rank your site higher on Google.


Enterprise SEO is a time-consuming and technical process, for which PageTraffic takes full responsibility, freeing up the business’s precious time to spend on more important functions.


2) SMM

When it comes to managing the social media accounts and enhancing the client business social presence, many businesses misinterpret the meaning of social presence as being popular and craft strategies that enable them to post content that can make them popular.


However, PageTraffic has a little different approach here, as it puts forth the concept of influence over popularity. The content it pushes and the social media strategies of PageTraffic is based on the underlying concept of higher user engagement and interaction.


The benefits of which go way beyond just numbers. PageTraffic has proven results, when influence is prioritized over the popularity of business, the likes and engagement that start to roll in are incredibly higher.


3) PPC

When PageTraffic renders PPC services, the two prominent classes of essentials on which PPC is based are keyword research and the development of creative ads backed by optimization and continuous tracking.


PageTraffic has partnered with Google as a premium customer that provides it with extensive Google support.


In addition, its advertisement placement strategies are all tried and tested, so businesses can easily trust its potential. It also regularly tracks the progress of PPC to ensure positive results.


5) ASO

PageTraffic started its line of service for ASO in 2011, catering to both small and large businesses. One can not expect its app downloads by simply listing it on the app store and adding some related screenshots to it.


PageTraffic understands that to get an organic and higher number of app downloads, the visibility has to be enhanced.


To do this, PageTraffic makes an effort in framing such an app description which is enriched with keywords based upon metadata and user reviews. More than anything, the apps are customized in terms of what customers seek to look for.


6) Web development

PageTraffic renders both Web design and development for businesses. This means if you are a startup or a small business looking to launch its first website or you are already an established business looking for a redesigned structure to adopt the latest tech and data-driven approach.


PageTraffic has its designers and coders who are provided with the details about the business and the relevant customizations required. This forms the base for building a website that becomes the online face of the business and provides the smoothest user-friendly interface.


PageTraffic Client’s Name

In the last 22 years, PageTraffic has served above 10,000 diverse clients, belonging to different business sectors and seeking different digital solutions.


Variation in the type of services offered by PageTraffic has strengthened its potential to absorb unique business problems & situations just to approach them with innovative results-oriented premium ideas.


Some of its high-priority clients are GupShup, Raymond, TATA, America Home Healthcare, Bluetown Lawyers, HolidayIQ, ezyQATAR, Kent Healthcare, PNG Diamonds, and a lot more.


PageTraffic Address

PageTraffic has offices in three countries, India, the US, and Europe. In India, it has offices at three different locations in Delhi, Noida, and Mumbai.


Its headquarters are in Delhi, 15F Eros corporate tower, Nehru Place. Another branch of PageTraffic in Delhi is in Lajpat Nagar II, J4B. Further, it has two offices in Noida, sector 4 and 62. Coming to Mumbai, its office is located near Mumbai University, Kalina, 2nd Floor Raheja Center Point.


On global grounds, its office in the US is located in Chicago, 1024 Western Eve and its Europe office is in London, 2nd-floor studio, 28 Poland St.


Social Media Profiles and Official Website of PageTraffic Agency



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PageTraffic Advantage, Why Should Businesses Choose PageTraffic

Amidst the number of options available in the marketplace, why any business should choose PageTraffic is evident by the benefits it has to offer. Check out the advantages to know what makes PageTraffic a cut above the rest.


The foremost reason why PageTraffic is the first choice is its track record of proven results for big business. Collectively, in the prior year alone, PageTraffic has managed to cater to 400+ clients, generating cumulatively more than ten million visitors to their business and sites.


Secondly, the services at PageTraffic are backed by experts who have experience working globally for several years now.


In addition, the agency has specialized professionals for each service it offers instead of having a general manager professional for the entire head of digital marketing. It ensures that every service it offers is under the professional guidance of specialists.


Moving forth, in the last 20 years PageTraffic has gained senior experience and expertise in rendering marketing services.


Further, such expertise is validated in terms of awards and recognitions, ranked as the most award-winning digital marketing agency. To date, the agency has won more than 100 awards in Asia itself, providing validation to the company and a basis for trust to the client partners.