Top 10 Best Blockchain Development Companies

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Overview of Blockchain Development Companies

Ever since the digital world has taken a toll on the functionality of businesses, there has been a significant rise in issues related to data security.


The number and volume of transactions being processed online is at its all-time peak. So, it is an important aspect to handle these with care.


A centralized ledger to be able to record and store such huge sets of data seemed impossible. However, with the invention of blockchain technology, the impossible seemed untrue.


A technology so reliable that not only allowed the recording of transactions but also put restrictions on its accessibility. It ensured that no data could be amended at the back end individually.


While technology remains uninterested in the same, it has taken a big step towards transforming the face of evolving business.


From supply chains to the financial sector, Blockchain has a utility in each, providing new secured ways of business.


Subsequently, when businesses step out to take advantage of blockchain and inculcate a part of it into their business, it’s difficult to find the right blockchain development company. Since blockchain is not something that has been in existence conventionally.


So, one has to be careful in finding the right expert with appropriate experience and knowledge.


Catering to the same, we have shortlisted a few best blockchain development service providers to help you pick the one best suited for your business.


Top 10 Blockchain Development Companies | Hire Best Blockchain Developer in 2024

Blockchain technology is complex and sensitive to understand and execute. So, as a business, not having a technical background, you must not rely on new entry companies.


The blockchain development companies that you choose should have experience in the industry to be able to see where the future of blockchain is headed. To help you sort your decision, look closer at the mentioned list.



Appinventiv is one of the rarest leading technical-oriented companies, holding expertise in the world of blockchain. Appinventiv targets every such business that seeks to go online and adopt automation.


Even under blockchain, the tech service supposedly serves best when the customer as per the business requirements.


Appinventiv believes tech and data go hand in hand with blockchain development. Thus, the software must suit the business goals.


Considering that Blockchain is not so common in the market yet, businesses look out for reliability.


Well, Appinventiv is the best choice here as it has rendered hundreds of projects under blockchain development.


  • Company:-  Appinventiv
  • Hourly Rate:- < $56 / hr
  • Minimum Project Size:- $9845+
  • Number of Employees:- 50- 947
  • Founded in:- 2014


#2)HashCash Consultants

HashCash Consultants is a global technology-driven company acting in services related to blockchain, IoT, and AI.


Majorly specializing in Blockchain technology, HashCash Consultants has services to offer in every dynamic available.


One of its most useful business blockchain developments includes Corporate payments.


As big businesses have to undertake a large volume of transactions, B2B transactions thereby demand high security. HashCash Consultants provides ease at every level.


The blockchain development records every shared voucher on a real-time basis, regularly reconciles every discrepancy, and keeps it all audited.


Furthermore, HashCash Consultants performs such functions with extremely simplified infrastructures and at very low costs.


  • Company:-  HashCash Consultants
  • Hourly Rate:- < $68 / hr
  • Minimum Project Size:- $5,913+
  • Number of Employees:- 50- 238
  • Founded in:- 2015



Based in the US, this 2011-established development company has conquered the digital world, being the top expert in blockchain development.


At DICEUS, the blockchain is not limited to only digital assets or the financial sector, but also to industry-specific requirements.


Diceus begins from scratch by rendering consulting on blockchain before actual development services. It would help the business to first assess the essence of blockchain in achieving their respective business objectives.


It is only after blockchain consulting that businesses become sure about what they can get in return for accurately placed blockchain development services.


Further, blockchain development is fully private and secure, not breaching any policy.


  • Company:-  Diceus
  • Hourly Rate:- < $49 / hr
  • Minimum Project Size:- $10,000+
  • Number of Employees:- 50-250
  • Founded in:- 2011



SoluLab functions with the aim to make startups and budding businesses run automotive and advanced. Blockchain is at its all-time high, and its involvement with the operations of businesses has become a mandate.


SoluLab begins with analyzing the organization’s requirements and customizing the developmental tech services as per the business goals.


The blockchain services here are bifurcated as per each industrial sector, including health, finance, entertainment, supply chain, etc.


Talking about the retail sector, receiving of payments, and delivering the products and offerings are duplicative and repetitive functions.


Catering to each, SoluLab offers three varied offers, e-commerce blockchain, Merchandise, and Blockchain for restaurants.


  • Company:- SoluLab
  • Hourly Rate:- < $49 / hr
  • Minimum Project Size:- $25,000+
  • Number of Employees:- 50-250
  • Founded in:- 2014


#5)The Ninehertz

The Ninehertz is a revolutionary blockchain development company, offering technical solutions, ranging from consulting to development.


The team at Nine Hertz are all technical experts and well equipped with technologies like EVM, Hyperledger, and a lot more.


The range of services at Nine Hertz includes Dapps, Crypto, Smart contracts, Metaverse, wallet, NFT, etc. Talking from a business perspective, smart contracts blockchain development services fit best for all business sizes.


It uses smart contract programming mixed with blockchain to deploy the operational results-oriented results.


Smart contracts technology ensures enhanced accuracy and proper facilitation of services. Ninehertz makes sure that the execution and negotiation of the contracts remain undisputed.


  • Company:-  Ninehertz
  • Hourly Rate:- < $49 / hr
  • Minimum Project Size:- $25,731+
  • Number of Employees:- 25- 759
  • Founded in:- 2008



OpenXcell is a reputed blockchain development company offering digital services catering to business solutions in a way that automates the overall functioning and decentralizes the networking process.


OpenXcell divides the entire blockchain process into broken simple steps. The coding infrastructure has multiple layers within.


Beginning with the systematic layer for presentation, which is coined as the user interface. Followed by the next layer which is the current application layer.


It includes different offerings, like Dapps, Programming languages, hosting, etc.


Further, the blockchain has a protected interface layer, summed up with the virtualization layer, where the infrastructure network is properly stored.


  • Company:- OpenXcell
  • Hourly Rate:- < $53 / hr
  • Minimum Project Size:- $10,583+
  • Number of Employees:- 25- 813
  • Founded in:- 2009



Fuel4Media is a global web development and technical-based company, aiming at blockchain developments.


The overall AI services include a wide range of advanced offerings like Virtual assistants, Robotics, Cloud-based tech, decentralized hyper ledgers, etc.


The expert team at Fuel4Media functions in collaboration with businesses seeking to provide customized services.


The integration of advanced technology into blockchain with business insights is what brings the utmost accurate desirable results.


Provided the amount of time and energy that Fuel4Media has invested into the business, Fuel4Media is the perfect choice backed by experience and expertise.


  • Company:- Fuel4Media
  • Hourly Rate:- < $45 / hr
  • Minimum Project Size:- $5,609+
  • Number of Employees:- 43- 249
  • Founded in:- 2014



Infograins is an 8-year-old global technical development company, with its forte lying in blockchain development services.


Understanding the need of the hour for the business to secure the transactions and follow up decentralized ledgers, Infograins has established itself as a known Blockchain brand.


Talking about the supply chain blockchain development, Infograins has enabled faster processing and real-time updation of payment transfers and receiving.


Since blockchain is synchronized with end-to-end integration, streamlining the operations, blockchain development services are an integral part of the business.


Infograins hit five major pillars in supply chain development services. It involves inventory management, smart contracts, payment checkpoints, arrival & departure, and tracking services.


  • Company:- Infograins
  • Hourly Rate:- < $99 / hr
  • Minimum Project Size:- $5,388+
  • Number of Employees:- 45 – 917
  • Founded in:- 2011



Valuecoders is a smart blockchain development company that claims to render solutions, giving an edge to businesses over their competitors. Valuecoders provide Blockchain consulting before service offerings. Its consulting is broken into three parts.


Firstly, blockchain development consulting begins with proper strategizing and helping businesses make it work out.


Further, Valuecoders prepares a proof of concept that lays the foundation for accurate and innovative blockchain development services.


One of its most appropriate service offerings is smart contract development. Valuecoders streamlines the entire business functioning via customized blockchain tech, reducing costs and designing services.


  • Company:- ValueCoders
  • Hourly Rate:- < $65/hr
  • Minimum Project Size:- $4919+
  • Number of Employees:- 51- 908
  • Founded in:- 2004



A blockchain technology leader, Techcronus is a digital company that records and maintains transactions that are decentralized and data-led.


Straightaway cutting the competition and rendering high-tech services, Techcronus is a service provider excelling at four business-specific pillars.


It involves security, transparency, communication, and scalability. Over the years, Techcronus has spread to different parts like India, the UK, the USA, etc.


Services at Techcronus are backed by reputed and known platforms like Ethereum and Solidity, making Techcronus a business-friendly and trustworthy choice.


Techcronus has a customer-centric customized technical offering approach to providing blockchain development company. So, as a business, make a wise choice and delve deep into it.


  • Company:- Techcronus
  • Hourly Rate:- < $25/hr
  • Minimum Project Size:- $5,000+
  • Number of Employees:- 50- 250
  • Founded in:- 2010



Even after you have the right blockchain development firm for your business, you should not stand completely distant from it. Make sure the blockchain development company appreciates the management’s participation in getting an understanding of the functioning as a whole.


Ensure that you understand exactly how blockchain helps and through which medium. In addition, consider the years of experience and expertise that the company holds.


The reason is that it would directly impact the ability of the company to adapt to new advancements and tech. So, go through each mentioned company and make a wise choice in choosing the top-rated blockchain development company.


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