Top 10 Best Content Marketing Tools

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Content Marketing has proven to be one of the most effective mediums of marketing. As it is said, words are mightier than the sword, at times, the words shave the potential to persuade customers.

Since content marketing involves putting the ideas of marketing the products in terms of articles/blogs or websites, it has to be grammatically and conceptually particular.

To ensure you use the correct words and phrasing of sentences, content marketing tools come into the picture. Such tools undertake the responsibility for the smooth management of content as well as data maintenance of data.

What are content marketing tools?

Formulating and executing marketing strategies involves human efforts and a creative mind. However, a supporting hand from tech would always be appreciated. Content marketing tools are tech help to save our time and costs to produce the same content more efficiently and effectively.

In addition to simplifying the process of content creation, it offers unique ideas and concepts to write about. Accordingly, content marketing tools ease the process of content creation, distribution and marketing. In digital marketing, it is one of the most important tool to help any size businesses enterprises to grow further.

Top 10 Best Content Marketing Tools [2024 Updated Free List]


HubSpot is a popular content marketing software that enables businesses to keep up with the ever evolving digital era. HubSpot has a bucket full of tools to cater the content marketing needs of different businesses from all around the world. In order to reach the right customer at the right time, HubSpot merges your entire data and sorts out the target audience to connect.

In addition, it offers email marketing, live chat, landing page connections, and plenty of other advanced level features. Using HubSpot as your preferred content marketing tool, you can have a hold of your customers and their entire data.


WordPress is an easy-to-use and the most simple platform to publish websites and blogs. It provides you with the properly built-up infrastructure and different templates to choose from. The aim is to make a strong online presence at ease.

From bloggers to big corporations, everybody gets a chance to establish themselves via their easy-to-build personal websites. WordPress is a content management web builder source that enables you to shift and expand online in today internet world.


Grammarly is a writer-friendly software that helps you in the simplest way to produce a grammatically correct piece of content.

When you are producing articles/blogs or any other content for the purpose of marketing, it has to undergo several proofreading sessions.

The reason is that any spelling error or grammatical mistake would have an immensely negative impact on the customer.

Thus, Grammarly has the power to make your piece of content shine even more. However, Grammarly has more to it than just providing grammar support.

From the marketer’s perspective, the premium version of Grammarly enables the removal of plagiarism in front of the content piece.


Ahrefs offer a combination of services for SEO, and content marketing professional. Irrespective of how strong your content is, it is of no use unless it reaches the right user.

This is what Ahrefs is used for. Ahrefs is one such content marketing tool that not only helps you to optimize your content but also processes search intent. It matches the keyword that you used with the intent of your search.

It sorts out the intent and tracks down the business potential of the content that you publish. Ahrefs, make sure that before you finalize what to publish, it has the potential to convert a potential user.


Mailchimp is an all-rounder marketing tool specializing in e-mail marketing. Cold pitching via e-mails is known and tested. Mailchimp creates a customized email, designed and fully customized according to your target audience.

The emails look more professional and catchy, increasing the conversion rates. Mailchimp further provides automation, which in turn would save your team time to perform repetitive tasks.

6)Google Docs

Writing content for marketing purposes is never a one-shot thing. Instead, it has to go under a series of edits and reviews.

So, at times, it gets difficult to keep track of every comment and review added. Google Docs come here to the rescue.

Google Docs have strong support for content marketing by tracking every change and keeping the latest piece of content marked and amended.


BuzzSumo is one such marketing tool that provides you clarity on the way to approach customer opportunities. It scans the various social media platforms, comprehends the content engagement type, and prepares the strategy accordingly. Once you already have the keywords and the trendy updates, it’s easy to prepare content that maximizes reach.


Trello is a project and content management software, streamlining your work across various platforms and mediums. It functions in collaboration with various projects and works with harmony across your entire team. Furthermore, it would keep track of the entire work assigned.

It provides extremely simple and easy-to-approach features to schedule your content. Trello enables calendar scheduling, tracking features, and a lot more to ease your workload to manage content marketing spread across different platforms.

For projects like launching a new website, or processing tasks, Trello keeps it all working smoothly and under proper control.


Canva is a high-quality design and content-creation tool. As much as the quality of content is vital, so is the way of its representation.

If you can catch the eye of the prospective consumer with your content, only then will the consumer read further. It provides simple and ready-to-use templates and designs to help you create content with style and perfect design.

10)Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is basically a content analysis tool. The work of Yoast SEO begins where the work of SEO ends. Once you are done optimizing the content and performing SEO tools on it, Yoast SEO conducts an analysis to assess the loopholes or any discrepancies in it.

The main aim here is to make the content easy and simple to read and understandable for the users. At the same time, the content has to be advanced enough to make it look classy. Yoast SEO ensures readability without compromising advanced quality.


UberSuggest is one of the top-ranking free keyword search and SEO tools. It helps in doing research about the relevant keywords for your content and generating new keywords to upscale your Google ranking.

UberSuggest pushes relatable keywords with respect to the keyword you type in the search box. In addition, along with every keyword, you also get the search volume of the keywords and its CPC. It helps you to comprehend the essence of every keyword.

So you can plan the keyword density for each accordingly. UberSuggest is the best way to analyze and evaluate several related keywords. The keywords given are in the form of questions as well, which can be used as subheads also.

How to Choose the Best Content Marketing Tool- List of Helpful Tips?

There are several content marketing tools available in the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) industry. Each such tool has certain specialties and benefits that make it better than others. Furthermore, many content marketing tools provide customized features for particular elements of content creation.

Considering the same, one shall first evaluate every content marketing tool, which he/she feels offers the best segments of content creation. Further, the needs & wants of the targets of business shall be evaluated. Once it is clear what the businesses seek from the content marketing tools, the capabilities of the tools would finalize the decision.

A few of such checklists to finalize the most appropriate content marketing tools compiled by our team are as follows:-


The more simple the content marketing tool, the more attractiveness they possess. Considering that the number of tools with almost exact features is also immense, those tools which the team can easily adapt to are preferable.


Content marketing is a customer-driven aspect. Every update and change taking place in the surroundings has to be considered for producing an acceptable and persuasive piece of content. So, such tools which provide to and fro customer support and amend the features as per our task are more desirable.


Every marketing offers its very own infrastructure and an individual customer management system. This, at times, creates a problem for the integration of data with your existing software. So, when you choose the best content marketing tool, go for the one which offers the most smooth interface and adaptable interface.


The primary aim of using content marketing tools is to make the task of targeting customers through content easy. However, content marketing also asks to measure the improvement that the businesses are making. The tools should be such that they improve the quality of your work, and the progress can be significantly measured.


One of the most essential factors to decide the content marketing tool is the budget of the business. Firstly, the business shall bifurcate the tools that lie within the budget of the business.

Then amidst the selected tools, it has to be checked whether the benefits arising out of the tools exceed the cost that has gone to procure them. Once the cost-benefit is enough to make the investment worthy, one can go on to acquire the said tool.

Top 5 Key Benefits of using Content Marketing Tools

While content marketing aids to streamline the different strategies altogether to attract customers, one has to keep in mind the volume and type of content marketing one shall undertake. Here is when content marketing tools fit in the scenario.

Since the tools automate the entire content creation, it maintains the balance in the magnitude of marketing strategies. Overall the benefits of using content marketing tools are listed below:-

1) Saves cost and time

By using the right content marketing tools, the time that would have gone into brainstorming the ideas for the creation of content and its design is all saved. The tools make the process easy and fast.

2) Increased efficiency in content

Content marketing aims at bringing customers to the business. So, the content therein should be specific and curated specifically as per the taste of the prospects. To ensure accuracy, the content marketing tools make sure that it collects the data of the consumer’s choices and collects the appropriate data consequently.

3) Data standardization

Marketing is not limited to any one medium of dealing. Instead, it has its roots spread all across. While content marketing is a part of it, it often gets difficult to manage the data from every channel. However, content marketing tools help to gather and standardize the entire customer data via customer management systems.

4) Social sharing

Since customer data is managed by marketing tools, the data is more accurate. So, the chances of our branding reaching the right consumer enhances. With the right timing and content, the visitors would more willingly spend time evaluating the business. This would eventually lead to increased conversions and sales.

5) Reduction in costs

With the use of content marketing tools, marketing tactics become more proper. Accordingly, the number of campaigns a business has to undertake gets significantly reduced. The reason is that appropriate marketing quantity is replaced by quality to reach the right prospective buyer. As a result, the campaign costs are reduced.


Content marketing drives business in the digital era. So, one has to be very careful when it comes to investing your time and money into the tools that run the business. From evaluating the benefits to comparing different tools in order to select what suits your business the best, several factors are to be considered. The list of different content marketing tools and factors to make the decision has been mentioned above to help you make the right choice.