Top 10 Digital Marketing Agencies in Manchester

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The pace with which the digital era is seeping into the business world is incredibly remarkable. In a city like Manchester, there is no shortfall of the appropriate agencies.

As per the latest survey, Manchester has more than 500+ digital agencies, taking forward leading businesses. With thousands of options available, choosing the one that is right for you can be a bit of a task.

However, more than the fact of which agency is the right option, the businesses shall first be well aware of what they want from the agency. In order to take up the right agency, before you begin to evaluate a list of agencies, the businesses need to know what factors altogether need to be checked.

Here, we have brought to you 10 major factors that play a decisive role in choosing the right digital marketing agency in Manchester (United Kingdom- UK).

Top 10 Best Digital Marketing Agencies in Manchester [2024 Updated List]

In the below article, the team of Poonjan have listed all the popular and top rated digital marketing agencies in Manchester that provides different type of services, i.e. SEO, paid ads, Content marketing, Mobile ASO, Email Marketing etc. You need to choose the right digital marketing company according to your business needs after doing proper research.

1) WebFX

WebFX is a multi award winning digital marketing agency based out in Manchester (United Kingdom) that was founded back in 1995 with an objective to help businesses grow online at a rapid pace.

Since its establishment, WebFX has successfully grown its services and expertise in content writing, SEO, content marketing, website design & development, social media, web 2.0 marketing, online PR, mobile app promotion, and others.

In the past couple of years, WebFX has been proudly recognized with multiple digital marketing industry awards and positive accreditations with a high client success rate. It is also one of the topmost Google premier partner digital agencies in Manchester.

WebFX have a team of professionals who change their complete agency in delivering cost effective and impactful digital marketing results for SMEs.

WebFX 350+ experienced team creative and innovative approach in handling the projects reflects a good company culture that always looks to increase the overall performance via digital marketing campaigns for their respective clients.

After running these digital campaigns, WebFX shows a clear positive return on investment (ROI) on every penny spent by the clients.

Their unique industry standard and high commitment to learning new marketing techniques, tools, and trends are reflected in the final results.

WebFX knows the importance of time for their clients, and as a result, they always try to ensure that partnering with them shows a clear understanding and respect for this at each & every opportunity.

Company Name:- WebFX

Min. Project Size:- $1238+

Avg. Hourly Rate:- $19 – $42 / hr

Employees Count:- 13- 497

Founded:- 1995

2) Passion Digital

Passion Digital is an online marketing problem solving agency based out in Manchester, United Kingdom, that delivers high performance for their client marketing campaigns in today’s competitive edge via available creative ways.

The team at Passion Digital is always flexible to meet their client needs, adapt to new challenges and generate more revenue by building a long lasting relationship with them.

Some of the popular client names of this agency include:- Biona, Mazda, Jigsaw, Nutanix, Knight Frank, and Octopus Investments.

Some of the popular services provided by Passion Digital agency in Manchester are:- Business insight & strategy (targeted audience research, strategies), digital consulting, organic marketing (via SEO, digital PR, content marketing, organic social), paid ads (search, display, YouTube, paid social), Website performance enhancement (CRO, landing page optimization, UI/UX changes) and others.

They combine the business key insights & data with marketing channels and figure out new ways to beat the client competitors in this digital era.

Company Name:- Passion Digital

Min. Project Size:- $3939+

Avg. Hourly Rate:- $22 – $113 / hr

Employees Count:- 10-78

Founded:- 2012

3) Pixated

Pixated is a popular and well known performance marketing agency in Manchester that is helping ambitious brands in building long term sustainable and scalable growth using advanced level marketing strategies.

It was established in 2018 with a key objective to help brands in getting the positive results and recognition they deserve in 3 parameters, i.e. quickly, high profitability and long lasting sustainably. Pixated doesn’t follow any jargon or any rough vanity metrics.

Instead of this, they follow highly creative & working digital marketing experiences to stand in front of the client businesses’ targeted audience.

No matter whether you are just starting your business or crafting killer online top notch campaigns to generate more leads and customer acquisition, Pixated is always to help you in every possible manner.

Some of the popular clients of Pixated include:- Naked Wolfe, Boden, FIFA, Adecco Group, Knight Frank, and more.

Additionally, they have partnership with technology brands named Meta, Microsoft, Google, Shopify, etc., in building an exceptional online presence for any business from scratch.

Company Name:- Pixated

Min. Project Size:- $1392

Avg. Hourly Rate:- $23 – $99 / hr

Employees Count:- 10-39

Founded:- 2018

4) Verbsz Marketing

Verbsz Marketing is a premier omni channel digital promotion firm in Manchester providing end-to-end creative digital services & solutions to help clients in increasing their revenue. It provides its services in the United Kingdom and several other countries across the globe.

Verbsz Marketing, being a leader in the industry, empowers businesses to easily optimize their website online presence by creating custom business-specific strategies and plans that improve customer reach, increase website’s traffic, better engagement, and finally, increase in social media followers.

Some of the major technical, unique, and creative services provided by this agency in Manchester include:- consulting, strategy, SEO, eCommerce marketing, Video promotion, pay per click management, web development, ASO, and others.

With many years of previous experience in running successful digital marketing campaigns for varied clients, Verbsz agency knows exactly what it takes to understand their clients’ key business requirements and how to take them to the next level in the modern internet age.

Company Name:- Verbsz Marketing

Min. Project Size:- $2792+

Avg. Hourly Rate:- $19 – $79 / hr

Employees Count:- 10-58

Founded:- 2017

5) Clubbish

Clubbish is a Google Ads Partners and Marketing Consultancy Agency based out in Manchester that specializes in providing custom made digital marketing solutions for the past 1 decade.

Their team of 50+ members consists of a project delivery head, content writers, SEO, Google Ads expert, developer, testers, designers, and more.

Some of the key services provided by Clubbish for businesses include:- SEO and Link Building, YouTube Ads, eCommerce SEO, Google Ads Consultancy, and more.

Till now, they have worked with hundreds of clients from startups, small & medium, and large business enterprise level organizations.

One of the key features that make Clubbish unique from the rest of its competitors is its data analytics based marketing approach in handling the client’s digital marketing projects.

Their mission is to deliver top notch, custom made online marketing services in Manchester that only result in the final increase of client business growth in terms of more customers, better user engagement, more followers on social media platforms, and finally profitability.

The main clients of Clubbish are:- Greenfield Insurance Services, HEMSEC, Oral Kiely, QUAD Warehouse, Pandora, and T.H. BAKER.

Company Name:- Clubbish

Min. Project Size:- $1229

Avg. Hourly Rate:- $27 – $119 / hr

Employees Count:- 10-35

Founded:- 2010

6) McCollins Media

McCollins Media is a result driven and premier level digital marketing agency in Manchester that aims to create a strong digital ecosystem for any brand by delivering top notch marketing & advertising services.

McCollins Media was founded in 2003 and since then, has worked on numerous client projects with a result driven approach.

They have an experienced team of 100+ professionals who are well-versed in blogger outreach, proofreading, website development, media buying, digital campaign management and many others.

After picking a new project; McCollins Media took full ownership of the brand promotion using different digital media channels.

This agency certified and world class team combines marketing plans, strategy, key customer insight, and engineering in rapidly solving the customer problems and delivering measurable results on time.

McCollins believes in earning online media and developing killer custom marketing vehicles in order to get the client business noticed to the right set of audiences at the right time and at the right place.

Being in the digital marketing industry for the last 10 years, this agency takes care of its users via proper data analysis, user insight, and biometric research to build a strong base for all the digital transformations for the business.

Company Name:- McCollins Media

Min. Project Size:- $2867

Avg. Hourly Rate:- $23 – $67 / hr

Employees Count:- 10-138

Founded:- 2003

7) Impressive Digital

Impressive Digital is a performance based digital marketing firm located in Manchester that has been providing different types of online marketing solutions to its clients.

Since its establishment back in 2016, this agency has grown at a rapid pace and opened offices in Manchester and many other multiple cities across the U.K.

At present, Impressive Digital is serving different industries business requirements using advanced level marketing strategies and digital marketing tools.

They focus on building long term relationships with their clients and only hire creative & innovative result oriented employees to manage their client’s digital marketing campaigns.

Company Name:- Impressive Digital

Min. Project Size:- $2472

Avg. Hourly Rate:- $25 – $95 / hr

Employees Count:- 10-47

Founded:- 2016

8) Ignite Visibility

Ignite Visibility is another popular name in the digital marketing industry that offers the best in class marketing strategy, content writing, SEO, paid ads, email marketing, content promotion, creative consulting, ASO, and more to businesses located in Manchester.

Ignite Visibility was founded in 2012 and, since then, has served thousands of business needs. It is also a top rated firm on Goodfirms,, and other IT services review platforms.

After properly establishing long term relationships with their clients, Ignite Visibility agency creates custom digital solutions to meet the business’s key objectives, i.e., traffic increase, leads, sales, branding, online reach, app store promotion, or any other.

It was founded by John Lincoln, who is a popular name in the industry after working with hundreds of global brands.

Company Name:- Ignite Visibility

Min. Project Size:- $3282

Avg. Hourly Rate:- $32 – $98 / hr

Employees Count:- 10-68

Founded:- 2012

9) Intero Digital

Intero Digital is a next level integrated digital marketing and web development company in Manchester that specialize in providing strategic & innovative solutions for global brands to help them remain at the top in this fast growing internet world.

They have a team of energetic and creative digital experts that prepare fully customized business oriented marketing plans and then deliver top notch results.

Intero Digital provides an end-to-end solution along with influencer marketing, taking into consideration every nuance of the business in Manchester.

It crafts an inclusive approach for the client, giving it leverage over others in the industry. Intero Digital deeply follows a synergistic approach in providing best solutions to clients over a span of their journey.

Company Name:- Intero Digital

Min. Project Size:- $4028

Avg. Hourly Rate:- $28 – $83 / hr

Employees Count:- 10-383

Founded:- 1996

10) Pyxl

One of the fastest growing, results-driven, top most demanded marketing agencies, Pyxl has been accelerating growth for over 15 years now in Manchester.

It pursues engineering, digital marketing strategies composed of Market and competitive research, UX consulting, etc., enabling the clients to entirely redesign their business strategies and nurture an all-new user experience in U.K.

They completely discard one-time business boosts and believe in bringing together different minds and ideas for meaningful and ever-lasting growth.

Pyxl made sure that they got diverse insights from local to global to comprehend the prerequisites of the marketplace.

Pyxl would help them to come up with an inclusive solution catering to various dynamics of diverse customer segments.

Company Name:- Pyxl

Min. Project Size:- $927

Avg. Hourly Rate:- $17 – $69 / hr

Employees Count:- 10-43

Founded:- 2008


In this article, we have covered all the top digital marketing services agencies in Manchester and also discussed their key services, team size, founded year, and other necessary details. You need to choose the right digital marketing company according to your business requirements, budget, the type of services you require, and other key factors.

Always remember that each of these agencies is different from each other. So, an agency good in one service or worked with a particular set of industries in the past doesn’t necessarily have to be good in another also.

Finally, finding the right digital media promotion partner in Manchester for your specific needs will take proper research, good comparison shopping, and the optimal knowledge of what needs to be done and at what price. But, hopefully, this article will definitely give you a good starting point to pick the best option.

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