Top 10 Digital Marketing Agencies in London

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Last Updated on: 24th February 2024, 12:08 pm


Digital marketing is on the rise all around the globe, including in London. The demand is greater than ever, especially thanks to the pandemic and the continuous growth of the internet and smartphones.

Talking about London in particular, this United Kingdom based top city has gained the reputation of one of the most effective marketing locations, being the business & trading Hub.

Not only does it have the resources to grow online, but it also has the equivalent consumers and visitors running online.

If you are a United Kingdom-based business looking for the best digital marketing agency in London that can help you to enhance your business reach and get more user engagement, you have landed at the right place.

We understand it is not easy to identify the best agency for your business when you have a long list of options.

To ease your burden, Poonjan has bifurcated the marketing business solutions in the form of the top digital marketing agencies in London along with certain other details like average hourly charges, founded year, project size, review, rating, etc.

Follow up the below article to learn more about each digital agency and make the correct business decision after proper analysis.

Top 10 Best Digital Marketing Agencies in London [2024 Updated List]

London in the United Kingdom is embedded with some of the best marketing agencies, with each agency offering comprehensive services in each field, including Search Engine Optimization, content, PR, social media, etc.

The list of top-rated agencies goes far beyond. So, we have shortlisted some of the London-based digital marketing agencies that can prove to be a helping hand for your business. You need to check the past clients reviews, pricing, industry, portfolios, results, ratings, social media profiles and other key metrics before finalizing the ideal digital marketing company for your business needs.

#1)The Social Shepherd

The Social Shepherd is one the best results-driven marketing agency based in London, recognized as a Meta partner. The Social Shepherd is the 1st digital marketing agency on this list that has been serving the client’s needs for the past 5+ years.

The Social Shepherd has the best team of social strategists and researchers who know exactly what they are doing and straightforwardly claim to provide the business with the most organic reach.

If the businesses undertake a complete social transformation, the full-service social presence services would include a bunch of services like management of the channel as well as the community.

This is further followed by content production, managing campaigns, insights, and reporting on it all.

The Social Shepherd old clients’ names are:- Deutsche Post DHL Group, XPO Logistics, ZIM Integrated Shipping, JetStream Innovations, and JTB Corp.

In addition, The Social Shepherd comprehensive services can be broken down into:- organic & paid social, creative production of content, growth hacking, consulting, influencer Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, online growth, and Google ads & PR.

The Social Shepherd holds a track record of generating millions of views on social media platforms and paid videos, eventually making huge revenues to the clients via social media presence.

The past clients of The Social Shepherd agency belong to the healthcare, insurance, finance, telecommunications, retail, and education industries.

Company Name:- The Social Shepherd

Min. Project Size:- $1928+

Avg. Hourly Rate:- $22 – $55 / hr

Employees Count:- 28 – 197

Founded In:- 2018

Rating:- 9/10


Moburst is the 2nd London-based top digital marketing company, based in some of the most elite locations, including Manchester, New York, California, Los Angeles, and Mumbai. The services that Moburst offers are classified into categories based on the class of service.

The heads of Moburst’s major services include Marketing strategies, Web & Mobile App development, Creative content, Products and development, Digital Product Development & transformations, Organic awareness, Internet Marketing, and Media.

Each class of service further has a list of sub-classifications that provide a further more specific service. The marketing strategy at Moburst in London has a list of 5 more strategies, including search, mobile, social, digital, etc.

Some of the leading organizations like the American Red Cross, General Dynamics Corporation, Ace Hardware Corporation, Mazars, Allen & Overy LLP, etc. have worked with Moburst in the past many years.

The team at Moburst ensures to take into consideration every business type and needs to cater to different business requirements and come up with customized solutions.

Moburst believes in hyper-growth and claims that it takes businesses from zero and makes them reach digital heights. The past clients of Moburst are related to Software, Pest Control, Banking, eCommerce, and the Consumer Electronics industry.

Company Name:- Moburst

Min. Project Size:- $18,379+

Avg. Hourly Rate:- $72 – $136 / hr

Employees Count:- 45 – 274

Founded In:- 2013

Rating:- 9/10

#3)Luminary Brands

Luminary Brands comes at 3rd place in this list and is mainly known as the leading digital marketing agency based out in London (a popular city in the United Kingdom).

Luminary Brands offers website development, ASO, paid media, content writing, copywriting, designing, writing, PR, SEO, and other related marketing services to businesses and helps them enhance their consumer conversion rates.

Luminary Brands makes sure that each service that it provides is well equipped with the business end goals and comes within the parameters of the individual business brands.

In the past few years, Luminary Brands has worked with Alibaba Group Holding Limited, Cardinal Health, United Parcel Service, DB Schenker USA, CMA CGM Group, and HorizonWing Aviation clients.

In order to take Luminary Brands services, the businesses have to undergo a 4-step collaboration procedure. The foremost step is to reach the agency by contacting it either through emails or directly via websites.

Luminary Brands would then conduct a free session to give you a gist about how they would take up your business requirements and how they would project strategies to fulfill the desired goals.

The next step includes an estimation of the overall time and cost that would go into taking up the project and providing desirable results.

The third step is to put into implementation the project strategies and keep a check on it to take its progress report. The last step is checking if the business received exactly what it had planned.

In addition, the Luminary agency is also available for post-project services in case there are any discrepancies with the work assigned and rendered.

In the past, Luminary Brands successfully served the marketing requirements of these industries:- Education, Training, Promotional Products, Manufacturing, and Finance.

Company Name:- Luminary Brands

Min. Project Size:- $4379+

Avg. Hourly Rate:- $27 – $85 / hr

Employees Count:- 14 – 48

Founded In:- 2019

Rating:- 8/10


YouYaa is a global digital marketing agency with its headquarters in London, while its other offices are spread across New York and Dubai as well.

The major services provided by YouYaa are:- YouTube Ads, SEO, Customer Segmentation, Pay-per-click advertising, Social media and email marketing.

YouYaa agency comes at the 4th position in this list and caters to varying businesses majorly to the following industries:- finance, crypto, Fintech, e-commerce, and sports.

Every internet marketing service provided at YouYaa is designed in a way that attracts the most traffic on the site and drives sales. For lead generation, YouYaa offers three plans with in-house platforms.

The first is an automated plan to save your time and energy to keep up with it. The first platform is where a fixed fee is charged in return for at least 300 leads per month.

The second platform is a fluctuating option where no fixed leads are promised, instead, a fixed fee is charged for unlimited lead generation.

Each platform and plan is equipped with highly expert team members of YouYaa to enhance your business growth and upsurge the overall sales volume.

Hyatt Hotels Corporation, Domino’s Pizza, Latham & Watkins LLP, BDO Global, Advisory Services LLC, Stericycle, McDonald, etc., are some of the current and past clients of YouYaa.

Company Name:- YouYaa

Min. Project Size:- $3279+

Avg. Hourly Rate:- $31 – $67 / hr

Employees Count:- 13 – 48

Founded In:- 2017

Rating:- 7/10


Croud is yet another global digital agency located in London (United Kingdom) that follows a reinvented marketing model.

This reinvented model does not believe in rigid traditional marketing tactics and comes on 5th place in this list of top digital marketing services agencies in London.

Instead, Croud collaborates with world-class digital experts and brings them on the same page as the in-house marketing teams and produces the best results.

Some of the top organizations, like Caesars Entertainment Corporation, Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP, EisnerAmper, and Hitachi, have taken the marketing services of Croud in the last few years.

Croud offers data & digital solutions to businesses as a part of its comprehensive internet marketing services to help businesses grow faster.

Croud believes that any business data holds the true worth and potential to get an edge over the competitors. This agency has worked with clients from Electronic Components Manufacturing, Finance, Banking, Schools, and Education industries.

The integrated business data solutions that Croud offers help you understand your business and audiences better. On the basis of this, the metrics are designed for marketing strategies, and an effective business solution is reached.

Croud provides On-Page SEO, Pay Per Click Ads, Mobile Marketing, Local SEO, Affiliate Marketing, and ASO services according to the client’s business goals.

Company Name:- Croud

Min. Project Size:- $9037

Avg. Hourly Rate:- $73 – $183 / hr

Employees Count:- 17 – 305

Founded In:- 2011

Rating:- 9/10


Hallam has established itself as one of London’s best digital marketing agencies and it has spread its offices across London, Spain, Nottingham, and all around the UK. This agency comes on the 6th place in this list.

Hallam believes that in order to succeed in the digital world, more than the social media strengths, it is important to maintain strong connections with the consumers. Hallam provides several digital services under different classes.

The class of services can be listed as Strategy, search engine optimization, Organic and paid media, Consulting, PR, Blogger Outreach, Mobile ASO, Data insights, and Branding.

In addition to the list of services that further comes under each head of the service, Hallam also provides audits of your current and amended website and social media platforms to overcome discrepancies.

In the last 7-9 years, this agency has worked with these clients:- Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, Wendy’s Company, Hogan Lovells, Averda, and Kaplan.

Also, Hallam has worked with clients from the Electrical Equipment Manufacturing, Finance, and Education industries.

Company Name:- Hallam

Min. Project Size:- $4470+

Avg. Hourly Rate:- $33 – $118 / hr

Employees Count:- 13 – 173

Founded In:- 1999

Rating:- 8.5/10


Koozai is the 7th United Kingdom based digital marketing agency with offices in different locations, including London. Koozai provides a long list of services, mainly specializing in Email, SEO, Social Media, Mobile, Content, and Paid Media.

Koozai has won multiple awards for providing the best ranking on search engines and switching the most optimum SEO services.

Koozai has a wonderful track record of providing top quality SEO services to known brands as well as building high revenue-generating businesses.

Koozai SEO tool set is regularly updated to keep up with the advancements and technical upgrades. In addition, the team at this agency also keeps up training to advance their skill set & maintain the market level standard.

The previous clients of Koozai are related to Healthcare, Emergency and other Outpatient Care Centers, Finance, Print Media, and Public Transportation industries.

Company Name:- Koozai

Min. Project Size:- $2029+

Avg. Hourly Rate:- $28 – $78 / hr

Employees Count:- 11 – 48

Founded In:- 2006

Rating:- 8/10


RocketMill is a well-known London situated digital marketing company, which happens to be the largest employee-owned agency and comes on the 8th position in this list.

The idea that RocketMill is employee-owned is new and interesting. This attracts a lot of new businesses and start-ups.

RocketMill provides clients with different marketing and digital services like SEO, web design & development, app store optimization, design, content marketing and promotion via social media platforms, UX, etc., with performance marketing at the root of everything. 

Before beginning with optimizations of your social presence, Rocket Mill experienced team first audits your current status and plans to drive sales via social growth and brand building.

Rocket Mill agency’s previous clients’ names include:- Leonardo S.p.A., Wickes Building Supplies, AstraZeneca PLC, AstraZeneca PLC, and Dentons.

Company Name:- RocketMill

Min. Project Size:- $7345+

Avg. Hourly Rate:- $35 – $147 / hr

Employees Count:- 13 – 126

Founded In:- 2009

Rating:- 8.5/10

#9)Polemic Digital

Polemic Digital is a global online marketing expert agency offering the best optimization and search engine marketing consultancy, upsurging the Google rankings.

Within SEO, Polemic Digital agency has four different classes of services, which include website audit, Consulting, Training, Content Marketing, Pay-Per-Click Advertising, Blog Writing, Social Media Management and SEO for publishers.

The entire SEO approach is based on three pillars of strengths, including technology, relevance, and authority. To be an SEO expert, technology plays a vital role as the server configuration and in-built Google functionality keep on updating.

At times, XML, and URLs are overlooked by web developers and this is where the loopholes arise. Polemic Digital audits and reviews the websites for all technical aspects.

This agency has worked with IBM, United Way Worldwide, Lockheed Martin Corporation, Mazars, and Starbucks Corporation clients.

Furthermore, the experienced team at Polemic Digital recognizes if the keywords you are targeting are relevant or not, and it comes on the 9th place on this list.

In the past few years, they have worked with clients from Construction, Fintech, Pet Grooming & Boarding, and E-commerce.

Company Name:- Polemic Digital

Min. Project Size:- $3928+

Avg. Hourly Rate:- $19 – $178 / hr

Employees Count:- 12 – 38

Founded In:- 2014

Rating:- 7/10


Gravytrain is the last London-based digital Marketing agency specializing in eCommerce marketing services. In order to bring organic leads to your sites and business offerings, Gravytrain offers a full-fledged marketing plan that includes the following services:- SEO, Content writing, PR, Site speed, pay per click ads, CRM and email marketing.

The SEO services offered by Gravytrain is in collaboration with the digital PR and the technical aspects of the content. Gravytrain conducts marketing and audience research to come up with the right keywords and the content is created revolving around the researched terms.

Further, once the SEO is done, the web development is per the drive metrics, resulting in increased speed and higher reach.

Gravytrain has successful previous experience while working with clients from these industries:- Construction, Healthcare, Boarding, eCommerce, Education, and Shipping.

Company Name:- Gravytrain

Min. Project Size:- $7272+

Avg. Hourly Rate:- $32 – $87 / hr

Employees Count:-12 – 56

Founded In:- 1999

Rating:- 8/10


Solvid is a London based digital marketing firm that skyrockets business online by providing high quality SEO, Guest Blogging, paid ads, Copywriting, ASO, Content Marketing and Digital PR services.

The 35+ experienced team at Solvid has featured hundreds of its clients in some of the world’s leading online magazines like Mashable, Business Insider, Nasdaq, Financial Express,, Envato, and Zapier.

In the last 5-6 years, Solvid has helped clients like Hostinger, Finteza, Freedom24, PageGroup, and MetaTrader 5 to grow online and generate more website traffic from search engines, brand building and higher conversions.

Since its establishment in 2015, Solvid agency follows a unique business objective, i.e. to generate more business online for all their clients. And to implement this, they utilize all the available working digital marketing channels and strategies in a well organized manner.

#12)JMJ Digital Agency

JMJ Digital Agency is a top rated web development and digital marketing agency in London founded by Jason in 2013. They have an experienced team of website designers, web developers, SEO experts, and WordPress developers that provide the perfect cost effective solution for lead generation, brand awareness and growth hacking.

In the past, some of the leading organizations like Love Glamping, Perspi-Guard, Advinia, Greentrees Caravanstore etc. have shown trust in the JMJ Digital Agency in London for better user engagement, conversion, branding, and ROI. Out of all the marketing channels, they have good practical work experience in search engine optimization.

They follow an extensive keyword research process to optimize the website content according to search engine guidelines, website architecture, page speed improvement and technical feedback for better visibility of the website in the SERP.

If you are running a business and currently looking to hire a dedicated result oriented London situated digital marketing company for its better online growth; then hiring JMJ digital agency is an ideal option.


Although every digital marketing agency in London has something to offer, to know which one goes for your business, you shall figure out what you seek. The services you wish to look out for in a city like London would determine your choice of agency.

This was all about the top digital marketing companies in London, with a varied consolidation of diversifying services. Each mentioned agency has a unique perk of its own. To finalize what goes well with your business issues, you must have an in-depth awareness of each.

The business problems should meet the precise solutions in addition to the comprehensive marketing solutions. The list is here, evaluate the top digital agencies and choose the one for you that is the optimum solution.

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