8 Different types of digital marketing (and how to use them)

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Last Updated on: 13th February 2024, 04:32 pm


Since the inception of human civilisation, marketing has been in use. Around 3 decades ago, only print and electronic advertising (ads on newspapers, magazines, radio, television, etc.) were in use.

The invention of the internet and rise in the number of people on the internet paved the way for digital marketing uses.

It is a practice to market a business on the internet and the platforms connected to it. With time, it has gone through several advancements and practice changes. Here are the most common types of digital marketing with a brief definition for your knowledge:-

Digital Marketing – What is It?

Digital marketing is a set of practices to promote the products or services of a business on all respective digital platforms like search engines, social media, and online forums. It has changed the way of marketing. In the current world, adopting it is crucial for businesses.

It is, as it assists businesses to rank their websites on search engines, be visible before perspectives, stand apart from their counterparts, build strong brand awareness, and increase sales.

Many businesses are using it and many are thinking of using it.

List of Different Types of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is an umbrella term for different types of online marketing strategies. Here in the below section, our team have listed some of the different types of digital marketing.

1. Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is a set of techniques that help you improve the visibility and ranking of your business website or blogging site on search engine result pages (SERPs). Google, Yahoo, or allied others apply algorithms to rank web pages based on keyword relevancy.

The rankings or visibility on search engine result pages are updated at certain times. Digital marketers use this method for building brand awareness and improving visibility.

In this method, marketers conduct keyword research, optimize the entire website as per the selected relevant keywords, check duplicacy, compose & post content pieces, and execute allied other activities.

2. Search Engine Marketing

As a digital marketing type, SEM helps you improve your brand visibility and drive traffic to your business website instantly. In search engine optimisation, marketers optimize website content to rank higher on search engine result pages.

But in search engine marketing, marketers on the behalf of their clients pay a certain amount of money to search engines like Google to display their websites on the top of the very first page.

So, it relates to carrying paid advertisements for the web pages of a business and can be expensive for some of you.

3. Social Media Marketing

SMM is a marketing practice or method to promote a product or service of a business on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Through optimisation and advertising products or services, social media marketing helps businesses have better customer reach.

Further, it helps improve relationships with existing customers, connect to new ones, get better at conversions, and share relevant & engaging posts on the right platforms.

4. Affiliate Marketing

It relates to promoting products or services of a business on other websites. In it, promoting website owners get commission on the sale of a product or service.

The publisher has to generate leads and convert leads into customers to obtain a certain commission amount from the advertiser.

This marketing method is effective to have maximum reach. However, the advertiser selects the website/blog with good content and users.

5. Content Marketing

Content marketing means the use of content for the promotion of a business’ products/services. Here the content could be written texts, images, audios, videos, ebooks, infographics, etc.

Through it, businesses can connect with their probable customers. In this marketing technique, marketers create and publish content pieces as per the targeted audiences. It helps in driving traffic to a business website or blog.

6. Online Reputation Management

Customers leave their reviews or thoughts about the use of a product or service on several online platforms. These reviews can be positive or negative.

Positive reviews are good for a business brand while negative reviews are bad. Such one leaves bad impacts on the image of a business brand.

Here ORM exists. Online reputation management relates to a marketing practice that helps businesses to rectify negative reviews about them and keep the positive image of a brand maintained.

7. Email Marketing

Emails are part and partial of our life in today’s world. From professional/personal communication means, it has become a marketing medium for businesses.

The use of emails for marketing products/services of a business is email marketing. In this marketing method, marketers craft and send promotional emails or newsletters to the subscribers of a particular business.

The crafted emails have texts, product/services images, and CTA buttons to generate traffic, improve sales, and build good relationships with existing customers.

Email messages invoke readers to click links and make a purchase. The use of certain tools helps marketers automate their email marketing campaigns for their clients and have better positive results.

8. Mobile Marketing

The advent of mobile devices with the rise in their user numbers paved the way for this marketing technique.

In this, marketing professionals promote a business’ products/services on mobile devices. They run respective ads in between the use of mobile applications.

This marketing technique is highly successful as the number of mobile device users is more than desktop users. It helps in building brand awareness, driving traffic, and increasing sales.


Digital marketing is today’s need and helps businesses have website traffic, generate leads, increase sales, create brand awareness, and build relationships with customers.

It is a broad term and includes search engine optimisation, social media marketing, affiliate marketing, content marketing, search engine marketing, mobile marketing, and email marketing.

Top digital marketing agencies provides all these above listed services to clients from different industry and helps the client business to growth further. With its all forms, it helps businesses improve their online presence and become global by breaking the physical boundary.