How to Measure the Success of Your Digital Marketing Agency Partnership

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Entering into a digital marketing agency partnership brings a huge load of responsibilities along. Change in the external environment happens in the blink of an eye.

Accordingly, partnering with a marketing agency does not mean that as a company you are freed thereon from any digital commitment. Instead, you have to evaluate the essence of the digital marketing agency partnership at regular intervals.

It has been observed that companies that fail to evaluate their digital agency partnership are more likely to experience agency breakups due to a lack of communication and ability to deliver results.

In contrast, assessing the partnership relationship makes it possible for the company to pinpoint its areas of improvement, aligning expectations with results.

We need to wait for a while for the marketing campaigns to start showing the results. Consequently, when we do see an increase in engagement and user traffic, it is not possible to decipher which channel has contributed the most to the success of digital marketing partnerships.

Even though it’s difficult to get the exact bifurcation of channel-wise success, it is not impossible.

With several analytical tools and techniques around the corner, we can get an idea about breaking down the success of marketing campaigns and tracking down user feedback and engagement. To know about the metrics done by one-one, follow up this well written article by Poonjan.

List of Some Helpful Tips to Measure the Success of Your Digital Marketing Agency Partnership

1)Set Clear Goals and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

The first metric against which the success of your digital marketing partnership can be estimated involves setting measurable goals from the outset. Once you set your goals, it provides clarity about what you seek to achieve as a result of this digital marketing partnership.

However, a company will never have a singular goal but rather a bunch of them. So, it is also critical to identify the key performance indicators out of all the m goals that you have set.

It narrows down which goals are of more value at the moment. Ultimately, with gradual progress in the KPIs, you know how close or far the digital marketing agency partnership is from the ultimate end.

2)Analyze Return on Investment (ROI)

While Digital marketing strategies have a lot going on altogether, from designing ads to influencer marketing, not each tactic is generating equivalent returns. Here comes into existence the relevance of calculating the ROI of your digital marketing efforts.

It implies evaluating what you earned on every dollar you spent. When you know what you are getting out of the strategies you put into force, you will be able to identify which digital marketing strategies are leading to success.

On the same line, we can adjust budgets and tactics based on ROI analysis in the future to improve results.

3)Monitor Website Traffic and User Engagement

Another very promising metric to measure the success of your digital marketing agency partnership is website traffic. Knowing the traffic on your website, its growth rate and user behavior reveals to you the habits and demeanor of your targeted audience.

Once you track down the website traffic growth, you will learn what pages are attracting more users and what type of content you will require to fuel your traffic.

You can further evaluate the effectiveness of SEO and content marketing efforts by leveraging analytics tools for enhanced and more clear insights and improvements. It would give richer data and you will have the standards to outright measure the Success of your Digital Marketing Agency Partnership.

4)Assess Conversion Rates and Sales Performance

The ultimate guide for assessing the success of your digital marketing is to know how many customers are getting converted to regular users.

You shall record which marketing channel is bringing more engagement, and plan further campaigns based on this data. How much sales revenue the company generates is a result of the level of success of your campaigns denoted by a positive conversion rate.

5)Evaluate Social Media Metrics

Social Media, being an excellent marketing platform has also proven to be an excellent metric to keep a check on the success of your digital marketing agency relationship. Evaluating which social media post is able to engage more users, gives the foundation for success.

Social media marketing campaigns are a success only when a user is reaching the site via clicking on posts. So, once you know the contribution of social media posts to the overall website traffic, further content on social media can be adjusted based on the data so interpreted.

6)Review Customer Satisfaction and Retention Rates

The success of a digital marketing agency partnership does not lie only in the conversion rate but also in further user retention.

Once the consumer becomes your user, it gets noteworthy to know what the consumer has to say about the product or services you offer. As much as the first purchase is influential, retention gets more critical.

For making the user a long-term loyal customer, you shall gauge customer satisfaction through surveys and feedback. Tracking customer retention and repeat business will guide you in what changes are required in the business.

Furthermore, such feedback & surveys will form the base for new customers to build trust. Thus, assessing the role of digital marketing in customer loyalty is a very consequential metric.

7)Measure Brand Awareness and Reputation

Building brand awareness and reputation takes, at times, takes years for startups and even established companies.

A brand reputation is built on numerous pillars and is incredibly sensitive that one dropped ball could bring a whole lot of tumbling. It is built on visibility and recognition through various channels.

Tracking and evaluating the same tells you the customer satisfaction level and their engagement with the brand.

As one part of the metric for measuring brand reputation, you shall evaluate the impact of PR and influencer marketing efforts.

Whereas another way of doing it is after properly monitoring the online reviews & reputation management. The more engagement you encounter, the more successful your digital marketing partnership will lead to being.

8)Conduct Regular Performance Reviews and Check-Ins

Getting wishful results is one thing, but the success of the digital marketing partnership begins within the organization’s doors.

One can not expect to show results based on hard-bound tricks and tips. More than rigid steps it is important to maintain open communication with top digital marketing agencies in Australia. Being open to inputs and ideas ensures coming up with the most competent strategy.

Just like marketing is not a one-time thing, performance reviews are also to be performed periodically. Discussing results and collaborating on strategy adjustments and improvements form the foundation of a strong and successful agency relationship.

9)Benchmark Against Competitors and Industry Standards

Lastly, once you are done with self-analysis, you have to step out. In the competitive environment, every firm is moving strategically trying to outrun the next best leader.

Thus, to ensure continuous success, you must compare your performance with competitors and industry benchmarks.

It, in turn, would ensure that even if you are not a step ahead, at least you are not falling behind the standard prerequisites of the industry.

Comparing it will help you figure out the areas of strengths and weaknesses. A successful digital marketing agency partnership requires regular updating and adjustments as per competitive insights to have a competitive advantage.


Measuring the success of your digital marketing agency partnership is no piece of cake. The conversions and retentions require regular tracking to keep up with the sudden changes. As much as we feel the digital world has made us more integrated with access to everything everywhere, the constant notion to evolve and adapt is the deciding factor.

For your success, customers are always the king. You have to serve what they seek but not at the cost of internal collaborations. Keeping up with the agency and the personal needs is what it takes to be in a successful digital marketing agency partnership.