How Does Digital Marketing Agencies Leverage Marketing Automation for Efficiency

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Every business faces several challenges in today’s highly competitive market. And digital marketing agencies are not an exception to it.

They have to bring the best possible results for their clients while managing several projects across all relevant digital channels and platforms.

These businesses need to be at the top in the use of the latest tools, trends, and best industry practices while having healthy profit margins. Businesses in online marketing can easily get rid of these challenges.

Marketing automation can help them. It is the use of respective technology tools and software to automate marketing tasks that are of repetitive nature. Such tasks are email marketing, social media optimisation, content marketing, and allied others.

As per a study of Salesforce, businesses with marketing automation can experience an increase of around 30% in conversion rate.

It also states that businesses can have around 14% increase in their sales & productivity and reduce marketing cost around 12% per head. Here is what digital marketing agencies can do through marketing automation for your business growth:-

Learn How Does Digital Marketing Agencies Leverage Marketing Automation for Efficiency

1. Optimize lead generation and nurturing

In the contemporary world, online marketers comprehend the importance of lead generation and nurturing. They generate qualified leads in a large number with marketing automation. For this, they create targeted landing pages, chat-boat, pop-ups, and forms.

After that, they nurture the generated leads through customized relevant email campaigns that are based on the behaviours, preferences, and interests of customers.

2. Make social media management better and efficient  

A business has accounts on several social media platforms. Managing all respective social media accounts manually is tough for business owners.

With marketing automation, internet marketing companies make social media management efficient and better for their valued clients.

They schedule publishing social media posts, respond to messages & comments, monitor post engagements, and analyze the final results.

Marketing automation helps internet marketers write and run social media ads to reach out to maximum number of perspectives and improve brand awareness.

3. Enhance email marketing efforts for better results 

Sending personalized emails to existing customers is the best way to keep your audience informed about your products, offers & discounts, and business happenings. Digital marketing agencies in Australia know it better. Hence, they optimize your email marketing campaigns through marketing automation.

The automation helps them segment your contacts, design templates, customize email copies, test subject lines and track results. It also helps them optimize the deliverability of emails by making strict vigilance for data protection and avoiding the email copies to go into the spam filter.

4. Make content marketing efforts better for you

Content does not mean written texts only. It means tests, images, audios, videos, infographics, etc. and is the backbone of any marketing (traditional and digital) effort.

Online marketers know it better. So, they optimize content marketing efforts better for you through marketing automation.

They find keyword research, idea generation, composing content pieces, image designing, and allied tasks easier with it.

Further, they measure effect & performance of content marketing efforts for your business. Tracking metrics like website traffic, shares, likes, comments, and conversions gets better.

5. Improve conversion rate optimisation

High conversion rates are crucial for a business owner like you. They know it and try their best to increase the CRO or conversion rate of your business website or landing pages.

For this, they do heat mapping, conduct A/B testing, get feedback from your customers/clients, and analyze web pages with Google Analytics.

Through marketing automation, they help you know the required improvements and changes based on the collected data and make a wise decision for your business.

6. Enhance analytics and reporting to client

As a business owner, you want accurate reports on the performance of marketing efforts from your digital marketing partner. Marketers working with such a company help you get your reports on time and marketing automation helps them in this regard.

They collect and integrate data from several different sources, generate insights & recommendations, and build dashboards for you with the help of marketing automation.

Further, they automate the reporting process and help you get regular updates via portals, emails, or messages.

7. Improve client collaboration and communication

Better communication is essential to collaborate with clients. Online marketing companies comprehend it better and use project management software, video conferencing, CRM systems, and chat platforms to communicate with their esteemed clients like you.

With marketing automation, they make approval processes and optimize workflow in a better way.

8. Optimize and manage paid marketing campaigns

Effective paid marketing is important for business owners like you to get maximum ROI (Return on Investment). Internet marketers know it and hence, automate your marketing campaigns to give you what they promise to you.

Automation helps them create and run your ad campaigns on Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Instagram and allied others. Further, it helps them make changes in ad campaigns based on audiences, keywords, bid budgets, feedback, and real-time data.

9. Ensure marketing consistency all across channels 

Online marketing for a business in any sector requires consistency. A break of even two-three months can affect the obtained results in terms of ranking on search engines, social media presence, etc.

Marketers know it well and make their clients like you comprehend it. Automating marketing efforts on all relevant channels help them maintain a consistency for your business promotion and produce what you want.

10. Improve client satisfaction

With time, there are changes in customer behaviours and interests. Ignoring the same affects your relationships with your valued customers. With automation, digital marketers help you make your client relationship better and satisfy customers.

For this, they collect data from several different sources, analyze the same, and generate insightful reports to facilitate you make wise decisions.


Marketing automation is today’s demand for businesses of each industry, such as online marketing agencies. Leveraging it helps digital marketing firms work more effectively and help their clients get what they expect from their marketing efforts.

Automating marketing for their clients helps marketers optimize lead generation & nurturing, manage social media, improve content marketing efforts, enhance email marketing campaigns, and other allied activities.